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  1. well some ass hat broke into my car and decided to steal my Prize CD's. however nothing else was taken as far as i know. This is one of a few recent car break in on my street, first thought was the people at my brother's party last night. however after speaking with the officer and knowing these people have have put them to the back.

    my next list of suspects is the "bad ass" down the street, my brother's friends little brother (has a record of car theft) and a person buming it across the street.

    One clue i have is... half a belt. A belt i almost instantly recognise however i can fit a the person with it. one reason i remember the belt is because last time i saw it in use, it has beaten and half a tear in it. well it oviously tore all the way in my car. so i am gonna talk to my suspects today, and if i feel like it bust some heads.

    I reported the crime. however they neighbors said if i find out who and get the stuff back, there is a reward. or failing that bring the prick to them so we can hold a smack down.

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    2. SYS


      Get drunk and beat them down! Some prickfuck tried to yoink my bro's Volvo by shoving a screwdriver in the locks. Fortunately thanks to it's strudy swedish design it still remained locked with everything in it. What the fuck did he think it was? A honda civic? You can fuck off effortlessly with one of those using only a pair of scissors or a screwdriver.

    3. Sephiroth


      well i am setting up a sting, and this will be a "sting"

      my house offers a dark area to hide in the side yard. i will place my car in a dark place where i can watch from the bushes.

      place money and valuble on dash and seat, and wait... with a bat.

      ok a PVC pipe, cause when i jump i am gonna go fucking nuts. really savage beating from a crazy guy leaping out of the bushes.

      chances are it is the same kids who have been doing vandalism to cars here 5 months ago

    4. DaJuice


      I like your style. Tell us how it goes.