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Status Updates posted by Sephiroth

  1. well I signed a couple up with netzero, thinking it would work with them
    this is the paid, $9.99 a month version not the free or "speed" boosted version

    anyways i emailed the company about how to set up the dialer, i never use the default dialer. i got the numbers and such, however the email said i have to use their dialer. personaly that is pure bullshit if i do, also you got to wonder why.

    these people use linux right now, so there really isnt a linux version. unless you have linespire/lindows.

    does anyone have the paid version of netzero and NOT use the dialer? if not i will tell them to dump netzero.

    also being a propietary dialer is there anything shady about it? IE spyware, popups and such

  2. the computer show is in town this week. so that means lots of stuff i really dont need.
    i have been trying to get more into MAC stuff, however newer stuff is so outragously priced. however older Power PC systems at the show where about $3.
    1.2GB hard drive
    32MB system RAM
    PowerPC CPU, i think 60Mhz.
    also snagged a couple of the tornado fans 80mm and 92mm, for $10 each. gonna sell thsoe to some friends.
    something to mess with.
    also there is an area wide LAN party, i think i may try that next time.

    1. insertwackynamehere


      Weren't you the one who said you would never go to a computer show again because it was all pedo-porn?

  3. of all the biologicly useless items to grow from your body i can only thing of one that is totaly useless, toe nails.
    these seem to cause too many problems. so i called the doctor today to get another one removed. these SOB's hurt, and to make my life a living hell i work a job that involves being on your feet 8 hours a day lifting heavy object.

    so now that i get today and tomarrow off, i set an apointment for later today to have this bastard cut out.

    this one i broke while jogging in the woods. was swiping at the flys in my face and didnt notice a large tree root. my foot made solid contact with that bastard and shattered the left side of the nail. anyways gonna take advantage of the last 2 months of being on my dad's health care.

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    2. Jayextee


      myk said:

      Dude, learn to use and maintain your toe nails properly!

      "Use"...? What for, pray tell?

    3. Sephiroth


      i do take care of my feet and body, but shit happens. more so when you work lifting heavy object and use load equipment.

      however this recent one was due to a jogging accident. i was in the woods and got swarmed by bugs, even with repellent. while trying to swat away the bugs my foot came into contact with a tree root. it shattered the left side of the nail in 1 painful second.

    4. Bucket


      I remember smacking my big toe into the side of my bed and halfway-ripping out my toenail. That was incredibly unpleasant, and it makes me squirm just thinking about it.

      What can I say? STEEL-TOED BOOTS ROCK.

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  4. is it really that god damn cool to rev your motorcycle in front of your house for fucking 15 minutes, every day at 3:00PM?
    NO! first off no one is impressed! everyone who lives here is eaither at work then, at school or doesn't give a shit.
    dont get me wrong i love motorcycles and such but when i am sleeping... ahh no. i guess he is just trying to make his penis 6 inches longer, after all he finaly left his wife cause she cheated on him 6 times. legaly he should have tossed her out considering he made 90% of the income, and owned 80% of eveything in the house.

    but no, he has to live on this street and rev his cycle every free moment he has. i had asked him not to do it, and yes he has stoped to a degree. I usallyget home just before he does and go to bed until 6 or i am in bed waiting to get up at 4:00 to work the night shift.

    1. Erp


      My neighbor used bug me with his loud Harley. My brothers and I got up in the middle of the night, picked his Harley up and threw it in the dumpster.

    2. Sephiroth


      i bet he was pissed, hell if you were able to do that without being caught i am surprised nobody stole it before hand.

      to add to these people's dumbness they do not wear a helmet. honestly i think that is a bit stupid, and asking for death. they are wreakless. going up to 60 MPH down the road, ok dumbasses alot of children live here (i used to yell at my brother about the same thing) they do drink and drive still, after their own brother was an inch from death in a DUI accident. and last night, bad rain, they decided to combine all 4 of those things.

    3. wildweasel


      Try living on Lorraine Street in Colorado Springs. Every five minutes, some kid on a motorized scooter rides down the street, and he keeps going and going every day from 3 PM to 8 PM (he starts at 9 AM on weekends). I'm SO glad I don't live in Colorado anymore.

      I have reason to believe that that kid was responsible for uprooting a street sign and throwing it at the house across the street from mine, too.

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  5. well some ass hat broke into my car and decided to steal my Prize CD's. however nothing else was taken as far as i know. This is one of a few recent car break in on my street, first thought was the people at my brother's party last night. however after speaking with the officer and knowing these people have have put them to the back.

    my next list of suspects is the "bad ass" down the street, my brother's friends little brother (has a record of car theft) and a person buming it across the street.

