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  1. for those who know nothing about animals... i give you... the worlds only.... venomous mammal

    however i have heard that shrews and moles may also secreat a small amount of toxin in their saliva. however this animal really injects it into you, in an rather odd way.

    all i know is it can kill my dog any day. however i hear they hurt like a real bitch and often a nerve block is needed to treat the intense pain caused by the venom

    1. Sephiroth


      yea it is really a duck's head, a beaver's ass, anna-nicole's face, a baseball bat and the fangs of a squirrle. all sewed in anice neat package of pain

    2. Danarchy


      The fangs of a squirtle?

    3. DooMBoy


      omg pokemon

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  2. yea we all do stupid things, however some things are so retarded that is appears the some people have abandoned all reason.

    so who would you say deserves the bonehead of the month award.

    i am saying my brother. besides being a lazy SOB he is also incredibly dumb. his lack of common sense baffles the mind. example, the shower. he decides to take his laptop into the bathroom with him. despite the fact you should avoid rooms full of mist and 100% humidity. now it don't work, duh.

    come on someone has to do better, i know there are many more complete retards out there

    there spell checked

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    2. dsm


      Me for that one-word reply I made in a Wads & Mods forum thread:


    3. DooMBoy


      Hellbent said:

      i nominate myself for leaving the key in the door 3 times in one week.

      That's not necessarily stupid, just very forgetful :D

    4. Hellbent


      DooMBoy said:

      That's not necessarily stupid, just very forgetful :D

      i thought it was rather boneheaded

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  3. heh

    strangly this is not the first such incident. i saw a short clip on the news about it the other day.

    anyway it is about a man accused of 'molesting' a girl and her mother at disney land.

    i tell you disney is evil, evil

    next time aviod the disney mascots, i know i do

    1. Sephiroth


      works for me, maybe busy.

      works in both mozilla and konqueror, should in IE

      anyways it is about a employee at disney world, dressed as tigger, who grouped a teenage girl and her mother. talk aboot a nice threesome

    2. Bloodshedder


      Talk about ruining childhood memories.

    3. darknation
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  4. though i normaly wouldn't post links to new grounds. its a trap for animie fan boys and the site is loaded with spyware and popups, includeing gator and others so beware windows users. however if you can brave the lame hentie adds, have a good spyware blocker/firewall and enjoy really fucked up movie, check this out

    not very work safe mind you, but good. check out the other 8 or so, i really like the D&D one

  5. my pet skink of 6 weeks is now dead, ok for those younger views, "he just aint fresh anymore"

    ok ok there is a bit of freshness there, but he has been affected by the doom status effect and i dont have any esuna or remedy's to use, and i dont got any pheonix down either. so basicly he is screwed

    1. Hellbent


      What is this thread talking about?

    2. Silverwyvern


      His lizard is terminal.

    3. Sephiroth


      i finaly came to a stop after 5 minutes. it was a very old lizard. as for that rat? well it was ok after that and it was healthy up until i fed it to the snake

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  6. mmmmm, wall candy.

    the other day i caught 2 kids eating paint chips at work. should be safe as there is no lead, but who knows what repalced the lead, maybe porn.

    i had to laught my ass off cause i had never seen someone eat paint chips.

    1. insertwackynamehere


      Apparently they're very addictive, and sweet. I've heard of people doing it alot. Maybe there's a minor drug in the paint. Or a major one :P

    2. Danarchy


      Why do you think my room is painted green?

  7. had a toe nail removed today, and that shit hurts. well the numbing of it hurt worse than the removal. just like peeling a orange only its your toe.

    any of you guys have this done?

    atleast they gave me good pain killers

    1. Draconio


      I stubbed my toe so badly once with bare feet that the toenail fractured. I don't recall it hurting exceptionally, but it did bleed some. Now the toenail grows in two pieces and there's this fucked up chunk of flesh that grows between them.

    2. Sephiroth


      well they didn freeze my toe, just stuck 4 needles into it. that hurt worse than the removale which i could only slightly feel.

      they also gave me some short in my ass. he also stuck the needle over halfway onto my toe. i remember the nurse saying, care you dont go thru the toe.

