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  1. once agian am i rebuilding the classic game PC. this time i have found some of my better parts.
    anyways specs time
    Intel Pentium pro 200Mhz 256k cache
    96MB system RAM
    4MB sis video with 3dfx voodoo 2 12MB 3d accelrator. plan on buying another voodoo 2 and runing SLI.
    4GB maxtor hard drive, 5400RPM
    soundblaster AWE64, a great card for older games.

    i have some concerns about the pentium pro CPU. i have heard it runs kinda bad in 16bit mode. also i think it lacks the MMX ability.

    however my p133 system ran very well and had similar specs. minus the voodoo2. i was saddened to have never gotten one. until now.

    now for the games list
    GL quake
    tombradier 1 & 2
    doom, duh
    keen 4, 5 & 6

    have any of you guys ever used a pentium pro for such a task? i just used it because the base system was already built and i did not feel like digging thru trying to find a good working pentium board.

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    2. Bucket


      It should be easy to find an old P2 chip somewhere-- when they came out, pretty much everyone had one. If not, try to find a Cyrix 686(terrible processor for its time, but good for what you're doing).

    3. Sephiroth


      i got plent of P2 chips, infact 3 set ontop of the computer desk. i even have one p III slot CPU. however no main boards that work.

      oh fuck me!
      christ that will never sell

    4. Bucket


      OMG it's four times the DX than regular processors!!!