    One clue i have is... half a belt. A belt i almost instantly recognise however i can fit a the person with it. one reason i remember the belt is because last time i saw it in use, it has beaten and half a tear in it. well it oviously tore all the way in my car. so i am gonna talk to my suspects today, and if i feel like it bust some heads.

    I reported the crime. however they neighbors said if i find out who and get the stuff back, there is a reward. or failing that bring the prick to them so we can hold a smack down.

    1. SYS


      Get drunk and beat them down! Some prickfuck tried to yoink my bro's Volvo by shoving a screwdriver in the locks. Fortunately thanks to it's strudy swedish design it still remained locked with everything in it. What the fuck did he think it was? A honda civic? You can fuck off effortlessly with one of those using only a pair of scissors or a screwdriver.

    2. Sephiroth


      well i am setting up a sting, and this will be a "sting"

      my house offers a dark area to hide in the side yard. i will place my car in a dark place where i can watch from the bushes.

      place money and valuble on dash and seat, and wait... with a bat.

      ok a PVC pipe, cause when i jump i am gonna go fucking nuts. really savage beating from a crazy guy leaping out of the bushes.

      chances are it is the same kids who have been doing vandalism to cars here 5 months ago

    3. DaJuice


      I like your style. Tell us how it goes.

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  6. ...how is it? I hope you know that is not for children." a man says
    "yes i know, i am 21" i reply
    "any children in the house under 16?" the man asks agian
    "Nope." i reply

    the last moments of an odd call. the group
    had called, ironicly he began talking about family values and some shit while i was playing doom III and listening to marilyn manson. i then asked him about how they felt about doom III and such, he told me the give guides on media for families.
    this IS a crackpot fundalmentalist group mind you. however the guy on the phone didnt give me a lecture or hang up.

    the site seems rather tame, not a whole lot of out rite bashing for not being cristian. there is no refernce to the doom games on the site

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    2. Combustable


      hmm, considering diablo is about... well, diablo. And harry potter is a kids story. Yes, that makes perfect sense. And theres just as much "witchcraft" even by the heroes of diablo. Hmm, so spellcasters are always good until it's harry potter...

    3. Bucket


      A friend of mine once invited in a Jehovah's Witness and managed to get him to leave in frustration. All he did was ask him, "if there are only supposed to be 144000* saved people, why do you keep recruiting new members?"

      *that number's probably wrong, but who gives a flying fuck

    4. DooMer87


      that website's reviews SUCK. i mean, why would someone care if they had "magic" in the film they were viewing? Who gives a crap????
      Who would ever want to watch an edited version of Old School or Bruce Almighty?????? And why would they EVER call anyone and say, "blah blah family blah blah Doom 3 is violent(i know that)blah blah Edited version." Man these guys piss me off.

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  7. PS2, or any in general, fanboys are funney. this kid was maybe 13-15 and was bitching about doom3 not being on the PS2, he was saying that the PS2 was better than any computer.

    i looked at hims and said "ahhh....no... most any computer will far out preform the PS2 or any console for that matter. as long as it has a decenet vid card." the kid got snooty with me and i said "look, the Ps2 is fun but there is no way it could every handle doom III, the xbox is even on the low end." the kid got upset and left, a few of us got a kick out of that cause we get stuff like that every day. the best one was a woman wanting to know if the GBA played DVD movies

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    2. GooberMan


      Cronus said:

      It looks like we will have that kind of quality on the DS and PSP, I just want to know if the battery will last through a whole movie with that kind of quality.

      Battery life will be a killer for the PSP. The batteries will last about 8 hours when the UMD drive is idle, and about 2 hours when it's spinning, so you'll probably get about 4 hours average per battery life. Of course, for movies the drive would be constantly spinning, so you won't be able to watch any of the Lord Of The Rings movies in one hit.

    3. Epyo


      GooberMan said:

      Battery life will be a killer for the PSP. The batteries will last about 8 hours when the UMD drive is idle, and about 2 hours when it's spinning, so you'll probably get about 4 hours average per battery life. Of course, for movies the drive would be constantly spinning, so you won't be able to watch any of the Lord Of The Rings movies in one hit.

      Not to mention the 300-500 dollar price range I heard about...

    4. Coopersville


      Mancubus II said:

      It'll be interesting to see the visual difference on the xbox version. Some of the screenshots would indicate that it's not all that different, except of course that it's running at a fairly low resolution, which is to be expected.

