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  1. well how about winter cleaning. this involves my attic, my closet and under my bed.

    most of this shit has not seen light for a decade or more. so here it goes.

    my attic.
    besides clothes and allergies.
    1 box of new unused old school computer paper.
    a box of coffe cans
    an antenna i made when i was 5, cant remember if it was for a radio or TV.
    1 old color TV, i mean old. has vacume tubes.
    2 old radios, both have vacume tubes. 1 works
    more coffe cans
    a microphone? looks like it came off a CB or PA system. the end is cut off.
    a japanese rifle wrapped in cloth, looks great. one of many WW II things out of here.
    several german WW II helmets, 2 American helmets. A japanese and american bannette. and some sort of japanese knife, its big.
    a nazi egal thing, egal on a swastika
    panzerfuast tube, score!
    random caseings, used
    various gun parts in poor condition. i think some of these belong to an AK-47.
    empty ammo cases, well filled with dust.
    old records.
    and a box filled with my dad's old porn stash. shit looks like its from the 70's.

    now the closet
    a box filled with 6 CB radios. Use to get these from an uncle and would use them to play soldier when i was a child. I dont know if they work
    a old mac computer
    over 10 walky-talkies, loved those as a kid. however would get bored and usally break them, i think i enjoyed breaking them.
    a cell phone? looks newish, have no idea whoes it is.
    pop cans, my brother is lazy.
    some odd radio like thing. in a box and covered in plastic wrap. have NO idea what it is. i know its not mine. however the below item might make it fun.
    one big old baseball bat, ok i found a few of its freinds too.
    the long lost aquarium.

    well most of this stuff is useless to me. some of it is worth money and some of it is trash. the only thing that got me excited was the WW II stuff. however i know both grandparents have way more in their homes. as for selling any of that stuff, no way. however if you need a old TV and a box of CB radios then give me a call, i even give you those walky-talkies for free.

    what wierd, odd, disgusting, and just plain awesome things have you found while cleaning?

    1. SYS


      Congrats on the WWII stuff. I wish I got more of my grandpa's stuff from WWII, I got his medals though, along with some paper that was written in Dutch. People sell WWII stuff at local swapmeets all the time. This dude had like 3 nazi pistols, some ally rifles, medals, rings, both nazi & ally, also some uniforms as well, even some nazi shot glasses but I'm betting those were fake.

      In a totally unrelated matter. This Virgin megastore got shit from a jewish rights group, because they sold Call of Duty action figures, which naturally featured nazi figures as well as allies.