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  1. of all the annoying fads out there, this one has to come up.
    little yapp'n dogs

    ok if you own one it is ok. however dont carry the beast where ever you go. i am sorry but that is pathetic. I am so sick of seeing old people walk into the store with poodles and shit.

    i have seen this all start this month. people walking into best buy with small dogs. strangly it has been old people, and i havnt seen any chuauaua (giant mexican rat) there should be a "not pets" rule. its and electronics store for christ sakes.
    there are 2 issues at hand

    public safty, what if the animal is carring a disease, bites some one, attacks another animal causes a ruckus. in this sue happy day i am sure a law suit will come
    reason 2, sanitary reasons. ok a dog would feel free to just shit and piss in an isle, also add the safty thing to this. what about flees and other debris on the animal's coat? i mean i know from experince that dirty people have dirty dogs.

    ok people, its a best buy, not petsmart! i was even more surprised to learn we have no rules on pets! so buy that standard i can bring in a large snake, and then he could have lunch more offten.

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    2. Sharessa


      Your mom named her dog after you? WTF?

    3. Tobester


      Danarchy said:

      Your mom named her dog after you? WTF?

      dog is 11 years old

      we got him when he was 10

      he was named toby before we got him

      so we couldnt change his name

      doesnt matter, we mostly call him Ziplock cause we're gonna use one for his death shroud

    4. Sharessa


      Haha, nice.

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