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  1. mvras.org

    i am about half way done bebugging that mess. for now on i guess i will do it all in a text editor.

    i used a graphical program, looked real nice and was layed out all correct. however it would not keep setting. so i kept having to go into the code and set it to stay, example the MVRAS logo box would not stay centered until i put that into to code, that is also why all the link boxes are wierd like that.

    Also halfway thru i realized i needed to setup the image locations. so had to go back and do that. i am gonna take a break before finishing. so look at it and laught.

    the only thing the graphical thing was good for was backgound colors.

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    2. Sephiroth


      yea, well for some reason the program i was useing doubed the res. its fixed for the most part now. however i am gonna change the color around a bit until i get it right.
      any ideas on colors??

    3. rf`
    4. nxn


      How the fuck is the background color good, I can't read shit on it. Your links are yellow on cyan for example. Go with something that has high contrast and isn't bright. Black on light brown, Whatever bright color on dark gray generally looks good. Any dark color on light gray. Hell, if you can't think of anything just go with black and white, it's been done over and over again and it's proven itself every time.