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Status Updates posted by Sephiroth

  1. ...because i blew up the pourch steps.

    being bored and spending time with a stoned friend is not a good idea. we have had our fair share of misadventures. this one included a hammer, a cement pourch step and a strip of explosive charges for a nail gun.

    well we decide to set off some of these charges. they are basicly blanks. they are even bullet shaped. to set them off you have to hit them from behind. so we searched for something to hold them. the pourch use to have a wood border around it and there were still holes from the screws. we stuck a shell in there and slammed it. it didnt work, it just pushed it into the hole. so i gave up and went to remove it. however my friend wasn't about to give up. however before he could swing his phone rang. so he was talking on the phone when he took his mighty swing.
    BAM! the thing went off and blew a large section of cement right off the step and into his face.
    I fell down because i was laughting so hard. the person on the phone didn't hear the explosion surprisingly.

    today we are fixing the step.

    however at least we can fix it, this isnt like the time another of his friends cut down a tree.

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    2. Coopersville


      That's awesome. I didn't know nailguns used charges.

    3. Sephiroth


      well these nailguns put things in stone and cement.

      I was not high, but i was very bored. though a friend, who set off said charge, was very high.

      the step is now fixed now. all we need to do is paint. i whish we had it on video.

    4. AndrewB


      DooMBoy said:

      Did your mother have any kids that lived?

      I hope that you realize the stupidity of this question.

  2. ...how is it? I hope you know that is not for children." a man says
    "yes i know, i am 21" i reply
    "any children in the house under 16?" the man asks agian
    "Nope." i reply

    the last moments of an odd call. the group
    had called, ironicly he began talking about family values and some shit while i was playing doom III and listening to marilyn manson. i then asked him about how they felt about doom III and such, he told me the give guides on media for families.
    this IS a crackpot fundalmentalist group mind you. however the guy on the phone didnt give me a lecture or hang up.

    the site seems rather tame, not a whole lot of out rite bashing for not being cristian. there is no refernce to the doom games on the site

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    2. Combustable


      hmm, considering diablo is about... well, diablo. And harry potter is a kids story. Yes, that makes perfect sense. And theres just as much "witchcraft" even by the heroes of diablo. Hmm, so spellcasters are always good until it's harry potter...

    3. Bucket


      A friend of mine once invited in a Jehovah's Witness and managed to get him to leave in frustration. All he did was ask him, "if there are only supposed to be 144000* saved people, why do you keep recruiting new members?"

      *that number's probably wrong, but who gives a flying fuck

    4. DooMer87


      that website's reviews SUCK. i mean, why would someone care if they had "magic" in the film they were viewing? Who gives a crap????
      Who would ever want to watch an edited version of Old School or Bruce Almighty?????? And why would they EVER call anyone and say, "blah blah family blah blah Doom 3 is violent(i know that)blah blah Edited version." Man these guys piss me off.

  3. mvras.org

    i am about half way done bebugging that mess. for now on i guess i will do it all in a text editor.

    i used a graphical program, looked real nice and was layed out all correct. however it would not keep setting. so i kept having to go into the code and set it to stay, example the MVRAS logo box would not stay centered until i put that into to code, that is also why all the link boxes are wierd like that.

    Also halfway thru i realized i needed to setup the image locations. so had to go back and do that. i am gonna take a break before finishing. so look at it and laught.

    the only thing the graphical thing was good for was backgound colors.

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    2. Sephiroth


      yea, well for some reason the program i was useing doubed the res. its fixed for the most part now. however i am gonna change the color around a bit until i get it right.
      any ideas on colors??

    3. rf`
    4. nxn


      How the fuck is the background color good, I can't read shit on it. Your links are yellow on cyan for example. Go with something that has high contrast and isn't bright. Black on light brown, Whatever bright color on dark gray generally looks good. Any dark color on light gray. Hell, if you can't think of anything just go with black and white, it's been done over and over again and it's proven itself every time.