      After reading all those expiriences with people who played Doom3 on low res, low graphics, all special effects turned off, no surround sound, and still being impressed and enjoying themselves, I'm highly hopeful. Most (if not all) of the special effects will at least be present in the XBOX version.

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  8. My system involves an advanced CPU made entirely out of hotdogs and bull testicles hardwired to 10 car batteries. and let me tell you duct taping a radeon X800 to the mix only made it that much better! not only does doom look great but it smells rather doomish.

    OK ok, yea we are gonna get bashed with posts about flaunting system specs or wanting to know minumum specs.

    though i welcome new doomers i almost wish doomworld was deicated to classic doom.

    i only hope newstuff is split, or dedicated to classic doom. doom3 and classic doom. i would not like the see classic doom knocked out by doom 3.

    1. Ultraviolet


      I want:
      Dual AMD FX-53 (not likely they've got dual proc boards for this yet)
      4 gigs PC3200
      2 320 gig 15,000 RPM 10 meg cache SATA RAID drives
      ATI Rage 2 Pro 16 meg

  9. providing my theory about the security of wireless networks. i have just got access to work.

    basicly just by bubmbling around with my settings and a program called net stumbler.

    ok i am lying, well maybe not. this hotel offers networking and seems to already have the AP's installed( though they are useing the default settings and security according to net stumbler). only a few rooms have lan ports ready for use. this one has one but i left my cable at home.

    glad i have internet here on vacation. in lovly jackson tennesse

  10. in a law that may have passed, which banns exotic pets, has a slight hole.

    chameleons are not in the bann some how

    here is apic of one of my 2 setups

    however i need not worry if the ban did pass the city has no intention to inforce it, hell cant even afford to have the needed amount on ploice officers. they only did it to get special intrest crack-pot groups off their backs.

    needless to say that animal has a far better life than it would most likly have in the wild and it is captive breed. the cage is a 100 gallon all screen mesh cage, it doesnt look 100 gallon but it is much deeper. also has 2 lights, looks like one. the front one simply provides normal white light, the back is a HIDL type light for the full spectrum lighting. a jug and dripping system can be slightly seen. this is done every day to give the humid tropical enviroment. this is the type of setup needed by chameleons, they cant live in glass aquariums

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    2. Danarchy


      Death's Head Roach? I knew they made moths like that, but not roaches.

    3. DooMer87


      Sephiroth said:

      chameleons are not in the bann some how

      Really? what about iguanas?

    4. Sephiroth


      yes they where added, iguanas, because they 'can' carry samenella. WTF humans carry ecoil, so do cats and dogs.

      i have had an iguana for 6 years and have never ever gotten sick from it

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  11. having worked at best buy for slightly over a year i am moving on to another department. to their tech service. reason is better hours and a job i would enjoy doing. not that i really have any major bitches about my current position, except on truck nights.

    no more putting up heavy boxes, refrigerators, TV's and stuff like that.

    1. Tobester


      Heh, I now know 3 people who work at the same Best Buy.

      Seph, my friend Ray, who is starting at the beginning of next month, and another guy, Kevin, who is in Tech Service as well.

    2. Sephiroth


      kevin got promoted
      he is now the "double agent"

      needless to say i am not sure when i start doing this. i would imagine soon as they get 2 new hires to replace me and some of the missing LP spots.

      i chose this job because 1, i like computers. and 2 more flexable hours. no more "mornings only" on top of that i have been unable to attend other events because i work tuesday nights.

      if for some reason they fuck me over. i have applied for other positions

    3. Tobester


      Let's see:

      I know Sephiroth,

      Kevin C, who is part of Geek Squad(?)
      Ray Cooper, who will be starting in a few days
      and my buddy Josh Omiatek, who just got hired today


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  12. i never really trusted wireless networks. networking is a little more new to me. however i did know that wireless was fairly insecure

    however i didnt think people could be this dumb about this new technology. nor did i think it could be this easy.
    infact i own a router that has wireless and i disabled that part of it, so people int he neighbor hood could not get free internet.


    read about it

  13. the ban passed. this was a ban on exotic animals for the city of dayton, in Ohio. this is most any animal outside of a dog or cat. this even goes into birds and fish.

    now i understadn banning tigers, bears and venomous animals. but things like small corn snakes and iguanas. well fuck you PETA! now i want to ass rape these bastards with a red hot iron or a shotgun...

    this will also affect a number of local farms and researchers. we have been instructing all venom researchers to leave ohio if bans start passing. a few did when word of a ban first came. a numeber of farms in the area raise animals such as
    emu, elk, deer and ostrich. animals that where added to the list.

    this is what happens when bat shit insane groups are able to get any control.

    so FUCK you PETA! those bastards should leave people alone. its one thing to pick on a large company, like beef industry. but private citizens, shit.

    whats that i hear? i think the roaches want to be released. ok guys i'll let you out for a night on the town.

