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  1. well the good news is that i FINALY started my new job. so this means more choice in hours and a job i will enjoy doing more.

    but after work it became a somewhat bad day. first i discovered i am to work tuesday night. i gave them instructions that i am unable to work on the evening of the third tuesday of the month. to add to the stress car needs more work. the front right wheel is fucked up. I think it is the bearings, which i dout is cheap. this sets me back agian. now i will not be able to go to school this winter. nor can i afford to sell the car

    1. Bloodshedder


      Replacing wheel bearings shouldn't be too expensive. But if it's suspension trouble, watch out.

    2. Quast


      Heh, I had an '86 buick lesabre. A fine car, fine car. I had it for years and it was nearing the end, almost 200k miles (although I had replaced the engine some time before that). I had tons of problems with this thing but she kept on.

      One night I was sitting at this gas station ready to leave. I try and put it in reverse. It didn't want to go but I jammed it in anyway but it wouldn't move. I open the door and hear and then see these giant marbles falling out from underneath the car and rolling around.

      With the transmition shot I said fuck it and wasn't willing to shell out more for it to get repaired. So then I bought my accord. Which, incidently is also now nearing 200k miles, has a dead battery (won't hold its charge). IF I can somhow make it to work in the morning I'm going to head to napa...weeeeee more money I dont have to spend on shit.

      Oh yeah it needs a new muffler too...awsome

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