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  1. i am once agian working on a friend's computer. this thing is so totally screwed up it isnt funny. what seems to have caused so much damage? well besides the fact kids spilled chocolate milk on it, tobbacco smoke. i mean fuck this thing is so nasty to look at. everything inside has a nice glaze of tar yellow and brown ash. even new hardware that i installed 6 months ago. i installed a new floppy and hard drive. the floppy is completely shot, coated with its layer of ash and tar. the whole thing smells like some one smoked inside of it. the new CPU fan was covered and gumed up, thing barly works.

    lesson, dont smoke around your computer! and take better care of them. this computer is basicly trashed. i cant get windows to install or even boot up. same with linux.

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    2. Bucket


      Why is it "too bad" it's filtered, anyway?

      "Yeah, this girl was choking to death on an Oreo. Too bad I knew the Heimlich."

    3. Sephiroth


      didnt think of flux remover, but oh well. there is another chemical that is really good for cleaning electronics, but it is banned (it is major CFC). too bad i dont remember its name.
      my aunt's DVD player was dead in a year from ciggerette ash and smoke

    4. Bloodshedder


      No, hard drives are not air-tight, and no, the inside of them is not devoid of air, since the read/write head has to rely on riding on a cushion of air that keeps it only a very tiny distance above the platter. They DO have a ventilation hole or two, which are filtered heavily.