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    2. Psyonisis


      Danarchy said:

      Don't blame hippies. Real hippies don't ban stuff.

      "Ban the bomb!"

    3. Danarchy


      Okay maybe that.

    4. Sephiroth


      Use3D said:

      better have decent UVB lighting on him when he's not in the sun... ;P

      Edit: Source? I can't find this on PETA website.

      yea i know about about the UV lighting and such. PETA was one group of people here.

      this is the sort of thing that happens when bat shit insane groups get to have a say. they mainly won by keeping it in the dark. now that we have alerted researchers, breeders and farmers. it may change it.

      fact is that this was a headache for the city to get involved from. it was a mistake to listen to such groups.

      god forbid that nazis and such do similar things... oh wait, they do.

      either way its just another one of many things that is screwing over dayton.

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  14. well i kbnew something was wrong yesturday when the house just would not cool down.

    i noticed no air was even coming out of the vents, despite the fact that the AC was running. so i guess may dad cut a corner there too, cheap fuck.

    I wonder which one of his cleints put the SOB in. its only 2 years old. however my dad never has any of the vents checked and cleaned.

    this pisses me off because it is very hot now and i got all this computer equipment. the stuff in the basement is fine, for now. however everything upstairs had to be shut off. i may have to move everything down stairs.

    I called a professional AC repair person and the company. They will come out and fix the AC unit for free, but i am having the ducts cleaned. I will charge it to my dad. hey is the fucker has $5000 to waste on fucking hookers he has the money to fix his god damn house.

    1. Bloodshedder


      It seems to me that you have bigger problems than a broken air conditioner.

    2. Sephiroth


      yea i would say so. my family is a bunch of dead beats.

    3. Danarchy
  15. my cousin brought back her makeshift computer. mainboard seems dead, mainly a riser card. which i had replaced before. in the mean time i let here barrow a system of mine

    a pentium 166 MMX
    50MB RAM
    6GB hard drive
    S3 graphics
    and an AC97 sound card
    it is also AT standard so she has to use a serial mouse and an AT keyboard.

    anyways what is funny is when she got home she wanted to play with her web cam, ha i told here. this thing is only for basic email. it has NO USB. on top of that it is only windows 95, last version.

    i dont even know if it can handle Mp3

    1. Quast


      Sephiroth said:

      a pentium 166 MMX
      50MB RAM

      geez, windows 95 must chug along on that badboy

    2. Gokuma


      You the god

      BTW, Win95 version B runs nicely on a P120 with 32mb ram. Unfortunately today's browsers you need for webpages to work right and websites themselves are freaking bloated. Opera and Mozilla (although haven't tried Firefox on it) won't even run on it. Newer Netscapes have become a total nightmare and the old v4.78 doesn't have up to date security required by sites.

    3. Sephiroth


      i remember getting a 133Mhz system back in 1996. it was the shit

      i also remember wanting a voodoo2 sooo baddly. now i got one.... in my desk drawer. bought it at a garage sale for $2

      yea win95, what a beast

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  16. PETA, the assholes for animal rights, is screwing things up around here.

    basicly they are trying to get across a pet-ban. mainly geared towards exotics, which is anything BUT cat or dog.

    while i dont see a problem banning such large preditors such as bears, tigers and lions. aswell as highly venomous snakes. many animals on the list make no sence at all.

    such as venomous spiders? (all spiders use venom!) scorpions, makes a little more sence. all sankes, many lizards, a number of fish, mixed wild dogs (cyote, dingo, wolf breeds) weasels (your pet ferrets) even my prize cock roach colony.

    this law was placed on hold last winter. it was pushed forward by a few panicy people and those PETA fuck-offs. namly an event in which a fire fighter died from a snake bite and a few events with large mammals.
    the fire fighter is by far an outrage, both to his wife, researchers and those who know him. first off they did a massive spin on it and made it look like the guy hung on for a week and that anti-vemon was only a few minutes too late. fact is the guy was dead before he got to the hospital. the man had owned the snake for years and his wife knew it was an accident. she hold no grudges, not even aginst the snake. which is alive an well. she said she knows her husband would hate to see such a law.
    also a few friends have done or still do research. infact the group i am with has been doing surveys about populations. as well as educational programs and the promotion of responisble owner ship.

