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  1. there is one part of my self i don't like that i can change in an instant. my name. I am named after my father, a man whom i am nothing like nor can i respect. I dont like being confused with a corrupt drug addicted lawyer who let whores beat his children. I am a completly differnt person than my father. also the fact that just about everyone else with my last name is about the same way.

    the name i may choose is a name my grandmother wanted, but she died 4 years before i was born. however i would most likly change the whole name, not just the first. most likly taking my mother's last name of murray.

    in which case i would become James Murray.

    it is something i have thought about doing for a long time, ever sence i was 10. its not really an if at this point, but when.

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      Danarchy said:

      The guy from PVP?

      No from Simpsons :P

    3. Jonathan



    4. Danarchy


      Ed said:

      Real: Edward Francis C. the 5th..

      Heh, I think you beat me on British sounding names (mine being Daniel G. Woodward, esq.).

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