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  1. ever sence we moved in this house i can remember finding these small red stones. even to this day i still dont know what the hell they are. so if any of you are geology geniuses let me know. infact i dout these even are rocks, but it is the best way to discrib them.

    ok about the 'stones'

    small gravel like 'stones' largest get about 2cm in size.
    blood red color over most, if not all, the surface
    texture is smooth, like any polished small gravel
    the fact that i have seen no rocks with these embedded forces me to belive that they are man made. also the dark blood red color.
    remains offten found, from a barn or other structure that exsisted here atleast 75 years ago. nails (old school style) various hooks, mounts, a very old and large door hinge, tool parts (axe and hammer heads, blades), iron bars and even lantern parts.

    these stone may have had some far useage, or may have been a by-product of some process. if these are natural they are very strange and if they are rock maybe i can be rich selling blood red stones or something

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    2. Silverwyvern


      Some kid years before prolly just threw red aquarium gravel all over the place.

    3. Sephiroth


      nope not aquirimun gravel. those tend to be normal stone, no crystaline structure to them. also tend not to be colored all the way thru. also over time they do fade. that was the first thing i thought.

      i will post pics tonight

    4. Silverwyvern


      I dunno.. there have been some major advancements on aquarium gravel lately ;)

      ..and I've never known it to ever fade.. even in the olden days.