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  1. well the good news is that i FINALY started my new job. so this means more choice in hours and a job i will enjoy doing more.

    but after work it became a somewhat bad day. first i discovered i am to work tuesday night. i gave them instructions that i am unable to work on the evening of the third tuesday of the month. to add to the stress car needs more work. the front right wheel is fucked up. I think it is the bearings, which i dout is cheap. this sets me back agian. now i will not be able to go to school this winter. nor can i afford to sell the car

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    2. Sephiroth


      the suspension was done recently and i had transmission work. i have a buddy who is a gear head, but finding time that he is free can be a pain. also i do need some more general work. tires may end up costing me alot and i need some stuff with the breaks.

      by the way it could be an issue with the breaks, hell i put them in. cars are not my area. so i really don't know.

      oh and a bit of good news, tomarrow is NOT the thrid tuesday of the month, heh

    3. Ed


      Ah, my first car was an 85 LaSabre.. "Buick the Sword" as I so fondly called it.. tranny went around 200k. Not bad for free.

    4. Sephiroth


      there seems to be a mysterious buick pattern going on here. mine is a 1992 skylark. mother gave it to me last year. its been a good car but i am hoping this isn't gonna cost too much. trying to save up for school.