    3. Bucket


      Once I had a weeping infection all over my foot. The skin was severely cracked and this juicy stuff kept coming out. And it itched like hell. My parents didn't think it was a big enough deal to take me to the doctor, so I had to deal with a hideous swollen foot for months. But then one day this girl in school started pissing me off, so I took off the gauze and mashed it in her face.

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  8. i am trying to find a "pet" that also serves as food. no not for me and i use the term pet loosly.

    i need a simple organism, sea based, that can be easily bred and the processed for feeding to amphibians. think brine shrimp, however rather than just going with, brine shrimp i would like to try something a bit interesting

    primarily Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates, these are simply glowing plants. i have found a number of labs i can order them from.

    another, and more desired, creature would be one of the many types of Bioluminescent copepods, small animals.

    if any of you guys have ever bred or run across a site that sells them, please tell me. yes i have too much time on my hands

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    2. Little Faith

      Little Faith

      Arckra said:

      *stares for a long moment* I have scorpions... lots and lots of scorpions.

      Hmm, scorpions. Peaceful, stays out of the spotlight, good parents even. All in all pretty decent creatures.

    3. Sephiroth


      if i had a big cage i would have a mantis shrimp.

      i already have a bin filled with roaches, which sell very well. people around here discovered that hey make exelent bait. already i got 23 orders that i am filling as we speak.
      the fact that i am selling these food items, for animals only. is a good money maker
      skink food is popular, despite the fact it is for any omnivore, at $15 a bucket (1 to 1.2 pounds) the stuff usally lasts a month and a half

    4. Silverwyvern


      I stick to birds.

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  9. killing rats for snake food can be messy. even worse for a skink.

    keep in mind if you love rats or own pet rats, dont read!

    i mean i do have to feed these animals and live food is good for them.

    i "brain" the live rat so that the animal smells the fresh blood. this is usally a quick, but violent end for the rat.
    in this case a baby rat. and rather than cutting it in half i stabed it with a sharp knife. the entrance wound went down threw the back and exited just below the rib cage on the left side. the kife only penetrated the left side.

    i figured on instant death, normaly to kill rat pups or pinkies i stab them. however i am amzed by the fact that 1/2 half an hour later the animal is alive and well. acts like a normal rat. though it sounds a bit cruel i am letting it live. i must hit hit the money spot and missed the heart and all major artieries. more amzing is this is an animal smaller than a mouse, about 2.5 inches. the entrance wound is a little over 1/4 inch and exit is 1/8. mishapps happen but never like this.

    live prey is messy, but it is cool to watch a snake or lizard eat a rat pinkie or pup.

    1. rf`


      Heh, only you Seph.

    2. Arckra


      Reminds me of when I had to get live grasshoppers for my scorpions. Of course, they don't bleed all over the place when you remove the two back legs. But if they hop around too much it might discourage Mephested from eating 'em.

      I wish I had a snake now....

    3. AndrewB


      Wow. I've actually met a real-life future murderer post-to-post on the Internet.

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  10. while doing a google image search for "dingo with baby" i came across many strange images. this one http://www.winisp.net/rosebaby/misc/ufo2.jpg
    was both comical and disturbing. aliens need to lay off the ugly chicks.

    anyways what strange images have come up under a normal image search.

    i mean that has nothing to do with a dingo.???

  11. mvras.org

    i am about half way done bebugging that mess. for now on i guess i will do it all in a text editor.

    i used a graphical program, looked real nice and was layed out all correct. however it would not keep setting. so i kept having to go into the code and set it to stay, example the MVRAS logo box would not stay centered until i put that into to code, that is also why all the link boxes are wierd like that.

    Also halfway thru i realized i needed to setup the image locations. so had to go back and do that. i am gonna take a break before finishing. so look at it and laught.

    the only thing the graphical thing was good for was backgound colors.

    1. Sephiroth


      yea, well for some reason the program i was useing doubed the res. its fixed for the most part now. however i am gonna change the color around a bit until i get it right.
      any ideas on colors??

    2. rf`
    3. nxn


      How the fuck is the background color good, I can't read shit on it. Your links are yellow on cyan for example. Go with something that has high contrast and isn't bright. Black on light brown, Whatever bright color on dark gray generally looks good. Any dark color on light gray. Hell, if you can't think of anything just go with black and white, it's been done over and over again and it's proven itself every time.

