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  1. personaly i was never into dating. i did a few times but nothing ever really came of it.
    i did have girls i had crushes on. one of them for the longest time. however i never acted on it. recent girls just didn't have any appeal to them.

    however that all changed last week. I had been trying an internet dateing site. i figured it was worth a shot. little did i know i would meet a really nice girl.

    now i know its far too early to say she is the love of my life, but i really feel something with her. I love being around her, talking to her, feeling her embrace, her smile, her eyes. its as if i have known her for a very long time. she says she feels the same towards me.

    it all happened so fast, however it feels good. i feel good about her and i feel as if i can trust her. something that has always been difficult for me to do. however my gut instinct is usally right.

    its proof to me that there are still good people out there. it makes me feel so much better about my self. i am really begining to get to know her, but like i said it feels as if i have known her for years.

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    2. Grazza


      Job said:

      Your statement suggests that you're bisexual.

      "Mind you, that's just a pat diagnosis made without first obtaining your full medical history."

    3. Sephiroth


      I really like this girl. I enjoy talking to her, being with her. Hell i could even swear i could smell her today, heh she smells good.
      Sadly the only thing i don't like is the fact she smokes.

      well that's my life. I never really know what to expect, but sometimes i do. this was a very pleasant surprise and i hope it works out for me and her.

    4. AndrewB


      Sephiroth said:

      Sadly the only thing i don't like is the fact she smokes.

      That sort of inequality will cause an enormous riff, and you do NOT want to go down that road. Seriously, take up smoking ASAP.