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  1. PETA, the assholes for animal rights, is screwing things up around here.

    basicly they are trying to get across a pet-ban. mainly geared towards exotics, which is anything BUT cat or dog.

    while i dont see a problem banning such large preditors such as bears, tigers and lions. aswell as highly venomous snakes. many animals on the list make no sence at all.

    such as venomous spiders? (all spiders use venom!) scorpions, makes a little more sence. all sankes, many lizards, a number of fish, mixed wild dogs (cyote, dingo, wolf breeds) weasels (your pet ferrets) even my prize cock roach colony.

    this law was placed on hold last winter. it was pushed forward by a few panicy people and those PETA fuck-offs. namly an event in which a fire fighter died from a snake bite and a few events with large mammals.
    the fire fighter is by far an outrage, both to his wife, researchers and those who know him. first off they did a massive spin on it and made it look like the guy hung on for a week and that anti-vemon was only a few minutes too late. fact is the guy was dead before he got to the hospital. the man had owned the snake for years and his wife knew it was an accident. she hold no grudges, not even aginst the snake. which is alive an well. she said she knows her husband would hate to see such a law.
    also a few friends have done or still do research. infact the group i am with has been doing surveys about populations. as well as educational programs and the promotion of responisble owner ship.

    problems with the law
    law is far too vague to work
    it would increase the work load on a city deep in debt, that is short staffed and untrained to deal with these animals.
    research will be driven away. this includes many medical researchers.
    our work with the state on tagging and surveying animals will come to an end.
    my release of the cockroaches into the city building if the law passes.
    did i mention i have 6, 40 gallon tubs and 2, 20 gallon tanks filled with live cockroaches!

    things on our side
    an under staffed, over budgeted city
    PETA is a mass of complete morons, yes they even went as far as to add cats and dogs on the list.
    a number of researchers
    pet owners
    pet stores
    10,000,000 cockroaches, hey they eat a 25lb bag of dog food a week!
    local reptile groups
    widow of the fireman
    local zoos, guess who will get the call to keep said animals if it passes

    if a laws does get passed i highly dout it will last, just like prohibition, or it will be un-enfocred.

    while people in a city dont need bears, tigers, pumas, venomous snakes and such i see no reason to ban other things. more so when this can effect researchers, zoos, museums and schools

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    2. Arckra


      If they come near here with that I'll shove a fork in their eye. >.< Seriously, I love my scorpions and they're not even "highly venomous". They're the plain ol' scorpions that you can get outside. (From what I heard about our species here in Texas they're not very dangerous.)

      Strangely enough, a lot of people around here own zebras. I bet PETA would freak if they knew that.

    3. Ralphis


      I have a baby ranch.

    4. Sephiroth


      Ralphis said:

      I have a baby ranch.

      may i see your price list? we are hungry for fresh meat.