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  1. well it doesn't happen much, ok that's a god damn lie. someone gets rid of a perfectly good computer because its "slow". well no shit its gonna be slow when you have a shit load of spyware and 3 viruses on 128MB ram. also add in the fact they had just about everything you could think of running in the back ground.
    the computer was made in 2001, so still kinda new.

    its an HP vectra workstation. PIII 733Mhz, 128MB ram, 10GB hard drive (SCSI), 16X CD drive (SCSI). so removed the hard drive and replaced it with a 40GB IDE, updated the ram, and installed a fresh OS. runs exelent. so now i am gonna sell it. i love dumb people.

    1. Bucket


      What's wrong with the 10gb drive? It's SCSI, so it should be pretty fast. What are they, 15k rpm now? You could use it as a swap drive for sound/video programs and such.

      Or are you going to sell the machine and keep the rest...?