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  1. for those who know nothing about animals... i give you... the worlds only.... venomous mammal

    however i have heard that shrews and moles may also secreat a small amount of toxin in their saliva. however this animal really injects it into you, in an rather odd way.

    all i know is it can kill my dog any day. however i hear they hurt like a real bitch and often a nerve block is needed to treat the intense pain caused by the venom

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    2. Sephiroth


      yea i remeber that in history. but i dont know which is more sad/comical, people who believe mirmades exsist, i am talking people from 1st world countries who must be addicted to some sort of drug... or that people of the past would fall for such tricks.

      i dont think i would want to be stung by a platapussy. i met a guy who had been stung when tagging reptiles, it got his right leg. said it felt like it got blown off in slow motion. he had a scar from 1 of the spurs

    3. Quast


      fuck, those basrads are hardly mammals anyway...phoey
      freaks of evolution

    4. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      There's not such thing as a platypus. trust me.

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