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  1. I'll admit i havn't been playing doom III that much. infact i don't think i have touched it once in the last 3 weeks. don't get me wrong the game is awsome and i love it. No its not because windows has been banished to the 20GB drive or that there is no Linux port yet. nor is the fact i don't have time, i got plenty. I think that my interests are shifting. example would be TV. i used to always watch TV, now i hardy ever. Music is another thing. I havnt bought a CD in a year, nor have i downloaded much of anything.

    now i have been getting more into other stuff. stuff i really never did, like messing with unix/linux/DOS. i remember, back in the day, playing doom and other games for hours. now all those games seem to do is collect dust. I know i will bounce back into games. cause i know i had loads of fun with them. Also seems that games today don't seem to offer as much as they did 5 years ago. we have seen it all. about the only series next to doom, final fantasy, that i care about has even lost intrest. The last game i bought was Silent hill IV. and it looks to be the last game for a while. atleast that i will buy, Halo II i will get from a friend's stepdad.

    granted the original dooms still see some action but there are times i put them down for a while. I have wanted to reinstall half-life and they hunger.

    Doom III can never hold the same apeal the orignal doom games held. onething is the fact that the FPS type games isnt a new idea. also i am older and have seen more. Doom was sureal at the time i first saw it. Yes doom III has amazed me, but it can't blow me away like doom did. (infact no game can) I think its that feeling i miss. however i was not disapointed in doom III, it was as i expected and a tad bit more. at the time i first saw doom i was still useing 80286 and apple IIe systems, atari 2600 for gaming and gameboy aswell. Doom was more than stick figures and poor sound. I drew me into computers aswell. i had to learn from scratch how to use DOS. looking back i laugh at some of the stuff i though and did. i think one reason i have lost interest in games is because i found that excitment else where, in unix and linux.

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    2. AndrewB


      OMG, Doom turned a person's life around 360 degrees!

    3. EricHerrera


      Friends don't let friends post on crack.

    4. læmænt


      doom always sucked.

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