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  1. well i need to update my operating system. originaly going to get suse9.1 however the dickheads dont seem to understand how to run a buisness on the shipping end of things. i placed an ored for suse 9.1 personaly over 3 weeks ago. they sent me back an email stating that they would send me an email when they sent it out, below it said expected shipping date is in 3 days (i ordered on a firday night) however the simple fact is that it still has not shipped, i told them they have 5 more business days to ship before i cancel. hell if it was on back order the least the could have done is told me so. i have repeatedly asked their support department if it was even released or was on back order, no reply. i aint even gonna try and call support sence i will just get some dumb ass indian, fucking outsourceing.

    so here i am, i want to update but i think i will choose a new distro.

    which distro is more up to date with its software. last time i downlaoded debian it had a new kernle but used kde 2.0.
    which is more stable? i havent really found a distro that isnt.
    which has better features? such as more stable CD/DVD burning, gaming and such

    which is easy to update and configure? suse has been exelent in this department

    also there is the major point of my graphics card.
    ATI radeon 9600SE AGP

    i know on any distro i am gonna have to screw with kernel crap, which is the most stable and easy to use for this card

    ones i am considering
    fedora project (basicly redhat)
    mandrake linux - seems to work good for some friend's
    debian - heard good things but i am not sure how much of it i would need to update.
    any others or just wait for suse, or failing that bootleg

    oh, did i mention that the FTP install of suse seems to be fairly broken? and from what i have heard many are having this issue

    1. Bloodshedder


      Try Gentoo, Debian would also be a good choice.

    2. Sephiroth


      yea i will check out that one, alot of people have told me to

      downloading it now, its worth a shot. i have also heard people tell me the fedora core 2 works fairly well, out of the box so to speak, with the ATI 9600 cards

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I don't use anything but Slackware myself. It's always gotten the job done for me and comes with a ton of packages. So that's the one I'd recommend.

      It comes with nearly the latest KDE (3.1.2, iirc) and Gnome if you like it instead, all the latest or near latest versions of libraries and other stuff you'll need, plus a crap load of other stuff. Also comes with Apache, Samba, and other such programs.

      I've never had it crash on me, so I know it's stable. Updating it, to me, is easy. And it comes with good features from what I've noticed. On my laptop I use it to play Quake3 all the time.