    problems with the law
    law is far too vague to work
    it would increase the work load on a city deep in debt, that is short staffed and untrained to deal with these animals.
    research will be driven away. this includes many medical researchers.
    our work with the state on tagging and surveying animals will come to an end.
    my release of the cockroaches into the city building if the law passes.
    did i mention i have 6, 40 gallon tubs and 2, 20 gallon tanks filled with live cockroaches!

    things on our side
    an under staffed, over budgeted city
    PETA is a mass of complete morons, yes they even went as far as to add cats and dogs on the list.
    a number of researchers
    pet owners
    pet stores
    10,000,000 cockroaches, hey they eat a 25lb bag of dog food a week!
    local reptile groups
    widow of the fireman
    local zoos, guess who will get the call to keep said animals if it passes

    if a laws does get passed i highly dout it will last, just like prohibition, or it will be un-enfocred.

    while people in a city dont need bears, tigers, pumas, venomous snakes and such i see no reason to ban other things. more so when this can effect researchers, zoos, museums and schools

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    2. Arckra


      If they come near here with that I'll shove a fork in their eye. >.< Seriously, I love my scorpions and they're not even "highly venomous". They're the plain ol' scorpions that you can get outside. (From what I heard about our species here in Texas they're not very dangerous.)

      Strangely enough, a lot of people around here own zebras. I bet PETA would freak if they knew that.

    3. Ralphis


      I have a baby ranch.

    4. Sephiroth


      Ralphis said:

      I have a baby ranch.

      may i see your price list? we are hungry for fresh meat.

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  17. i installed the new version of suse linux. however the default settings were strangly very familiar. a screen shot

    a little too much XP'ish. hell i think even the shape of that hill is all too similar.
    there is also an icon called "my computer"
    while the task bar itselft isnt XP like, you can make it that way.
    there are 2 more things I have noticed. when you shut down it 'greys out' like XP, only its fast instead of slow.
    Also when it logs out it makes a similar sound that windows makes.

    though i have changed everything, excpet the back ground cause i get a kick out of it and that sound effect. i wonder if this is suppose to be a joke. I wonder where i can get the original 'hill' XP back ground

    on a side note has anyone ever tried to make a different GUI look like windowsXP?

    at a local shop they had a system that was skined and colored like XP, includeing the back ground, but it was FreeBSD, or maybe OpenBSD, i forget which the guy said it was. useing KDE.

    i remeber when MAC bitched about MS back in the day. i am just curious what good old bill would say about this one

    1. rf`


      It looks nothing like XP; that hill has a tree!

    2. Sephiroth


      you forgot the water too, and the lock-ness monster having sex with the rabbit-shaped plain, oh shit. there is something in my water

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      That would be because it's SuSE Linux. One of the ideas behind SuSE is to help users move from Windows to Linux, so they tried to make it similar. I actually tried the Live-CD of 9.1 the other day and found I liked it alot. I probably won't use it on my computers, but feel that it'll be a definite option when my school decideds to go all-Linux in two years.

      If you want to really distance yourself, try something like Slackware or Debian. The installation alone will distance you from Windows ;)

  18. ever sence we moved in this house i can remember finding these small red stones. even to this day i still dont know what the hell they are. so if any of you are geology geniuses let me know. infact i dout these even are rocks, but it is the best way to discrib them.

    ok about the 'stones'

    small gravel like 'stones' largest get about 2cm in size.
    blood red color over most, if not all, the surface
    texture is smooth, like any polished small gravel
    the fact that i have seen no rocks with these embedded forces me to belive that they are man made. also the dark blood red color.
    remains offten found, from a barn or other structure that exsisted here atleast 75 years ago. nails (old school style) various hooks, mounts, a very old and large door hinge, tool parts (axe and hammer heads, blades), iron bars and even lantern parts.

    these stone may have had some far useage, or may have been a by-product of some process. if these are natural they are very strange and if they are rock maybe i can be rich selling blood red stones or something

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Silverwyvern


      Some kid years before prolly just threw red aquarium gravel all over the place.

    3. Sephiroth


      nope not aquirimun gravel. those tend to be normal stone, no crystaline structure to them. also tend not to be colored all the way thru. also over time they do fade. that was the first thing i thought.

      i will post pics tonight

    4. Silverwyvern


      I dunno.. there have been some major advancements on aquarium gravel lately ;)

      ..and I've never known it to ever fade.. even in the olden days.