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  12. my brother is a lazy worthless slob. works 2 hours a week, yet has a $500 car payment. his days are spent sleeping on the couch.

    the bastard is too lazy to walk to his own room. instead sleeps in the most used room of the house. he bitches when we wake him up. honestly i would slap him with a bat for being such a tard.
    so if in a week he is not regularly useing his room it WILL become a server room, for all my large, noisy computers. the SOB will bitch, but remeber bums dont have rights.

    any of u got worthless sibs out there

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    2. Sephiroth


      ToXiCFLUFF said:

      Either piss on him, or spoon loads of chilli powder into his mouth and then nudge him and run away. Both have worked for me in the past, although you might do well to ignore the advice if he's bigger than you.

      how about a dead squirrle in a bucket of piss.

      what i will do is poor some piss on his crotch at night to make him think he pissed him self. maybe i will also salt his eyes

    3. Tobester


      Job said:

      Do what they did in The Last Boyscout - just put a dead squirrel on him or a piece or two of dog shit.

      One time I spent 4 hours cleaning my room. After I finally finished, I went to the store for soda. When I returned to my room, I found a shitlog on my bed. Later on I found out my brother went into my room, squatted down, and took a shit on my bed. I started randomly putting dog shit on his forehead while he was asleep after that.

      He finally figured out a way to stop me; sleep naked.

    4. Ralphis


      Should've put it under his ass for a nice morning surprise.

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  13. WTF, seems i did it agian.

    2 nights ago i had a dream about a friend being in a coma. something happened involving a near deadly neck injury. something with a slash to the front and impact on the back. he in the dream however came out of it but had adverse side effects, includeing almost complete loss of his voice.
    a woman, on purpose or accident is unclear, was the cause. i rember her face.

    anyways i learned he was just in a neart fatal accident and is currently in a coma. i dont know the details of his injuries. he was dead but revived. i am gonna contact his family, however i will leave out the part about the dream.

    ironicly this isnt the first time i have done this sort of thing. happenes to me quite alot, except it is mostly small little shit.

    wierd aint it, or bad luck. personaly i dont really know what to think. fits to much to be just bad luck, but i dont believe in that "orcal" type shit either

    1. The Ultimate DooMer

      The Ultimate DooMer


      God of Faulty...Dreamware???

      (no offence intended though, the joke is based on the dream rather than the accident. I hope he recovers and all that)

    2. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Holy Crap, Seph found blogs!!!!1

  14. i will warn everyone, NEVER buy a main board from PC CHips! they are complete junk. i just got my second, DOA board. Seriously, WTF is up with them? the first i got 2 months ago for a new system, it arived DOA and so did its replacement. finally got a check refund and i made them pay for the damn shipping. the second i got last week for a repair job, it is DOA! all are PC chips made boards. for now on i am sticking to MSI and ASUS who i have never had any problems with.

    so if u need a new main board stay away from PC chips and aviod the head ache of many DOA boards. This time i want a check refund. i ordered it from a local shop so i will have them trade me for a different brand if i can.

    1. DooMBoy


      Heh, looks like you got shafted again.

    2. kain


      thats what you get for buying no name brand components.

    3. Quast


      Go for ASUS or something dude...

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  15. while i may not be the smartest and greatest alive, i seem like it compared to others.

    take this for instance.

    a girl i know who decided she liked me, or didnt, then turns a 180 on me. i think she was useing me to get back at someone. i knew something was up so i stayed away from her the whole time. i had to laught at her games. anyways she has now decided to mary this guy, a guy who is over 10 years older. the guy is a drunk and doesnt have a stable job. so here is a little more

    she also happens to have a very bad illness and i give her at most 10 years given her current status. she could live 60 more years but that involves takeing care of one's self. the illness causes extream clotting of the blood and weak blood vessles. exersize would make them strong agian, so would eating right. also she decided not to go to the doctor with phnumonia(spelling?) and was near death when she was finaly put in. this caused massive damage to the circulation system and resulted in complications. this could be over come with regular medication and exersize, but she refuses. on top of this she has not worked for over 4 years. her father was taking care of her payments.

