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  1. killing rats for snake food can be messy. even worse for a skink.

    keep in mind if you love rats or own pet rats, dont read!

    i mean i do have to feed these animals and live food is good for them.

    i "brain" the live rat so that the animal smells the fresh blood. this is usally a quick, but violent end for the rat.
    in this case a baby rat. and rather than cutting it in half i stabed it with a sharp knife. the entrance wound went down threw the back and exited just below the rib cage on the left side. the kife only penetrated the left side.

    i figured on instant death, normaly to kill rat pups or pinkies i stab them. however i am amzed by the fact that 1/2 half an hour later the animal is alive and well. acts like a normal rat. though it sounds a bit cruel i am letting it live. i must hit hit the money spot and missed the heart and all major artieries. more amzing is this is an animal smaller than a mouse, about 2.5 inches. the entrance wound is a little over 1/4 inch and exit is 1/8. mishapps happen but never like this.

    live prey is messy, but it is cool to watch a snake or lizard eat a rat pinkie or pup.

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    2. rf`


      Heh, only you Seph.

    3. Arckra


      Reminds me of when I had to get live grasshoppers for my scorpions. Of course, they don't bleed all over the place when you remove the two back legs. But if they hop around too much it might discourage Mephested from eating 'em.

      I wish I had a snake now....

    4. AndrewB


      Wow. I've actually met a real-life future murderer post-to-post on the Internet.