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  19. i have been doing computer work for a guy for about a year. and i have learned one thing, this guy is a bum. a complete bum! now if he was single i could understand, ask long as i got paid. however he is married, the wife does all the work. to make it more pathetic the guy has 6 children.

    he got laid off 3 years ago, well buddy time to find a job. i dont care how much you got paided mowing lawns, i could not have been worth that much. and they aren't gonna hire you back anytime soon. even a temorary job at McDonalds is acceptable untill you find something better.

    instead he spends his days bitching about bush and republican. he writes his own leftist newsletter. while that is all fun and good, he still dont get paid. simply put, find a damn job, any job.

    it is pathetic to bitch yet still not do anything. bush himself is not keeping you from getting a job, and writing a leftist newsletter isnt gonna get you paid, unless you join and do work for some organization. honestly he could do that. he does alot of research, and devotes alot of time to this newsletter (its some 27 pages on average) also has a degree in journalism, needs a single class to get his law degree. so he is not lazy or even stupid. he just dont use common sence.

    he would have a good job if he put even half of what he does for the newsletter into getting a job.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Gokuma


      Hobo said:

      Hobos > bums

      True, Hobos built post civil war America.

    3. Bucket


      Ralphis said:

      Maybe instead of giving him excuses, he's just a piece of shit scumbag?

      Depending on one's opinion of those types, all you did was explain in fewer words.

    4. Planky


      Sephiroth said:

      ...also has a degree in journalism, needs a single class to get his law degree. so he is not lazy or even stupid. he just dont use common sence.

      Luckily for him, neither of those two jobs require common sense.

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  20. well i need to update my operating system. originaly going to get suse9.1 however the dickheads dont seem to understand how to run a buisness on the shipping end of things. i placed an ored for suse 9.1 personaly over 3 weeks ago. they sent me back an email stating that they would send me an email when they sent it out, below it said expected shipping date is in 3 days (i ordered on a firday night) however the simple fact is that it still has not shipped, i told them they have 5 more business days to ship before i cancel. hell if it was on back order the least the could have done is told me so. i have repeatedly asked their support department if it was even released or was on back order, no reply. i aint even gonna try and call support sence i will just get some dumb ass indian, fucking outsourceing.

    so here i am, i want to update but i think i will choose a new distro.

    which distro is more up to date with its software. last time i downlaoded debian it had a new kernle but used kde 2.0.
    which is more stable? i havent really found a distro that isnt.
    which has better features? such as more stable CD/DVD burning, gaming and such

    which is easy to update and configure? suse has been exelent in this department

    also there is the major point of my graphics card.
    ATI radeon 9600SE AGP

    i know on any distro i am gonna have to screw with kernel crap, which is the most stable and easy to use for this card

    ones i am considering
    fedora project (basicly redhat)
    mandrake linux - seems to work good for some friend's
    debian - heard good things but i am not sure how much of it i would need to update.
    any others or just wait for suse, or failing that bootleg

    oh, did i mention that the FTP install of suse seems to be fairly broken? and from what i have heard many are having this issue

    1. Bloodshedder


      Try Gentoo, Debian would also be a good choice.

    2. Sephiroth


      yea i will check out that one, alot of people have told me to

      downloading it now, its worth a shot. i have also heard people tell me the fedora core 2 works fairly well, out of the box so to speak, with the ATI 9600 cards

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I don't use anything but Slackware myself. It's always gotten the job done for me and comes with a ton of packages. So that's the one I'd recommend.

      It comes with nearly the latest KDE (3.1.2, iirc) and Gnome if you like it instead, all the latest or near latest versions of libraries and other stuff you'll need, plus a crap load of other stuff. Also comes with Apache, Samba, and other such programs.

      I've never had it crash on me, so I know it's stable. Updating it, to me, is easy. And it comes with good features from what I've noticed. On my laptop I use it to play Quake3 all the time.

  21. i am once agian working on a friend's computer. this thing is so totally screwed up it isnt funny. what seems to have caused so much damage? well besides the fact kids spilled chocolate milk on it, tobbacco smoke. i mean fuck this thing is so nasty to look at. everything inside has a nice glaze of tar yellow and brown ash. even new hardware that i installed 6 months ago. i installed a new floppy and hard drive. the floppy is completely shot, coated with its layer of ash and tar. the whole thing smells like some one smoked inside of it. the new CPU fan was covered and gumed up, thing barly works.

    lesson, dont smoke around your computer! and take better care of them. this computer is basicly trashed. i cant get windows to install or even boot up. same with linux.