    she has no money and thinks the guy she is going to marry can take care of very expensive medical treatments. to top it off she is moving to england, thinks she has a better chance there. well like i said no money, hubby is just as bad (and an alcoholic) so if they cant make it in america how well do u think they will do over there.

    also this bitch loves to nag and is a very angry person, so if her laziness doesn't piss him off the nagging will.

    the parents already told her that she cant come back, they are tired of her hateful attitude. i told her if she needs help to come find me, but it is kinda a trick. if she does try to find me i will make sure i lead her to the worse most violent part of eastern europe.

    so I say good redince(spelling) to her, stope feeding on the american economy bitch.

    so all you UK people get to deal with her.

    another girl i know is just dumb. she is in love with me but i am not in love with her. infact she use to be my bitter rival because of this. she fallowed me around the first day i met her. this was annoying beacuse i was not use to it. she is a slut and i know she has been 'hooking' lately. so i am oviosly not gonna do anything with her. i always knew she was a slut, shame really, nice girl. just dumb as a box of rocks.

    anyways what stupid people have pissed you off or you have run into.

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    2. rf`


      Lord of the Blogs:

      Fellowship of the Blogs
      The Two(hundred) Blogs
      Thre Return of the Blogs

      Starring Sephiroth as Frodo Bloggins.


    3. Ichor
    4. Ultraviolet


      There should be an auto search-and-move for all threads that contain the word "Sephiroth."

      It could be the next DWF in-joke code, like the conversion for timeline and "first post" back in the day. You could have a post auto-blogged just by posting "Sephiroth." It would be "hella tight."

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  16. why is it people get grossed out by eating bugs. well honestly i do but i have reason. the point is why get grossed out by eating bugs in general and then go eat a lobster or crab? what the hell do you think a crab, lobster and shrimp are? a cow? they are 'bugs', note i didnt say insects. you call a bug anything that really has a crunchy outside and a gross liquide inside. on land it happens most of these are insects. in the sea it is crustaceans (sp?) they still have the shell and very nasty goey insides. what does a cockroach taste like? well the same as a lobster when cooked. yes i have tried both. i dont care for either and hate seafood.

    so why is it people eat them more. well for one they dont see the animal in the wild. crabs, shrimp and lobsters are doing the same thing cockroaches are on land. eating junk. they all eat debris and dead things that fall to the bottom of the sea. i mean shrimps live in the mud. so i am not sure who in human history got the idea to eat one of these. they must have been trying to survive.

    anyways it just one of those things that i find a bit funny about people. they say pigs are dirty, but infact are the cleanest and smartest of animals on a farm. not cows, those are dirty animals and stupid

    1. insertwackynamehere


      "Sewerrat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I'd never know, 'cause I wouldn't eat the filthy muthafucka."

      -Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction

    2. Danarchy


      I dunno, but I love crustaceans. Shrimp, prawns, crabs, lobsters, crawfish, whatever. They all taste good.

  17. well i reinstalled RTCW in linux today and nothing works!

    i first run it and get this error
    1609 files in pk3 files
    ----- CL_Shutdown -----
    ----- CL_Shutdown -----
    Sys_Error: Couldn't load default.cfg

    never before has it done that. i did what has work 100 time before.
    install game with executable then place pak files in the main directory

    so ok, i make a blank default.cfg file so it will run. movie is perfect but no graphics after that. not even text in console.
    what in the holy fuck is with RTCW i linux?

    all drivers and such are perfect, all other games run fine includeing enemy territory

    last time an issue was that some graphics where removed and i found it was due to the RTCWkey file, i deleted it and all was perfect.

    this time i went thru and didnt see it, i even added it. no effect

    what the hell is it doing. and how do i fix it. i am useing latest version. if need be where can i download this default.cfg file. its not on the RTCW disk

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    2. Danarchy


      Dark Fox said:

      Give this kid a good slap on the back for learning how to use BabelFish.. Your a winner in my book.

      Um...I did it from memory.

    3. fraggle


      Python_Junkie said:

      And so does fraggle'...pheer.

      I dont have a ' on the end of my name and havent for a long time. Its interesting that you would remember that, especially as I've never had a ' on my name during the time you've been here.

