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  1. in the case of my father this is true. either out of pure stupidity or brain damaged caused by years of drug abuse the guy still thinks my brtoher has a job. more importantly he belived he worked for a construction company for 6 months.

    however i know the reality. my brother worked at a construction company a grand total of only a few days. hired may 25th and fired june 8th, tools returned june 11th. my brother sold possesions to get by. includeing his gamecube, games, CD's, car parts and otehr things.

    i know this info because i am good friends with the family.

    frankly i am tired of it. mainly because this leech gets away with it and gets what he wants. granted i was given a car, but he was given a new car. i bought all my stuff, i pay rent and i pay for my internet, my insurance, soon my medical and everything else. I locked him off all the computers. I didn't really mind but now it is getting worse. the dumbfuck has gotten hired and fired 3 times this month. also he has taken to betting and street racing for money.

    I know one thing. i don't forgive such ignorance. If his life is in danger, he gets killed or is put in jail i will NOT care, nor come to his aid. he wants to continue in my father's foot steps, fuck him.

    hey if anyone wants a useless fat 19 year old kid who is only good for slave labor in a death camp let me know!

    1. darknation


      you know that this fat, useless, malignant tumour shares your genepool?

      Just a thought.

    2. Quast


      Sephiroth, It is quite apparent you dislike your brother. Seeing as he is useless. I sugesst murder.

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