  4. at bestbuy there is a safty poster. however it forms a curious acronym and nobdy caught this until last night

    Face that ladder
    Use the right tool
    Careful up there
    Keep it clean

    Look forward when u lift.

    ironicly the guy who noticed this was named larry. so its now FUCK L

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    2. Zaldron


      Scuba Steve said:

      Seriosuly, this is the kind of thing that the designers SHOULD be looking out for when they are producing anything? Obviously this is probably a low budget poster, but still... who are these Graphic Designers?

      The people that have those jobs unlike for example, you and me. Makes you wonder.

    3. mewse


      wtf is "safty"

    4. Janderson
  5. ever sence we moved in this house i can remember finding these small red stones. even to this day i still dont know what the hell they are. so if any of you are geology geniuses let me know. infact i dout these even are rocks, but it is the best way to discrib them.

    ok about the 'stones'

    small gravel like 'stones' largest get about 2cm in size.
    blood red color over most, if not all, the surface
    texture is smooth, like any polished small gravel
    the fact that i have seen no rocks with these embedded forces me to belive that they are man made. also the dark blood red color.
    remains offten found, from a barn or other structure that exsisted here atleast 75 years ago. nails (old school style) various hooks, mounts, a very old and large door hinge, tool parts (axe and hammer heads, blades), iron bars and even lantern parts.

    these stone may have had some far useage, or may have been a by-product of some process. if these are natural they are very strange and if they are rock maybe i can be rich selling blood red stones or something

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    2. Silverwyvern


      Some kid years before prolly just threw red aquarium gravel all over the place.

    3. Sephiroth


      nope not aquirimun gravel. those tend to be normal stone, no crystaline structure to them. also tend not to be colored all the way thru. also over time they do fade. that was the first thing i thought.

      i will post pics tonight

    4. Silverwyvern


      I dunno.. there have been some major advancements on aquarium gravel lately ;)

      ..and I've never known it to ever fade.. even in the olden days.

  6. for those who know nothing about animals... i give you... the worlds only.... venomous mammal

    however i have heard that shrews and moles may also secreat a small amount of toxin in their saliva. however this animal really injects it into you, in an rather odd way.

    all i know is it can kill my dog any day. however i hear they hurt like a real bitch and often a nerve block is needed to treat the intense pain caused by the venom

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    2. Sephiroth


      yea it is really a duck's head, a beaver's ass, anna-nicole's face, a baseball bat and the fangs of a squirrle. all sewed in anice neat package of pain

    3. Sharessa


      The fangs of a squirtle?

    4. DooMBoy


      omg pokemon

  7. had a toe nail removed today, and that shit hurts. well the numbing of it hurt worse than the removal. just like peeling a orange only its your toe.

    any of you guys have this done?

    atleast they gave me good pain killers

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    2. Draconio


      I stubbed my toe so badly once with bare feet that the toenail fractured. I don't recall it hurting exceptionally, but it did bleed some. Now the toenail grows in two pieces and there's this fucked up chunk of flesh that grows between them.

    3. Sephiroth


      well they didn freeze my toe, just stuck 4 needles into it. that hurt worse than the removale which i could only slightly feel.

      they also gave me some short in my ass. he also stuck the needle over halfway onto my toe. i remember the nurse saying, care you dont go thru the toe.

    4. Bucket


      Once I had a weeping infection all over my foot. The skin was severely cracked and this juicy stuff kept coming out. And it itched like hell. My parents didn't think it was a big enough deal to take me to the doctor, so I had to deal with a hideous swollen foot for months. But then one day this girl in school started pissing me off, so I took off the gauze and mashed it in her face.

  8. having worked at best buy for slightly over a year i am moving on to another department. to their tech service. reason is better hours and a job i would enjoy doing. not that i really have any major bitches about my current position, except on truck nights.

    no more putting up heavy boxes, refrigerators, TV's and stuff like that.

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    2. Tobester


      Heh, I now know 3 people who work at the same Best Buy.

      Seph, my friend Ray, who is starting at the beginning of next month, and another guy, Kevin, who is in Tech Service as well.