    4. Danarchy


      fraggle said:

      I dont have a ' on the end of my name and havent for a long time. Its interesting that you would remember that, especially as I've never had a ' on my name during the time you've been here.

      Err...we already exposed him a month ago. :P Plus he's banned for the moment. Heh.

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  18. at bestbuy there is a safty poster. however it forms a curious acronym and nobdy caught this until last night

    Face that ladder
    Use the right tool
    Careful up there
    Keep it clean

    Look forward when u lift.

    ironicly the guy who noticed this was named larry. so its now FUCK L

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    2. Zaldron


      Scuba Steve said:

      Seriosuly, this is the kind of thing that the designers SHOULD be looking out for when they are producing anything? Obviously this is probably a low budget poster, but still... who are these Graphic Designers?

      The people that have those jobs unlike for example, you and me. Makes you wonder.

    3. mewse


      wtf is "safty"

    4. Janderson
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  19. when it coems to bat shit crazy there are many comic stories. so here are a few of mine.

    my mother - kind and careing yet off the rocker in a few ways. a so called born agian christian, she was once a drug addict. however she went overborded for awhile. claiming the dinosaurs and humans live together and that earth is a mere 5000 years old. she also claimed that a devil worshiper was trying to place a 'hex' on her and was giving her bad dreams. also scary movies send a 'evil spirti' though the TV into u. and lets not forget the evils of doom. ironicly she was a biology major with a very scientific family. lets not forget she got me into doo and was a big doom fan. most of this was due to alot that mid life shit and fundalmentalist christian writing and such, stuff that reminds me of nazi germany (hey and a few where written by neo-nazis) currently she has gotten somewhat back to normal

    bat shit insane britney- a girl from high school. who seemed normal. She use to wash the table and was really friendly, too friendly. She soon said she was in love with me and would call constantly. 2 minutes after i signed up for aim for the first time she IM'd me, still not sure how she did that (i never told her i was useing aim or was gonna nor would she have known my screen name) she also claimed the devil was after her. from what i know of her history she suffered a 'drama' due to her back woods culture. she was to be married at age 17 but was dumped. went bat shit insane afterwards. violent delusions and such seemed to haunt her. also she tried to play the part of the 'dumb girl' despite the fact she was intelligent and capable. yes i could have scored but i didnt want a leech the rest of my life.

    former best friend - this guy was good to be around until about my sophamore year in high school. Then he got into drugs and mainly pain pills. 4 years later and the guy has a brain similar to a 60 year olds after 3 strokes. uncontrolable aggrerssion, violent fantasies, extream paranioia and degraded personality describ him now. who said drugs where good? his last drug of chioce was ecstacy, which is what cause a large portion of his current brain damage. however he had done it all, even huffed paint. he is currently in the mental ward of a hospital, being used in a few experiments. there is no cure or treatment for that dumbass.

    The kitten girl - use to live down the street and was really off. i mean everything was a kitten, includeing a squirrle or dog. she was not retarded, just nuts. I mean she even was petting roadkill on the corner one day, and she was 12 years old.

    I know some one out there has to be able to top those

    1. Liam


      Sephiroth said:

      she was once a drug addict.

      during her pregnancy, i assume?

    2. Sephiroth


      Liam the Bard said:

      during her pregnancy, i assume?

      nope, not until we moved to this country and met a few people who where 'hippies' (i might add that they stunk) after a few years they where abuseing all kinds of shit

    3. Danarchy


      I dont really know any crazies. No one who is too crazy at least. However, pretty much everyone I know has some odd character flaw or another.

      First, there is my friend Eric. When I first met him in 6th grade, he was a hyperactive kid, but who wasn't? Then during Jr. High he started TRYING to be weird (as if he wasn't in the first place). See, he's about as intelligent as me, possibly even more so, and when you get to a certain point, you start feeling like everyone is beneath you, and thus is bread elitism. Unlike me, he just went with it all the way and figured since he was so bright that he could manipulate people despite being the weirdest person in town. Interestingly enough he was right. Despite looking weird (he's a scraggly guy with long, spiked hair, and wears all black) and acting weird (like attacking the mall Easter bunny, buying bibles just to write all over them in Sanscrit, or introducing himself as different people) he is actualy quite a people person despite being a self-declared hermit. He picks up aquaintances all over the place. I often run into him talking to some pretty blond chick or something. Anyway, he ended up pissing off pretty much everyone toward the end of high school. He used to hand with my friends and I, but they all shun him. He actualy once told me I was his only real friend...interestingly enough, I get that a lot. Nowadays he is working at the college I am attending (kind of odd), and apparently still introducing himself by other names. When I ran into him on Friday, he was with a group of people and when he left to go to work, one of them said "See you later, Dave!" :P

