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  1. well a woman wants me to call her to see how her computer is doing. she leaves a number. so i dial that number to get "you must dial a 1 or a 0 before dialing this number" the i try both, well i get "dial the area code" message. I assume her area code is 937 because she lives like a mile from here. i dial the full number to get "this number has been disconnected" on my caller id it just shows the 7 digit number. so the is bassicly no way to contact her. So maybe next time she will give me the full fucking number.... or pay her damn bills.

    well tried all local area codes and none worked, so fuck her. she should have had the common sence to tell me the correct phone number.

    anyone know any trick to find out the area code

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    2. Ichor


      Trial and error

    3. Bucket


      Hello, Lois?


      Hello, Lois?



      (Seriously, who cares? If you can't reach her phone, it's her fault.)

    4. Sephiroth


      yea *69 would have been nice, but 3 other people called.

      however i was able to find her number in the phone from a while back, our phone stores the numbers of the last 200 people who called.