    3. Sephiroth


      kevin got promoted
      he is now the "double agent"

      needless to say i am not sure when i start doing this. i would imagine soon as they get 2 new hires to replace me and some of the missing LP spots.

      i chose this job because 1, i like computers. and 2 more flexable hours. no more "mornings only" on top of that i have been unable to attend other events because i work tuesday nights.

      if for some reason they fuck me over. i have applied for other positions

    4. Tobester


      Let's see:

      I know Sephiroth,

      Kevin C, who is part of Geek Squad(?)
      Ray Cooper, who will be starting in a few days
      and my buddy Josh Omiatek, who just got hired today


  9. heh, just paid a fraction of what most pay for a cage. however i am sure i even paid a price, but it is a fraction of what it would cost at a pet shop.

    i needed a large cage for a chameleon, you cant use glass cages for a number of reasons. one being their solitary and territorial nature, they get stressed seeing their reflection.
    anyways the same cage, at say petsmart is about $90, however directly from the company is $30. i am sure construction cost is like $5-$7. it is a large screen cage, around 65 gallons, the liner for dirt cost about $10 and i got a 24 inch light for $15. with shipping it is $75-$80.

    you save cash if you shop around. anyone who does want a chameleon should use this cage or other similar cage. also it is very easy to make one your self. these are TRUE chameleons, not the anoles often sold as chameleons. anoles are really in the iguana family.

    here is a link and picture of the species that is going in this cage.
    i do have other species, however it is a hybrid.

  10. heh

    strangly this is not the first such incident. i saw a short clip on the news about it the other day.

    anyway it is about a man accused of 'molesting' a girl and her mother at disney land.

    i tell you disney is evil, evil

    next time aviod the disney mascots, i know i do

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    2. Sephiroth


      works for me, maybe busy.

      works in both mozilla and konqueror, should in IE

      anyways it is about a employee at disney world, dressed as tigger, who grouped a teenage girl and her mother. talk aboot a nice threesome

    3. Bloodshedder


      Talk about ruining childhood memories.

    4. darknation
  11. i am once agian working on a friend's computer. this thing is so totally screwed up it isnt funny. what seems to have caused so much damage? well besides the fact kids spilled chocolate milk on it, tobbacco smoke. i mean fuck this thing is so nasty to look at. everything inside has a nice glaze of tar yellow and brown ash. even new hardware that i installed 6 months ago. i installed a new floppy and hard drive. the floppy is completely shot, coated with its layer of ash and tar. the whole thing smells like some one smoked inside of it. the new CPU fan was covered and gumed up, thing barly works.

    lesson, dont smoke around your computer! and take better care of them. this computer is basicly trashed. i cant get windows to install or even boot up. same with linux.

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    2. Bucket


      Why is it "too bad" it's filtered, anyway?

      "Yeah, this girl was choking to death on an Oreo. Too bad I knew the Heimlich."

    3. Sephiroth


      didnt think of flux remover, but oh well. there is another chemical that is really good for cleaning electronics, but it is banned (it is major CFC). too bad i dont remember its name.
      my aunt's DVD player was dead in a year from ciggerette ash and smoke

    4. Bloodshedder


      No, hard drives are not air-tight, and no, the inside of them is not devoid of air, since the read/write head has to rely on riding on a cushion of air that keeps it only a very tiny distance above the platter. They DO have a ventilation hole or two, which are filtered heavily.

  12. i am trying to find a "pet" that also serves as food. no not for me and i use the term pet loosly.

    i need a simple organism, sea based, that can be easily bred and the processed for feeding to amphibians. think brine shrimp, however rather than just going with, brine shrimp i would like to try something a bit interesting

    primarily Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates, these are simply glowing plants. i have found a number of labs i can order them from.

    another, and more desired, creature would be one of the many types of Bioluminescent copepods, small animals.

    if any of you guys have ever bred or run across a site that sells them, please tell me. yes i have too much time on my hands

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    2. Little Faith

      Little Faith

      Arckra said:

      *stares for a long moment* I have scorpions... lots and lots of scorpions.

