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  1. i installed the new version of suse linux. however the default settings were strangly very familiar. a screen shot

    a little too much XP'ish. hell i think even the shape of that hill is all too similar.
    there is also an icon called "my computer"
    while the task bar itselft isnt XP like, you can make it that way.
    there are 2 more things I have noticed. when you shut down it 'greys out' like XP, only its fast instead of slow.
    Also when it logs out it makes a similar sound that windows makes.

    though i have changed everything, excpet the back ground cause i get a kick out of it and that sound effect. i wonder if this is suppose to be a joke. I wonder where i can get the original 'hill' XP back ground

    on a side note has anyone ever tried to make a different GUI look like windowsXP?

    at a local shop they had a system that was skined and colored like XP, includeing the back ground, but it was FreeBSD, or maybe OpenBSD, i forget which the guy said it was. useing KDE.

    i remeber when MAC bitched about MS back in the day. i am just curious what good old bill would say about this one

    1. rf`


      It looks nothing like XP; that hill has a tree!

    2. Sephiroth


      you forgot the water too, and the lock-ness monster having sex with the rabbit-shaped plain, oh shit. there is something in my water

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      That would be because it's SuSE Linux. One of the ideas behind SuSE is to help users move from Windows to Linux, so they tried to make it similar. I actually tried the Live-CD of 9.1 the other day and found I liked it alot. I probably won't use it on my computers, but feel that it'll be a definite option when my school decideds to go all-Linux in two years.

      If you want to really distance yourself, try something like Slackware or Debian. The installation alone will distance you from Windows ;)