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  1. well I tossed a firend's prized, burned, CD out the window at an annoying chipmunk. i don't have the balls to tell him. however its beside the point. the Cd was too badly damaged anyways and there was no way any data could be read off of it. someone spilled a chemical ontop of it that ate the data layer. so there was nothing, other that downloading it agian, that could be done. i told him when i got it that it was shot. ayways i am sure he will be pissed about it, but it was a no go from the start.

    by the way it was a CD with a single long track, 70 minutes. this was some recording of a concert. i can't think of the guys name. it was a band he liked but wasn't a terrible loss. he really should take better care of his CD's

    the name of the artist is Paul Oakenfold.