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  1. well after a month of setting traps a chipmunk was defeated by its own greed. The SOB had become so fat and had so much in its mouth that it got stuck going into its hole. He had a play date later that day with the lovable rocky, a 6 foot ball python.

    i walked out of my house and saw the SOB dive into its hole. I couln't belive it when i saw that the hide legs were stuck out and wriggling. so i grabbed them and pulled. i then asked for some pliers so i could remove him without being biten. however that too would have been impossible. the chipmunks mouth was filled with sonflower seeds and corn. it didnt even spit them out to get away. after pulling it out it tried to bite the pliers but could not turn its head. after a quick knock to the head it fell limp. even then it didnt give up its prise. so i pried it away and put him in the freezer to kill of any parasites.

    i will post pics.

    also if you remember a year ago the pics of the chickens

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    2. darknation


      what the fuck did the chipmonk do to deserve that?

    3. Gokuma


      Chipmunks are normally freaking tiny. This must really be a fat bastard chipmunk.

    4. Snarboo


      darknation said:

      what the fuck did the chipmonk do to deserve that?

      He took a vow of silence and celebacy, that's why!

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