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  1. Well took a bit of a break before christmas. So i went up to see my grand parents who i will not see agian for a while, next summer.

    This place is really wierd. They claim the house is haunted. IF you know more about the area then you can kinda see why.

    The area was home to native american tribes. It's rare, but sometime bones are found when homes are built. A walk in the field behind this house can turn up handfuls of arrow heads and other objects. The road outside of the home is a death trap, literaly. numerous deaths have occured infront of this house or land surrounding the house. Mainly due to people being drunk or stupid. Infact a rather creepy message has been scrawed onto a telephone pole in front of the house.

    Needless to say this is NOT a house to stay up and play silent hill 2. I did that the other night, and it really freaked me out. mainly cause my grandfather walke dinto the room very quitly and a saw something moving in the window, his reflection/shadow.

    things that are wierd here.
    foot steps, often from the basement or attic.
    voices, but very rare. usally heard by children. once heard by adults during christmas.
    moving objects, common. fucking ghost took my damn X-box controller! maybe it just wants to challenge me to a game of halo? no, shit just moves around. pictures have "flown" across the room. and in one case a toy riendeer was unpacked and turned on in the basement.
    electornic devices behave oddly. batteris die early or devices randomly come on and shut off. so far computers not affected. However the area does have odd geological activity and there are 3 large radio/TV stations near by. those may also explain "voices"

    Its creepy here, but peaceful. Nothing bad has ever happened to a family member here. Only to the careless drivers and drunks outside of the home.

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      I did not type this! HAHAHAHHAAAHA

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      well the ghost is said to be a young girl. but who knows. The place is kept up, not abandoned.

      however a girl i dated had a home in a near by town. this town was baiscly abandoned in the 1950's. there was like 1,500 people liivng there. now there is less the 30. Many of the old homes are gone, but a few remain. The house and land they owned was surrounded by woods. It was going to be tore down and rebuilt.