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  1. my brother is a lazy worthless slob. works 2 hours a week, yet has a $500 car payment. his days are spent sleeping on the couch.

    the bastard is too lazy to walk to his own room. instead sleeps in the most used room of the house. he bitches when we wake him up. honestly i would slap him with a bat for being such a tard.
    so if in a week he is not regularly useing his room it WILL become a server room, for all my large, noisy computers. the SOB will bitch, but remeber bums dont have rights.

    any of u got worthless sibs out there

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    2. Sephiroth


      ToXiCFLUFF said:

      Either piss on him, or spoon loads of chilli powder into his mouth and then nudge him and run away. Both have worked for me in the past, although you might do well to ignore the advice if he's bigger than you.

      how about a dead squirrle in a bucket of piss.

      what i will do is poor some piss on his crotch at night to make him think he pissed him self. maybe i will also salt his eyes

    3. Tobester


      Job said:

      Do what they did in The Last Boyscout - just put a dead squirrel on him or a piece or two of dog shit.

      One time I spent 4 hours cleaning my room. After I finally finished, I went to the store for soda. When I returned to my room, I found a shitlog on my bed. Later on I found out my brother went into my room, squatted down, and took a shit on my bed. I started randomly putting dog shit on his forehead while he was asleep after that.

      He finally figured out a way to stop me; sleep naked.

    4. Ralphis


      Should've put it under his ass for a nice morning surprise.