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  1. two words that sum up my brother. a 19year old kid who has no money, never even sleeps in his own bed, thinks he knows alot about cars and can't get a job.
    we have been getting a shit load of calls from banks and such stating he owes money, and he does. simply put i told one of them to call my father over the matter as my brother will not speak to them. this is getting me pissed, cause i have a job and work.

    he said he started a job today, i asked him what time he goes in, he said he already did and got home at 11:30. well ahhh, he is a dumbass. if you are gonna lie put more thought into it. i was awake and sitting at this computer at 11:30 and his fat ass was down stairs.

    Needless to say i am tired of this lazy chunk of worthless lard. he tries to get "better" jobs. he cant because he has no training nor has he held any job longer than 6 months. i told him just to go back to McDonalds, even if for a few months. also i told dad to sell his car, and give him a shit car.
    honestly i would take the car but i dont know how to drive stick very well

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    2. pritch


      /me applauds Sephiroth.

      Too many lazy people in this country are given help whilst people who actualy get off their ass and try and be proactive are penalised at every step of the damn way.

      Also I think your spelling has improved heh

    3. Sporku


      Silverwyvern said:

      Fat and Lazy are not synonomous. I've known several hard workers that were overweight, and more then my fair share of slimmer lazies.

      I'm unemployed now myself.. it's not because I'm lazy, it's cause my boss doesn't like people who ask questions.

      Well, she works at a game shop, and every time I stop by there, I see her sitting on a computer playing a game, or doing something stupid.

      So fat and lazy pretty much fit her pretty good. I see the point you are making, though. I know quite a few overweight people that are hard workers.

    4. Sephiroth


      well in my brothers case he got fat because he is lazy. i mean come on 15 hours of his day is spent on a couch.

      yes i know people who are fat and work hard. however i know a great many people who are fat and use it as an excuse to get handouts