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  1. well i kbnew something was wrong yesturday when the house just would not cool down.

    i noticed no air was even coming out of the vents, despite the fact that the AC was running. so i guess may dad cut a corner there too, cheap fuck.

    I wonder which one of his cleints put the SOB in. its only 2 years old. however my dad never has any of the vents checked and cleaned.

    this pisses me off because it is very hot now and i got all this computer equipment. the stuff in the basement is fine, for now. however everything upstairs had to be shut off. i may have to move everything down stairs.

    I called a professional AC repair person and the company. They will come out and fix the AC unit for free, but i am having the ducts cleaned. I will charge it to my dad. hey is the fucker has $5000 to waste on fucking hookers he has the money to fix his god damn house.

    1. Bloodshedder


      It seems to me that you have bigger problems than a broken air conditioner.

    2. Sephiroth


      yea i would say so. my family is a bunch of dead beats.

    3. Danarchy