      Hmm, scorpions. Peaceful, stays out of the spotlight, good parents even. All in all pretty decent creatures.

    3. Sephiroth


      if i had a big cage i would have a mantis shrimp.

      i already have a bin filled with roaches, which sell very well. people around here discovered that hey make exelent bait. already i got 23 orders that i am filling as we speak.
      the fact that i am selling these food items, for animals only. is a good money maker
      skink food is popular, despite the fact it is for any omnivore, at $15 a bucket (1 to 1.2 pounds) the stuff usally lasts a month and a half

    4. Silverwyvern


      I stick to birds.

  13. i don't know why i am friends with this guy. even if i have known him sence he was a child. basicly he is one of those really arrogant people who thinks rules don't apply to him or family. He has always had a horrible anger and temper problem. this guy once pulled an unloaded shotgun on a kid for turning off the N64, and he is not a gamer! He punched me for turning off the heat in his car once. Once he about beat one of his cousins, a 5 year old, for accidentaly hiting him in the nuts.
    now toss in wreckless drug addiction and more stupidity and you got your self a very dangerous person.
    he states he would never hit a woman or family. however its far closer than he thinks. I have seen him get extreamly pissed at things that should not bother someone. He has the mentality of a wife beater or child beater. I have seen that too much in my life. so i know it rather well.
    he says drugs never affected him, but i watched as he became more violent and uncontrolable. He once tried to fight a guy with a gun at a part infront of his girlfriend. he eventually got 3 DUI's, the 3rd nearing killing him. he was also 19 at the time.
    luck was on his side, he is very much alive. and really got off with another slap on the wrist. if it were up to me he would never see a car for the rest of his life. His girl stayed with him, and i helped him. why i don't know, i should have left him for dead and she should have found another man. but i guess that is the human side of us, or we are just dumb.

    He now says that he will never drink or do drugs agian. however i know from my life that he will most likly start up agian. After all he still keeps the same drug addict friends. he still fails to see that what he did is serious and gets pissed if the police question him. as i said he got off really easy, no fines or jail time. license is only suspended due to medical reasons.

    An example of his mental state would be as fallows.
    he doesn't like it when people smoke in his house, yet he does the dip. i would rather see him smoke. Atleast i don't have to see his cancer or that nasty vomit inducing spit. his poor girl-firend, she doesn't know.
    he thinks blacks and other races are the cause of the world's issues. desptie the fact he use to hate such idea and the fact of his own family roots. the guy has japanese releatives.
    he is one with that "i am always right attitude" i will prove him wrong to put him in his place or to stir up the hive. one time he claimed the college he was looking into was $15,000. i told him it would be more like $60,000. he was pissed and tried to say i didn't know what i was talking about. so i took him to my dad, who went to this college, who showed him the modern cost. he shut up about it.

    if he contiunes this way he will fallow in his brother's foot steps and have 3 divorces by the time he is 30. i have talked to his soon to be wife about getting him into anger managment. However i don't think she takes me seriously. however if she doesn't heed my warning.... well we all know what will happen there. and this time i will not help.

    1. darknation


      how come your blogs are only ever about other people?

    2. Nmn


      Kill him.
      :] j/k

      Seriously, why do You give a shit about that guy? I bet a rat's ass that if You had trouble like him neither him or his girlfriend would help You. Get over it, people were crazy and will always be. Care for Yourself, not that crazy fella. Let fate be his justice, while You worry about yer ass.

  14. I feel it in my veins, burning like fire. In my mind it bashes my memory, speaks of nothing sane and shatters all thought and reason. glimmering fragments shine with promise but show the true intent of their nature. Reality, sanity and memmory are no longer whole and have been swallowed up by something dark and twisted. Her voice brings hope only to shatter what is human in us. Their voices echo with her's and with the screams and pounding within. I find the monster within me has a face and a name, i find it is not really just insaide me but all around. No matter where i look i see my darkest fears and greatest dreams, taunting and destroying. pushing and pulling me apart. All that is left is numbness in the void and a soft pounding in the mind. screaming somagotten somagotten somagotten
    There is no reason to live but my purpose is clear knowlege of all life must be kept, both good and bad, sane and insane, just and injust I must understand....

