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  1. in a law that may have passed, which banns exotic pets, has a slight hole.

    chameleons are not in the bann some how

    here is apic of one of my 2 setups

    however i need not worry if the ban did pass the city has no intention to inforce it, hell cant even afford to have the needed amount on ploice officers. they only did it to get special intrest crack-pot groups off their backs.

    needless to say that animal has a far better life than it would most likly have in the wild and it is captive breed. the cage is a 100 gallon all screen mesh cage, it doesnt look 100 gallon but it is much deeper. also has 2 lights, looks like one. the front one simply provides normal white light, the back is a HIDL type light for the full spectrum lighting. a jug and dripping system can be slightly seen. this is done every day to give the humid tropical enviroment. this is the type of setup needed by chameleons, they cant live in glass aquariums

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    2. Sharessa


      Death's Head Roach? I knew they made moths like that, but not roaches.

    3. DooMer87


      Sephiroth said:

      chameleons are not in the bann some how

      Really? what about iguanas?

    4. Sephiroth


      yes they where added, iguanas, because they 'can' carry samenella. WTF humans carry ecoil, so do cats and dogs.

      i have had an iguana for 6 years and have never ever gotten sick from it