      Okay, case number two I dont really know very well. But theres this guy named Mike. Acts like a vampire, dresses like Al Jourgensen, looks even uglier than Eric. He hangs out at this place called Psycho Betty's which is aparently a club for weirdo smokers aged 16-25. I dunno, flash forward to one day when my friend Mark and I hear about 'some guys doing swordfights down at the waterfront'. We're bored so we choose to investigate. Turns out that it's the medival society he and his sister are a part of (yeah, I hang with some weird people). Then we meet with this one guy who is an expert at fighting with Japanese swords. He's dressed in an impromtu samurai outfit and fights with some training katanas. So yeah, Mark gets to know him and invites him to join our D&D group and stuff. Next week, we go back there, me, Mark, my friend Jer, and Mark's girlfrind. We run into Samurai Guy and later his son shows up...its the Mike guy. Mark gets kinda agitated and we all head back to his place. Later on, Eric tells me that that Mike guy used to be Mark's girlfriend's boyfriend. She broke up with him because he was cheating on her. This kinda strikes me as weird because he's a real creepy looking guy, and she's a nice, pretty, art-and-crafty girl. Of course, she's currently in love with Mark, so I guess it shoudlnt be too surprising. :P

      Mmkay, there are a few other weirdoes in this town like Crazy Dave (whose name is Paul), Walking Guy, and Goat Man. But I think they're all drug addicts, and thats another story. :P

  20. well i have DSL and all that stuff. my dad uses AOL, and i live at his house. yesturday i updated his system to win2000 pro and redhat linux 9.
    i also told him i would run network line upstairs so he can use the network.

    however he bitches about me not installing AOL. I said "its pointless now, ill run the network up here." he replies about needing his fantasy football bullshit. so i connect him with my dialup.
    i told him AOL is no longer needed, its $30 a month for a damn email. Also i am not going to get AOL broadband as it sucks ass, big time.

    also i updated to win2000pro. he said "why did u do that. ask me next time" sorry, its my equipment. u payed for the case but thats it. Also u never take care of it. non of the normal system matinece programs are ever run. virus scan is never run or updated. spyware goes unremoved and he leavs the SOB on for a week at a time. its not a server and heats up bad after 48hours. shut it off at night, also they will go like 3 days without useing.
    so if i am gonna be the one in charge of the systems they will be set up the way i want.

    anyof u have similar issues with familyu members and computers. good thing i own my own, but still it gets annoying when they complain about it not working

    1. kain


      i just tell them fuck it. my dads system is soo bogged down. he thinks mcaffe scans the whole hd everytime it loads up, so it usually takes 10 minutes to have the computer fully runing. he says its supposed to do that . also, he opens every single e-mail. doesnt matter who its from. he will open it, just to see. lol. its soo bad, it wont even defragment. it just wont try. lol. then he gets pissed when i uninstall or install something. also, he reads everything when he installs a program, the lisance agreement, everything. then it takes him 1 minute to decide weather to click, next, exit setup, or back. its frustrating. then he gets pissed when i yell " JUST CLICK THE GOD DAMN BUTTON, YOU DONT NEED TO DO IT, JUST CLICK THE FUCKIN BUTTON" HE SAYS " STOP RUSHING ME "

  21. remember that whole deal with the 10 commandments being removed in some southern state?
    well personaly i could care less but find it funny that people bitch anyways, both sides.
    "has the government abandoned god?" was one quote, listed on AOL.
    well duh, and it cant be even in league with god, or zues, allaha, denaude-kess, shiva or any others. there is this thing called seperation of church and state, duh.
    otherwise we would have ourselves a nice tali-ban like government (but oh wait, because it is CHRISTIAN it is alright.) yes i have heard that.