    The translated lines of the story of nata-sa-leshk, the silocrat spirit god of memmory and knowlege. This part is from his meeting with anaude-kess, spirit-goddess of chaos, death and sister to denaude-kess guardian of children, love, peace, sanity. this is his speech to anaude after he has been betrayed by those he thought where allies. he is decideing if it would be better to jump into the viod of souls, somagotten, to end his human life. however he then relizes his purpose to collect information about life, no matter what. he becomes the new apointed spirit-god.

    this is an ironic story i can relate to. Where ever i look i see those things I hate, even what apears as an friends is really another twisted joke. however i asked my self, why am i still alive? it is my duty the speak of what i know and see. the story also says, be warned of those around u. nothing is as it seems, what my seem evil may be good trying to escape evil, what my be good may be a traitor waiting for a victim

    1. Linguica
    2. Sharessa




    3. Lüt


      Linguica said:


      Ooooh hey, I just realized, I can actually blog threads now :D

  15. i have been doing computer work for a guy for about a year. and i have learned one thing, this guy is a bum. a complete bum! now if he was single i could understand, ask long as i got paid. however he is married, the wife does all the work. to make it more pathetic the guy has 6 children.

    he got laid off 3 years ago, well buddy time to find a job. i dont care how much you got paided mowing lawns, i could not have been worth that much. and they aren't gonna hire you back anytime soon. even a temorary job at McDonalds is acceptable untill you find something better.

    instead he spends his days bitching about bush and republican. he writes his own leftist newsletter. while that is all fun and good, he still dont get paid. simply put, find a damn job, any job.

    it is pathetic to bitch yet still not do anything. bush himself is not keeping you from getting a job, and writing a leftist newsletter isnt gonna get you paid, unless you join and do work for some organization. honestly he could do that. he does alot of research, and devotes alot of time to this newsletter (its some 27 pages on average) also has a degree in journalism, needs a single class to get his law degree. so he is not lazy or even stupid. he just dont use common sence.

    he would have a good job if he put even half of what he does for the newsletter into getting a job.

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    2. Gokuma


      Hobo said:

      Hobos > bums

      True, Hobos built post civil war America.

    3. Bucket


      Ralphis said:

      Maybe instead of giving him excuses, he's just a piece of shit scumbag?

      Depending on one's opinion of those types, all you did was explain in fewer words.

    4. Planky


      Sephiroth said:

      ...also has a degree in journalism, needs a single class to get his law degree. so he is not lazy or even stupid. he just dont use common sence.

      Luckily for him, neither of those two jobs require common sense.

  16. i have decided i will no longer help this couple... for free. i was helping them with their computer and internet however going over there is a pain in the ass. their kids just run amok and destroy everything, mainly the youngest. he even destoryed a computer. honestly that is when you spank a kid, not just say "bad" like its a dog.

    to make matters worse the kids abuse their last computer. turn it off when they cant get on, passwords prevent them from getting on. also by screwing around with alot of stuff.

    though what they do is easy to fix, but when you have 3 screaming kids fallowing you around and constatly buggy you. add in breakign stuff, throwing stuff, fighting yelling and such it gets to be a pain.
    its not that i dont like kids. these kids are just not at all punished for the shit they do. say like, pouring pop into a computer or throwing plates into the ceiling fan. shit like that deserves a spanking and a grounding. today i am fixing the last problem, i belive it is realted to the fact they didn't pay the god damn bill for the internet.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Sharessa


      Just lock them in their rooms all day. That learned me. Spanking only turns people into sado-masochists. I should know.

    3. Ultraviolet


      Danarchy said:

      Just lock them in their rooms all day. That learned me. Spanking only turns people into sado-masochists. I should know.

      Hippy bullshit. I got spanked and I'm not a sado-masochist. Kids occasionally do need the physical jolt -- it's a way of really bringing consequences to a kid's attention. Of course, to them at the time the consequence may seem only to be punishment, which is not a good attitude to have, but that's why it's important not to just beat the fuck out of a kid.

