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  1. is it really that god damn cool to rev your motorcycle in front of your house for fucking 15 minutes, every day at 3:00PM?
    NO! first off no one is impressed! everyone who lives here is eaither at work then, at school or doesn't give a shit.
    dont get me wrong i love motorcycles and such but when i am sleeping... ahh no. i guess he is just trying to make his penis 6 inches longer, after all he finaly left his wife cause she cheated on him 6 times. legaly he should have tossed her out considering he made 90% of the income, and owned 80% of eveything in the house.

    but no, he has to live on this street and rev his cycle every free moment he has. i had asked him not to do it, and yes he has stoped to a degree. I usallyget home just before he does and go to bed until 6 or i am in bed waiting to get up at 4:00 to work the night shift.

    1. MaximusNukeage


      tell the police that douche is disturbing the peace

    2. SYS


      Poor bastard, that motorcycle is probably the only thing he has left in his life of any siginificance. Anyways you should complain about it to the police or shove a potato in the exhaust it and then watch him rev it.

    3. Sephiroth


      well after talking with him agian he has stoped. cant help but feel sorry, but he was a moron tio mary a girl who cheated on him and then to stay with her after she did it after they got married. some people i would like to run over with my car. honestly you have a family and children, but you want to make people suffer because you are a slut? get help is all i can say, if sex was that god damn important why did you get married? oh wait cause you got pregnant.

      pregnacy is no reason to marry another person. a girl once tried that trick on me. only i refused to screw her because i knew that was her goal. she was completly fucked up, and i am not gonna turn into my father

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