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  1. heh, just paid a fraction of what most pay for a cage. however i am sure i even paid a price, but it is a fraction of what it would cost at a pet shop.

    i needed a large cage for a chameleon, you cant use glass cages for a number of reasons. one being their solitary and territorial nature, they get stressed seeing their reflection.
    anyways the same cage, at say petsmart is about $90, however directly from the company is $30. i am sure construction cost is like $5-$7. it is a large screen cage, around 65 gallons, the liner for dirt cost about $10 and i got a 24 inch light for $15. with shipping it is $75-$80.

    you save cash if you shop around. anyone who does want a chameleon should use this cage or other similar cage. also it is very easy to make one your self. these are TRUE chameleons, not the anoles often sold as chameleons. anoles are really in the iguana family.

    here is a link and picture of the species that is going in this cage.
    i do have other species, however it is a hybrid.