      There are, of course, more creative ways to punish a child that aren't cruel, unusual, or even subject to hippy protest bullshit, but the trick with those is to catch a kid in the act of trying to push the envelope. Punishments get more extreme as a kid pushes further and further away from "the line."

      We talked about this method of punishment on IRC, I believe: The Iron Chair. Once you get a kid that is acting up so much he won't sit still when you say to, won't listen at all, you kinda HAVE to exhibit the fact that you ARE still the biggest fish in the pond. But that's why you have to keep a kid walking the line, so it doesn't get that bad. Now, I'm not advocating repression... It's for every parent to find the proper balance there.

    4. Csonicgo


      That's why I use the Dragon Kick(TM).

  17. i installed the new version of suse linux. however the default settings were strangly very familiar. a screen shot

    a little too much XP'ish. hell i think even the shape of that hill is all too similar.
    there is also an icon called "my computer"
    while the task bar itselft isnt XP like, you can make it that way.
    there are 2 more things I have noticed. when you shut down it 'greys out' like XP, only its fast instead of slow.
    Also when it logs out it makes a similar sound that windows makes.

    though i have changed everything, excpet the back ground cause i get a kick out of it and that sound effect. i wonder if this is suppose to be a joke. I wonder where i can get the original 'hill' XP back ground

    on a side note has anyone ever tried to make a different GUI look like windowsXP?

    at a local shop they had a system that was skined and colored like XP, includeing the back ground, but it was FreeBSD, or maybe OpenBSD, i forget which the guy said it was. useing KDE.

    i remeber when MAC bitched about MS back in the day. i am just curious what good old bill would say about this one

    1. rf`


      It looks nothing like XP; that hill has a tree!

    2. Sephiroth


      you forgot the water too, and the lock-ness monster having sex with the rabbit-shaped plain, oh shit. there is something in my water

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      That would be because it's SuSE Linux. One of the ideas behind SuSE is to help users move from Windows to Linux, so they tried to make it similar. I actually tried the Live-CD of 9.1 the other day and found I liked it alot. I probably won't use it on my computers, but feel that it'll be a definite option when my school decideds to go all-Linux in two years.

      If you want to really distance yourself, try something like Slackware or Debian. The installation alone will distance you from Windows ;)

  18. i never really trusted wireless networks. networking is a little more new to me. however i did know that wireless was fairly insecure

    however i didnt think people could be this dumb about this new technology. nor did i think it could be this easy.
    infact i own a router that has wireless and i disabled that part of it, so people int he neighbor hood could not get free internet.


    read about it

  19. i will warn everyone, NEVER buy a main board from PC CHips! they are complete junk. i just got my second, DOA board. Seriously, WTF is up with them? the first i got 2 months ago for a new system, it arived DOA and so did its replacement. finally got a check refund and i made them pay for the damn shipping. the second i got last week for a repair job, it is DOA! all are PC chips made boards. for now on i am sticking to MSI and ASUS who i have never had any problems with.

    so if u need a new main board stay away from PC chips and aviod the head ache of many DOA boards. This time i want a check refund. i ordered it from a local shop so i will have them trade me for a different brand if i can.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DooMBoy


      Heh, looks like you got shafted again.

    3. kain


      thats what you get for buying no name brand components.

    4. Quast


      Go for ASUS or something dude...

  20. I wrote an old friend, who ironicly use to be my arch-rival in life, to see how they where doing. Well i didn't think anything would come of it. but turns out to be a pandora's box of wierd shit and spring snakes.
    she then calls, nothing wrong with that. Except its 3:00 in the morning!!!! screaming about being in the hospital and such. this pissed my mom off cause i was not home and did i mention it was 3:00 in the morning. so I get bitched at when i get home in the morning, was at my dad's that night.
    she then emails me and such, all emails seem normal but u know they are covering over something sinister, wierd and freaking twisted. she also tells me she is getting married, or is, i forget and dont really care. and gives me a name that sounds, well ah unreal or not right. so i am like WTF is going on and WTF did i just get my ass into.
    anyways she talks to me online with alot of questions and typical funky text, oviously what she is saying is covering something dark up and points of it do show.
    My guess is this poor girl is mentaly wacked out of her skull. similar to another girl i know. This one tells me of violent nigthmares and rape dreams. when she called me she probably had such a dream.
    I was like, but didnt say it to her, "why the fuck dont you talk to ur boyfriend/husband about it???" which makes me think that this guy doent even exsist, but i dont think she is that nutso.

