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  1. the ban passed. this was a ban on exotic animals for the city of dayton, in Ohio. this is most any animal outside of a dog or cat. this even goes into birds and fish.

    now i understadn banning tigers, bears and venomous animals. but things like small corn snakes and iguanas. well fuck you PETA! now i want to ass rape these bastards with a red hot iron or a shotgun...

    this will also affect a number of local farms and researchers. we have been instructing all venom researchers to leave ohio if bans start passing. a few did when word of a ban first came. a numeber of farms in the area raise animals such as
    emu, elk, deer and ostrich. animals that where added to the list.

    this is what happens when bat shit insane groups are able to get any control.

    so FUCK you PETA! those bastards should leave people alone. its one thing to pick on a large company, like beef industry. but private citizens, shit.

    whats that i hear? i think the roaches want to be released. ok guys i'll let you out for a night on the town.

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    2. Psyonisis


      Danarchy said:

      Don't blame hippies. Real hippies don't ban stuff.

      "Ban the bomb!"

    3. Danarchy


      Okay maybe that.

    4. Sephiroth


      Use3D said:

      better have decent UVB lighting on him when he's not in the sun... ;P

      Edit: Source? I can't find this on PETA website.

      yea i know about about the UV lighting and such. PETA was one group of people here.

      this is the sort of thing that happens when bat shit insane groups get to have a say. they mainly won by keeping it in the dark. now that we have alerted researchers, breeders and farmers. it may change it.

      fact is that this was a headache for the city to get involved from. it was a mistake to listen to such groups.

      god forbid that nazis and such do similar things... oh wait, they do.

      either way its just another one of many things that is screwing over dayton.