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  1. well traded in those nice new shinny games i had for some older games. mainly mario64 and silent hill.

    i was surprised about silent hill and how shitty it really looks. well it looks average compared to other PSX games at the time. however i did not buy the game for the graphics, i bought it to experince the first game at last.

    the N64, which i had to buy, ran at $19. it came with controller, memmory card, power supply, av cable and this one had the upgraded RAM. mario cost me $8. was kinda pisse dbecause i bought a N64 off a friend but it had no power adapter. from sites i was looking at it ran around $15-$25 for the thing.

    games i dusted for this new stuff, or rather towards the price.
    marrowwind, full spectrum warrior, and max payne 2. 3 games i never played much.