    ahh the fun life of good old seph, WTF is my luck to get all the crazy ass bitches. Christ! It sucks! and i aint gonna try and get some from a crazy cause u know what they do next. they come after u with a knife or panzerfaust or something.

    1. Sephiroth


      i would say its been a wierd week. wonder what kind of nut balls i'll meet at my new job.

    2. Ralphis


      Goodjob replying to your own thread you skitzo

    3. goaxis



  21. I'll admit i havn't been playing doom III that much. infact i don't think i have touched it once in the last 3 weeks. don't get me wrong the game is awsome and i love it. No its not because windows has been banished to the 20GB drive or that there is no Linux port yet. nor is the fact i don't have time, i got plenty. I think that my interests are shifting. example would be TV. i used to always watch TV, now i hardy ever. Music is another thing. I havnt bought a CD in a year, nor have i downloaded much of anything.

    now i have been getting more into other stuff. stuff i really never did, like messing with unix/linux/DOS. i remember, back in the day, playing doom and other games for hours. now all those games seem to do is collect dust. I know i will bounce back into games. cause i know i had loads of fun with them. Also seems that games today don't seem to offer as much as they did 5 years ago. we have seen it all. about the only series next to doom, final fantasy, that i care about has even lost intrest. The last game i bought was Silent hill IV. and it looks to be the last game for a while. atleast that i will buy, Halo II i will get from a friend's stepdad.

    granted the original dooms still see some action but there are times i put them down for a while. I have wanted to reinstall half-life and they hunger.

    Doom III can never hold the same apeal the orignal doom games held. onething is the fact that the FPS type games isnt a new idea. also i am older and have seen more. Doom was sureal at the time i first saw it. Yes doom III has amazed me, but it can't blow me away like doom did. (infact no game can) I think its that feeling i miss. however i was not disapointed in doom III, it was as i expected and a tad bit more. at the time i first saw doom i was still useing 80286 and apple IIe systems, atari 2600 for gaming and gameboy aswell. Doom was more than stick figures and poor sound. I drew me into computers aswell. i had to learn from scratch how to use DOS. looking back i laugh at some of the stuff i though and did. i think one reason i have lost interest in games is because i found that excitment else where, in unix and linux.

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    2. DoomDan


      læmænt said:

      doom always sucked.

      Die Please

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Classic Doom bores me, as do almost all negawads and single maps. Like a longtime wife, I need ways to spice up our relationship.

    4. Goliath


      I sometimes get really bored with doom but I just give it about a year and then I get to fall in love with it all over again.

  22. in a law that may have passed, which banns exotic pets, has a slight hole.

    chameleons are not in the bann some how

    here is apic of one of my 2 setups

    however i need not worry if the ban did pass the city has no intention to inforce it, hell cant even afford to have the needed amount on ploice officers. they only did it to get special intrest crack-pot groups off their backs.

    needless to say that animal has a far better life than it would most likly have in the wild and it is captive breed. the cage is a 100 gallon all screen mesh cage, it doesnt look 100 gallon but it is much deeper. also has 2 lights, looks like one. the front one simply provides normal white light, the back is a HIDL type light for the full spectrum lighting. a jug and dripping system can be slightly seen. this is done every day to give the humid tropical enviroment. this is the type of setup needed by chameleons, they cant live in glass aquariums

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    2. Sharessa


      Death's Head Roach? I knew they made moths like that, but not roaches.

    3. DooMer87


      Sephiroth said:

      chameleons are not in the bann some how

      Really? what about iguanas?