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    2. Bucket


      Why is it "too bad" it's filtered, anyway?

      "Yeah, this girl was choking to death on an Oreo. Too bad I knew the Heimlich."

    3. Sephiroth


      didnt think of flux remover, but oh well. there is another chemical that is really good for cleaning electronics, but it is banned (it is major CFC). too bad i dont remember its name.
      my aunt's DVD player was dead in a year from ciggerette ash and smoke

    4. Bloodshedder


      No, hard drives are not air-tight, and no, the inside of them is not devoid of air, since the read/write head has to rely on riding on a cushion of air that keeps it only a very tiny distance above the platter. They DO have a ventilation hole or two, which are filtered heavily.

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  22. when i worked at a 1 hour photo lab there where many rules as to pictures and such.
    basics where

    sexual pictures can not be printed if they involve animals and people, more than 4 people, or children. beastalia is illegal in many of the towns here. however anything else went

    photos depicting crimes or violence may be subject to investigation.

    needless to say i never saw anything like that. though yes many many nude women.

    however at best buy we now also have similar rules. and with more regulairty are we catching people with illegal material. i know of 3 times people have been caught with childporn.

    rules we have there about file types and such. though we are not looking for this stuff, if we find it we must act.
    all viruses are to be removed or drive will be formatted and BIOS cleared
    pornography with people/animals, children or REAL violence may be subjected to investigation. furry porn is deleted, heh.
    MP3's for P2P programs will be deleted, offten times as this is a source of a virus.

    anyways it is just comical that people, say with child porn, would take a computer into best buy to have it repaired. though we dont look for these things they are found when we test files for viruses and spyware. i dont know if the Mp3 things is official or not, but the techs do it (usally because it is a source of viruses)

    i do know of one incident where a man had stashed drugs and money inside his computer. he later took it to best buy and had forgoten to remove the stuff, he walked out in hand cuffs. another time a half full clipp of 9mm ammo was found jammed into a VCR. I know at another store there was a unloaded pistol in a laptop bag, the woman had forgotten to take it out

    1. Chopkinsca


      Darkstalker said:

      Not even if you change a .exe to a .mp3 ?

      I am quite sure that it would have to make use of a security flaw in a media player. As far as I know, an .mp3 file is just a set of data read by the program you use for music. (or if you happen to open .mp3s in notepad for some crazy reason.)

    2. Bucket


      Do a little experiment: rename one of your .mp3's to *.exe, and then double-click it. Can't do it? No, because W32 dynamic link libraries don't have "handshaking" ability. If the code isn't run through the correct translator, the initialization fails.

      P.S. One Hour Photo was a cool movie. The only part I didn't like was when the guy got fired because the "click counts" were way off. The manager said the photo machine would never screw that up. Having worked in a photo lab, I can say that it's entirely possible for that to happen, because it's a mechanical problem. No hardware or software can absolutely guarantee that the click counter stays calibrated(especially if there's no point of reference, like the color balance tests you run in the morning). I heard of one store across town whose machine started recording double click-counts. Of course, looking at the machine for a mechanical problem was the final option, after interrogating the employees for stealing pictures.

      Racists, all of them. If I were Robin Williams' character, I would've sued for wrongful termination(after I got rid of the wall of pictures, of course).

    3. AndrewB


      KoRn said:

      I am quite sure that it would have to make use of a security flaw in a media player. As far as I know, an .mp3 file is just a set of data read by the program you use for music. (or if you happen to open .mp3s in notepad for some crazy reason.)

      It used to be that yes, audio, video, and images are just content; they can't do anything. However, this is the age of flawed software that does things it shouldn't when it opens media.

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  23. the other day i saw something i thought was only a myth, SH 3 PC version.

    though i had heard of a PC version and even the site has it listed i still was not sure.

    this was at the end of the day and a drop shipment came into work. one box contained SH 3.

    anyways i am gonna get it

    however i must ask, what all is in the PC version.

    is it just a port, or have they added stuff?
    i know they have really beefed up the graphics.

    hopefully they have it out tomarrow, to sell. i now know the PC version has been out for some time.

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    2. Sephiroth


      SH3 had a fair amount of goofy 'jokes' in it too. while all had the UFO ending, SH3 took it a little further. you can wear 'costumes' one of them is fairly funky, rest promote various gameing mags and a few are shirts for the game. you can also get a light saber and there is a scene in which if you drop your pipe weapon into the sewer a woman appears and asks you if you droped a gold and silver pipe. answer no and you get both the gold and silver pipes pluss your original one.

