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  1. My system involves an advanced CPU made entirely out of hotdogs and bull testicles hardwired to 10 car batteries. and let me tell you duct taping a radeon X800 to the mix only made it that much better! not only does doom look great but it smells rather doomish.

    OK ok, yea we are gonna get bashed with posts about flaunting system specs or wanting to know minumum specs.

    though i welcome new doomers i almost wish doomworld was deicated to classic doom.

    i only hope newstuff is split, or dedicated to classic doom. doom3 and classic doom. i would not like the see classic doom knocked out by doom 3.

    1. Ultraviolet


      I want:
      Dual AMD FX-53 (not likely they've got dual proc boards for this yet)
      4 gigs PC3200
      2 320 gig 15,000 RPM 10 meg cache SATA RAID drives
      ATI Rage 2 Pro 16 meg