    anyways what where your thoughts on that and other similar incident.

    other things that crack me up are the "book lists"
    these are books rated offensive by fundalmentalist groups.
    books in ton ten are usally like "harry potter" and various pokemon and other childrens books.
    what about new satan worship books, mien kampf, and books writen by the group call 'the church of christians' (a neo-nazi group with ties to domestic terrorism) infact i have seen them even recomend books from the church of christians(i hope its just cause they are ignorant of what that group is about).

    so what do u feel about religipon in government.

    flame away i guess

    1. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      They made the 100% right decision to remove it as far as I’m concerned, and I couldn’t help laughing my ass off at the fools protesting outside.

      And as for the USAs' Christian foundations, I don’t care if the US was founded by Jesus himself, saying Christianity is above corruption is just plain naïve.

    2. Danarchy


      What the Hell? Not all of our founding fathers were Christian. It was a good mix of Christians, Diests, Humanists, and Atheists. I know for a fact that Thomas Jefferson was a Diest, at least for a large portion of his life. And while he was a Christian, he wrote his own version of the Bible, changing many passages to how he thought it should read. Isn't that a little anti-church there?

    3. Linguica


      I think the answer to all the separation of church and state issues is that whenever there is a question if something is endorsing Christianity, replace the word "God" with the word "Allah" and see how much people like it.

      Ah yes, and Article VI of the Constitution:

      The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

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  22. that is a quote we are forced to say every day at our "team meetings"
    i work at best buy and that quote refers to shrike, nothing to do with testicles, but involves loss of money in a store. these posters cover almost every wall and has a horrible looking image of a dog that is out of focus and looks like a newb photoshop project.
    anyways our manager talks about nothing but shrike and thus hired a ton of new people to help this store, i was one of them. well to tell u the truth, the system sucks. the managers are about as dumb as a box of dildos that are missing batteries.

    before i started working i pointed out a damaged laptop, well 2 months later its still there and broken.

    I pointed out a deffective security device, on a $2000 projector. After the second time someone did fix that, not a manager though.

    Phone system is far beyond FUBAR, ask for a manger or supervisor and u get a janitor or talking monkey of some sorts.

    And a very big problem i discovered today. We offer and sell alot of computer stuff and i found that some of it cant even be used in this area. I am talking about cable modems. our advertisement is that set up instore account and get the modem too, go home and its done. well not so easy. infact only 1 of the 6 modems is usable. Time waner will only support their own modems, which are cheap. When i called up to register my mac address they told me this. my thought was "bullshit" never heard of that. so i called around. And even tried sneaky approaches.

    so i had purchased a $80 cable modem that was useless in this area, and by that i mean 95% of southwest ohio. Bestbuy has no information about this and so i must tell home office, who doesn't listen to the average grunt, that they will loose a whole shitload of money on this. personaly this is why i hate economics in the US. i smell a backwoods deal that timewaner has made. they claim a BS FCC statment, however the modem i used was of higher quality, had signal filter and was compatible with the network.
    so none of these modems will even work in this area, and i can wait to see all the returns we get.
    Also what if u want to update to a better modem. you cant, you get stuck with a POS. though the modems get the job done they have there bad points, lack of signal filter is one.

    personaly i will have to warn best buy, but i know nothing will happen and it will be one of those "i told you so" moments.

    other things i have done

    damaged VGA cable, no one replaced the thing, despite the fact i had told them twice about it. I tried to but they got mad and put the old one back on. 3 days later, due to the nasty short in the cable, it killed a $700 monitor.
    i cant tell customers that "thats not a good idea" even though it would aviod a return. i cant recomend what i know will work best, only the most expensive.

    so what should i do, tell them of their mistake or not tell them. truth is they will not listen. hell cant even get a message around the store with out something wrong.

    but hey i did my job so i could give 3/16ths of a rats ass what they do. but due to the cost and disapiontment people will face i will tell them (dont buy that modem)

    1. Tobester



      tell me your shift hours and your real name so I can go to best buy and steal shit

    2. Sephiroth


      i work the ass end of the morning, but dont count on seeing me. i am out when store opens, except tomarrow.

      hell people have stolen LCD monitors, and walked right out. so yes it seems security sucks. small appliances seem to be a popular item to steal? WTF, lets steal a iron or a microwave.