    3. Laguna


      You earn extra points toward the end of the game for obtaining all three pipes. If you're going for a big 10 star (100 small star rating), you CAN NOT USE ANY BONUS WEAPONS, INCLUDING THE BEAM WEAPONS.

      No Beam Saber, Heather/Sexy Beam, no Submachine gun, nothing.

      Also, all bosses must be defeated in under 3 minutes, the game completed in under 3 hours, you can only take so much damage, need to kill so many enemies with melee, need to kill so many enemies by shooting, you must collect so many items, and so on and so forth. I have the guide at my house, actually.

    4. Amaster


      Correct me if I'm wrong, but there are no special bonuses (other than new clothing?) for getting 100%.

      I understand that there are 3 different endings, but havent had the desire to replay the game in order to get them. As opposed to SH1 where I got everything there was to get.

      Oh, and is it just me, or does the radio in SH3 sound terrible compared to the first two games?

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  24. of all the annoying fads out there, this one has to come up.
    little yapp'n dogs

    ok if you own one it is ok. however dont carry the beast where ever you go. i am sorry but that is pathetic. I am so sick of seeing old people walk into the store with poodles and shit.

    i have seen this all start this month. people walking into best buy with small dogs. strangly it has been old people, and i havnt seen any chuauaua (giant mexican rat) there should be a "not pets" rule. its and electronics store for christ sakes.
    there are 2 issues at hand

    public safty, what if the animal is carring a disease, bites some one, attacks another animal causes a ruckus. in this sue happy day i am sure a law suit will come
    reason 2, sanitary reasons. ok a dog would feel free to just shit and piss in an isle, also add the safty thing to this. what about flees and other debris on the animal's coat? i mean i know from experince that dirty people have dirty dogs.

    ok people, its a best buy, not petsmart! i was even more surprised to learn we have no rules on pets! so buy that standard i can bring in a large snake, and then he could have lunch more offten.

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Sephiroth


      this is gonna be a problem down the road for best buy. there is a reason most places dont alow pets. while some are far fetched, like deseases, but still can happen. others are simply precautions or simply needed.

      2 main concerns i have are:
      the animal biting someone
      the animal going to the bathroom

      personaly i dont want to have to clean up any dog mess or deal with people fighting because a dog bit someone.

      another big problem is the fact many people have pet allergies. why should someone have to put up with allerigies if they dont have too. i know 3 people at work who have pet allergies. 1 to cats and the other 2 are allergic to both cats and dogs.

      other animals should not be brought out into a public place. like snakes, lizards, birds and other exotic animals.

      simply put there is no reason to bring a pet into public places like stores, resturaunts or malls. it is just best to leave them home if you plan to stop by.

    3. Arckra


      Heh, I've been seeing a lot of that here too. I hate small breed dogs because well, they annoy me to no end. But its not older people who have them, its prissy girls who are carrying them.

      Honestly, the only people who SHOULD be able to bring their animals anywhere are those who have a sight problem. That's when you've got your seeing eye dog. But even those are rare. Heck, if people can bring their stupid little dogs into stores, I should take my shepard around to see what people would say.

    4. Piezo


      Numbermind said:

      Bestbuy can et an outbreak of malaria, for all I care. Their aisle-walkers pompous windbags, because the store requires actual training for the stuff they're selling. Plus, they think they're all hot shit because they earn commission.

      Yeah, and they have the computer "Power Supplies" label over their battery back-ups. How dumb do you have to be to think those are power supplies? You go anywhere else and the power supplies are the little gray boxes that go inside of the computer and have an output of around 300-500W, depending on how much you need or want to pay. I think Best Buy does have a badass attitude, but thier CDs were pretty cheap last time I checked (thought that was a while back.)

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  25. heh, just paid a fraction of what most pay for a cage. however i am sure i even paid a price, but it is a fraction of what it would cost at a pet shop.

    i needed a large cage for a chameleon, you cant use glass cages for a number of reasons. one being their solitary and territorial nature, they get stressed seeing their reflection.
    anyways the same cage, at say petsmart is about $90, however directly from the company is $30. i am sure construction cost is like $5-$7. it is a large screen cage, around 65 gallons, the liner for dirt cost about $10 and i got a 24 inch light for $15. with shipping it is $75-$80.

    you save cash if you shop around. anyone who does want a chameleon should use this cage or other similar cage. also it is very easy to make one your self. these are TRUE chameleons, not the anoles often sold as chameleons. anoles are really in the iguana family.

    here is a link and picture of the species that is going in this cage.
    i do have other species, however it is a hybrid.