    4. Sephiroth


      yes they where added, iguanas, because they 'can' carry samenella. WTF humans carry ecoil, so do cats and dogs.

      i have had an iguana for 6 years and have never ever gotten sick from it

  23. in the case of my father this is true. either out of pure stupidity or brain damaged caused by years of drug abuse the guy still thinks my brtoher has a job. more importantly he belived he worked for a construction company for 6 months.

    however i know the reality. my brother worked at a construction company a grand total of only a few days. hired may 25th and fired june 8th, tools returned june 11th. my brother sold possesions to get by. includeing his gamecube, games, CD's, car parts and otehr things.

    i know this info because i am good friends with the family.

    frankly i am tired of it. mainly because this leech gets away with it and gets what he wants. granted i was given a car, but he was given a new car. i bought all my stuff, i pay rent and i pay for my internet, my insurance, soon my medical and everything else. I locked him off all the computers. I didn't really mind but now it is getting worse. the dumbfuck has gotten hired and fired 3 times this month. also he has taken to betting and street racing for money.

    I know one thing. i don't forgive such ignorance. If his life is in danger, he gets killed or is put in jail i will NOT care, nor come to his aid. he wants to continue in my father's foot steps, fuck him.

    hey if anyone wants a useless fat 19 year old kid who is only good for slave labor in a death camp let me know!

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    2. rf`


      I suggest you sell him.

    3. SYS


      Like him or not, the fucker's family. Unless he's adopted. Then you can beat him like a stepchild.

    4. deathbringer


      if not, set him on fire!

  24. is it really that god damn cool to rev your motorcycle in front of your house for fucking 15 minutes, every day at 3:00PM?
    NO! first off no one is impressed! everyone who lives here is eaither at work then, at school or doesn't give a shit.
    dont get me wrong i love motorcycles and such but when i am sleeping... ahh no. i guess he is just trying to make his penis 6 inches longer, after all he finaly left his wife cause she cheated on him 6 times. legaly he should have tossed her out considering he made 90% of the income, and owned 80% of eveything in the house.

    but no, he has to live on this street and rev his cycle every free moment he has. i had asked him not to do it, and yes he has stoped to a degree. I usallyget home just before he does and go to bed until 6 or i am in bed waiting to get up at 4:00 to work the night shift.

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    2. Erp


      My neighbor used bug me with his loud Harley. My brothers and I got up in the middle of the night, picked his Harley up and threw it in the dumpster.

    3. Sephiroth


      i bet he was pissed, hell if you were able to do that without being caught i am surprised nobody stole it before hand.

      to add to these people's dumbness they do not wear a helmet. honestly i think that is a bit stupid, and asking for death. they are wreakless. going up to 60 MPH down the road, ok dumbasses alot of children live here (i used to yell at my brother about the same thing) they do drink and drive still, after their own brother was an inch from death in a DUI accident. and last night, bad rain, they decided to combine all 4 of those things.

    4. wildweasel


      Try living on Lorraine Street in Colorado Springs. Every five minutes, some kid on a motorized scooter rides down the street, and he keeps going and going every day from 3 PM to 8 PM (he starts at 9 AM on weekends). I'm SO glad I don't live in Colorado anymore.

      I have reason to believe that that kid was responsible for uprooting a street sign and throwing it at the house across the street from mine, too.

  25. isn't it wierd how people with a good life take it for granted? i have a friend who has a great girlfriend, a job and other things going for him. yet he still thinks its ok to go out every night and get piss drunk and high, and cheat on his girlfriend every chance he gets. Well that was the reason i am not friends with him. Strangly i have looked else where and found almost the same thing in everyone. I have tried others like me, born out side the country, black, asian, indian ect... younger and older.. different social background. I just seems that all the people here care about getting high, drunk or knocked up. Mind u i have never looked in a bar. u only find trash in a bar. I just love the human race. honestly i think the world... and universe would be better off if we just nuked our selfs

    1. Julian


      High again? :P

    2. AndrewB


      Very true.