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  1. ...how is it? I hope you know that is not for children." a man says
    "yes i know, i am 21" i reply
    "any children in the house under 16?" the man asks agian
    "Nope." i reply

    the last moments of an odd call. the group
    had called, ironicly he began talking about family values and some shit while i was playing doom III and listening to marilyn manson. i then asked him about how they felt about doom III and such, he told me the give guides on media for families.
    this IS a crackpot fundalmentalist group mind you. however the guy on the phone didnt give me a lecture or hang up.

    the site seems rather tame, not a whole lot of out rite bashing for not being cristian. there is no refernce to the doom games on the site

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    2. Combustable


      hmm, considering diablo is about... well, diablo. And harry potter is a kids story. Yes, that makes perfect sense. And theres just as much "witchcraft" even by the heroes of diablo. Hmm, so spellcasters are always good until it's harry potter...

    3. Bucket


      A friend of mine once invited in a Jehovah's Witness and managed to get him to leave in frustration. All he did was ask him, "if there are only supposed to be 144000* saved people, why do you keep recruiting new members?"

      *that number's probably wrong, but who gives a flying fuck

    4. DooMer87


      that website's reviews SUCK. i mean, why would someone care if they had "magic" in the film they were viewing? Who gives a crap????
      Who would ever want to watch an edited version of Old School or Bruce Almighty?????? And why would they EVER call anyone and say, "blah blah family blah blah Doom 3 is violent(i know that)blah blah Edited version." Man these guys piss me off.