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  1. this woman may look innocent, but talk with her for five minutes and you realize she is wacked out of her damn gord. that is if she will talk to you. I don't know why she chose to talk to me in the first place.

    a woman came into the store to buy a computer. well she waited around for 30 minutes and was getting pissed, so a manager grabbed me. i helped her out and all the normal stuff. however now that i remember it she didn't like the fact that there were other people around or near her. she also became very upset and disturbed when a man in the next deparment was checking out a camera, it was kinda pointed in our direction. she then asked about airplanes above her house. asking if they could listen in on her. i told her a jet makes too much noise and did my best to turn the discussion back to the computer. however later she kept talking about that subject. either this woman has something to hide or is insane. i told her if she has an issue to talk with the police. she left for the night, was going to "check" her house as she put it. then she was to return to get the computer.

    i dont know what happened because i was off the clock, aperently she did return to get some other things but held off on the computer. anyways i figured i would never ever see her agian. i was wrong. she came in today, and i am guessing yesterday, tog et the computer. sadly it was sold and she was convinced that the guy with the camera bought it. I told her it is a popular model and that we can order it. so she said she would return, but began to talk of being watched.

    now i have this disturbing feeling i am in for a bit of an adventure. i will have to discuss her with security and tell them that she is highly paranoid and possibly dangerous

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    2. Sephiroth


      i don't look down on her in anyway, but i take great care in this situation. when dealing with people like that you MUST be careful of everything you do an say. more so because she IS human. I have seen, all to many, people like her go beserk and the outcome is rarly good. often they are unprovoked attacks. sometime the jerk asked for it.

      on a comic note i got one of our techs freaked out when i told him about her. he is trying to get an "assistant" to come with him on an in home setup.

      the woman claims she does work for the US, which is most likly pure BS. if she is then it is not important. they would set her up with a computer, and she would also know at least a basic use of one anyways, if it was important. also her lack of knowlege on some things tipped me off. after all i know many people in the military, who work with the military and other militray related jobs. she just doesn't fit. also she told me she was a secretary for an office in the near by city.

      simply put she is nuts. she has a right to privacy and to have a life, but not to be a potential danger. I have seen many people like her snap. they also tend to atach themselvs to certian people. I am just glad i am not one of those people, i have already had to deal with 3 girls like that. Each time i was minding my own damn business

    3. AndrewB


      There would be so many fun ways to have fun with schizophrenic people. That sentence may be slightly redundant, but perfection can be unhealthy.

    4. myk


      At work I remember a call from a customer that suddenly started telling me that she knew we (tech support) were spying in on her through her machine... eventually she went wack and ended telling me I was a perverted pedophile or something right after I informed her I was going to have to hang up, telling her we were not communicating properly. I did hang up, of course, even typing "hung up on insane customer" on the call notes.