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  1. my cousin brought back her makeshift computer. mainboard seems dead, mainly a riser card. which i had replaced before. in the mean time i let here barrow a system of mine

    a pentium 166 MMX
    50MB RAM
    6GB hard drive
    S3 graphics
    and an AC97 sound card
    it is also AT standard so she has to use a serial mouse and an AT keyboard.

    anyways what is funny is when she got home she wanted to play with her web cam, ha i told here. this thing is only for basic email. it has NO USB. on top of that it is only windows 95, last version.

    i dont even know if it can handle Mp3

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    2. Quast


      Sephiroth said:

      a pentium 166 MMX
      50MB RAM

      geez, windows 95 must chug along on that badboy

    3. Gokuma


      You the god

      BTW, Win95 version B runs nicely on a P120 with 32mb ram. Unfortunately today's browsers you need for webpages to work right and websites themselves are freaking bloated. Opera and Mozilla (although haven't tried Firefox on it) won't even run on it. Newer Netscapes have become a total nightmare and the old v4.78 doesn't have up to date security required by sites.

    4. Sephiroth


      i remember getting a 133Mhz system back in 1996. it was the shit

      i also remember wanting a voodoo2 sooo baddly. now i got one.... in my desk drawer. bought it at a garage sale for $2

      yea win95, what a beast