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  1. well the date for my transfer has come... and gone. the SOB's are just dicking with me as far as i can tell. i started asking about being switched to sales or tech in late june. i finaly got word that i WOULD be moved on or by 9/1 from a manager. personaly i dont care which.
    one reason is it would give me more choice in hours for school. second it would be work i enjoy doing and do well. my manger told me they need a replacement first, ok should have taken care of that a month or so ago. also i should have more of a choice than say some random person off the street. unless that guy has more certifications or some degree, in which case i would not mind, i should get the job i asked for.
    this has screwed me out of going back to school this quater. and as far as i know they have no plans on moving me. they most likely want me there for christmas which will be a no go.
    if they want to play the screwing game i will get them back. if i hear nothing by months end i will either sign on with the military or look for another job. then put in my 2 weeks, which would screw them when large shipments started arriving.

    could it be racism? I am am albanian, who the fuck knows. all i know is they have been lying to me for the last 3 months about this. either tell me the truth or do what i asked.

    its pretty shitty when they say you got a job and you start planning for school and then you find out they have done nothing, and then they give the job to some random person who knows nothing about the job. come on i have been with the company for over a year.

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    2. Ralphis


      Numbermind said:

      Yeah, it's racism. You know what they say about them Albanians...

      ...cause I don't.

      Most of them are retarded? (Source: Ralphis' Personal Experience Weekly)

    3. Bucket


      Works for me.
      Damn Tardbanians.

    4. pritch


      Meh I had a similar experience when I was at uni. They wouldn;t give me the hours I needed in order to be able to do my uni work so i just quit and lived like a tight-ass off my student loans. It meant i had more time to do my work and less money to go out anyway so it was probably a good thing from my degree's point of view.