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Status Updates posted by Sephiroth

  1. of all the nasty genetic conditions to enharent i had to get this.
    i dont know if it is acid reflux or something similar, as heart burn is not the issue.
    what ever it is it sucks and is painful. it causes a sort of spasm in the esauphagus and make food swalling painful. it occurs when eating large amounts of food without drinking or dry food(like a large chunk of bread) anyway it triggeres a reflex telling the esauphagus to produce ungodly amounts of mucus,for a nice lube. however it produces so much it make things worse. it feels like swallowing a hard rock and having that hard rock get stuck.
    it can last only a few seconds to as much as a few hours. Doctors say it is just a nucince right now as i am young, but i know i should keep an eye on it.

    1. Lüt
    2. Use


      Maybe you should try taking human sized bites and not eating so fast. I also hear chewing your food helps.

    3. insertwackynamehere


      Fucking shit! I have problems swalling my food, too! But my parents took me to a shrink saying it was purely in my mind, and that also it helped my panic attacks, and minor OCD.

  2. isn't it wierd how people with a good life take it for granted? i have a friend who has a great girlfriend, a job and other things going for him. yet he still thinks its ok to go out every night and get piss drunk and high, and cheat on his girlfriend every chance he gets. Well that was the reason i am not friends with him. Strangly i have looked else where and found almost the same thing in everyone. I have tried others like me, born out side the country, black, asian, indian ect... younger and older.. different social background. I just seems that all the people here care about getting high, drunk or knocked up. Mind u i have never looked in a bar. u only find trash in a bar. I just love the human race. honestly i think the world... and universe would be better off if we just nuked our selfs

    1. Julian


      High again? :P

    2. AndrewB


      Very true.

  3. my senior year in high school saw an art class titled basic drawling. well we did just that. anyway that was fairly lame as this teacher was about as dumb as a box of rocks. one day out of bordem a new kids says "I'm gonna draw a dick attacking a butt hole" everyone looked at him as if he were gay. However he did just that as one of his projects. He drew a penis that resembled a shark, with a open mouth and teeth, but still looke very much like a dick. the butthole was the mouth of a terrified face, didnt look much like a but unless u looked at the whole thing. He colored it an all. It was a very good, very detailed and very funny cartoonish image. The teach gave him an A and thought it was so good she hung it in the hall. She thought it was nose art, you know like WW II planes, every time someone passed it they laughted out loud in the hall. everyone in the world knew it was a dick attacking a butthole, everyone except her. It stayed in the hall for a long time before some teacher finally got its meaning, teachers were dumb too, and spoke with the now embarrassed teacher. however by this time the kid had moved agian.

  4. I feel it in my veins, burning like fire. In my mind it bashes my memory, speaks of nothing sane and shatters all thought and reason. glimmering fragments shine with promise but show the true intent of their nature. Reality, sanity and memmory are no longer whole and have been swallowed up by something dark and twisted. Her voice brings hope only to shatter what is human in us. Their voices echo with her's and with the screams and pounding within. I find the monster within me has a face and a name, i find it is not really just insaide me but all around. No matter where i look i see my darkest fears and greatest dreams, taunting and destroying. pushing and pulling me apart. All that is left is numbness in the void and a soft pounding in the mind. screaming somagotten somagotten somagotten
    There is no reason to live but my purpose is clear knowlege of all life must be kept, both good and bad, sane and insane, just and injust I must understand....

    The translated lines of the story of nata-sa-leshk, the silocrat spirit god of memmory and knowlege. This part is from his meeting with anaude-kess, spirit-goddess of chaos, death and sister to denaude-kess guardian of children, love, peace, sanity. this is his speech to anaude after he has been betrayed by those he thought where allies. he is decideing if it would be better to jump into the viod of souls, somagotten, to end his human life. however he then relizes his purpose to collect information about life, no matter what. he becomes the new apointed spirit-god.

    this is an ironic story i can relate to. Where ever i look i see those things I hate, even what apears as an friends is really another twisted joke. however i asked my self, why am i still alive? it is my duty the speak of what i know and see. the story also says, be warned of those around u. nothing is as it seems, what my seem evil may be good trying to escape evil, what my be good may be a traitor waiting for a victim

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      Linguica said:


      Ooooh hey, I just realized, I can actually blog threads now :D