    3. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      Sounds like my experiences at Radioshack. Corporate bullshit! I won't even go in to the crap about selling "H.O.T" the "AAA" way, and about SPEED. There are differences, like comission, but it's all the same.

      I've always enjoyed best buy in general, but as an employee of RS I was forced to hate them, unless the customer wanted a fridge or a desk... or a wider selection and more diversity in their products.

  23. well i love versions 3.1X to windows2000 (minus winME)
    a neighbor was having issues with boot on her new system. so i checked it out. well it boots up normal and runs for about a minute until in shutsdown, and repeats. it gives and error about RPC, and by the nature i am asuming this has something to do with activation in XP. she has had the system 1 month to this day. So i check out the microsoft site and it tells me to use the activation in system tools, guess what. NOT INSTALLED!!!! christ! this is total bullshit. know one at dell told this poor woman that she had to activate windowsXP.

    anyway i tried booting into safe mode, wouldn't let me. tired shuting off RPC, wouldnt let me.
    so how do i kill this damn program so i can do what i need.

    are there any programs out there that can kill this thing and remove it.

    1. Arioch


      If Windows XP runs through the alloted period before activaction, it'll tell you it needs to be activated--it won't simply not boot with an obscure error.

      As an aside from that, you have what a full month to do the activation after a fresh install, and it is all of a 15 second process. There is no excuse.

    2. Ichor


      It's kind of silly to move a thread to Blogs and not reopen it, heheh.

    3. Arioch


      And the problem actually looks to be that new RPC exploit worm.

      `shutdown -a now` (to abort the shutdown) and then apply relevant patches, then remove the worm.

      If she's running Windows XP, then there's no excuse for that either. XP has an automatic updates downloading service, and installing critical security patches is as easy as clicking thrice.

      The patch has been out for what, at least a month now?

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  24. I wrote an old friend, who ironicly use to be my arch-rival in life, to see how they where doing. Well i didn't think anything would come of it. but turns out to be a pandora's box of wierd shit and spring snakes.
    she then calls, nothing wrong with that. Except its 3:00 in the morning!!!! screaming about being in the hospital and such. this pissed my mom off cause i was not home and did i mention it was 3:00 in the morning. so I get bitched at when i get home in the morning, was at my dad's that night.
    she then emails me and such, all emails seem normal but u know they are covering over something sinister, wierd and freaking twisted. she also tells me she is getting married, or is, i forget and dont really care. and gives me a name that sounds, well ah unreal or not right. so i am like WTF is going on and WTF did i just get my ass into.
    anyways she talks to me online with alot of questions and typical funky text, oviously what she is saying is covering something dark up and points of it do show.
    My guess is this poor girl is mentaly wacked out of her skull. similar to another girl i know. This one tells me of violent nigthmares and rape dreams. when she called me she probably had such a dream.
    I was like, but didnt say it to her, "why the fuck dont you talk to ur boyfriend/husband about it???" which makes me think that this guy doent even exsist, but i dont think she is that nutso.

    ahh the fun life of good old seph, WTF is my luck to get all the crazy ass bitches. Christ! It sucks! and i aint gonna try and get some from a crazy cause u know what they do next. they come after u with a knife or panzerfaust or something.

    1. Sephiroth


      i would say its been a wierd week. wonder what kind of nut balls i'll meet at my new job.

    2. Ralphis


      Goodjob replying to your own thread you skitzo

    3. goaxis



  25. well, late night google searchs can give u some odd results, my odd i mean "what the fuck is that?" results
    i would post the link but... i am not sure it is porn. it is a cartoon of a hippo on a floor eating and the hippo has 6 saggy tits. just plane wierd.

    i found this doing an image search for "pyramid head" i needed an image of the baddy from silent hill 2

    1. Liam


      yay sephiroth threads

    2. DooMBoy


      Heh, what's really scary is whenever I search for anything Heretic (1) related, most of the results are for Heretic II, which I've never even played.

    3. Armaetus


      Search for "Weapons of mass destruction" and click "I'm feeling lucky"

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