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Status Updates posted by Sephiroth

  1. there is one part of my self i don't like that i can change in an instant. my name. I am named after my father, a man whom i am nothing like nor can i respect. I dont like being confused with a corrupt drug addicted lawyer who let whores beat his children. I am a completly differnt person than my father. also the fact that just about everyone else with my last name is about the same way.

    the name i may choose is a name my grandmother wanted, but she died 4 years before i was born. however i would most likly change the whole name, not just the first. most likly taking my mother's last name of murray.

    in which case i would become James Murray.

    it is something i have thought about doing for a long time, ever sence i was 10. its not really an if at this point, but when.

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    2. DemonDemon


      I was actually thinking of what I could change my name to and I came up with Arto Lan. Sounds too... specialised though. ^^; The only other name I could think of was Teiganus Dos, which is a little... meaty for me. I think I'll just stick to my normal name for now... :)

    3. Snarboo


      I would change my name to Optimus Prime, but some nerd has beat me to it. :(

    4. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      I'm thinking Alpha Omega, it has a nice ring to it. And I could rightfully say "I am Alpha and Omega." :D

  2. I'll admit i havn't been playing doom III that much. infact i don't think i have touched it once in the last 3 weeks. don't get me wrong the game is awsome and i love it. No its not because windows has been banished to the 20GB drive or that there is no Linux port yet. nor is the fact i don't have time, i got plenty. I think that my interests are shifting. example would be TV. i used to always watch TV, now i hardy ever. Music is another thing. I havnt bought a CD in a year, nor have i downloaded much of anything.

    now i have been getting more into other stuff. stuff i really never did, like messing with unix/linux/DOS. i remember, back in the day, playing doom and other games for hours. now all those games seem to do is collect dust. I know i will bounce back into games. cause i know i had loads of fun with them. Also seems that games today don't seem to offer as much as they did 5 years ago. we have seen it all. about the only series next to doom, final fantasy, that i care about has even lost intrest. The last game i bought was Silent hill IV. and it looks to be the last game for a while. atleast that i will buy, Halo II i will get from a friend's stepdad.

    granted the original dooms still see some action but there are times i put them down for a while. I have wanted to reinstall half-life and they hunger.

    Doom III can never hold the same apeal the orignal doom games held. onething is the fact that the FPS type games isnt a new idea. also i am older and have seen more. Doom was sureal at the time i first saw it. Yes doom III has amazed me, but it can't blow me away like doom did. (infact no game can) I think its that feeling i miss. however i was not disapointed in doom III, it was as i expected and a tad bit more. at the time i first saw doom i was still useing 80286 and apple IIe systems, atari 2600 for gaming and gameboy aswell. Doom was more than stick figures and poor sound. I drew me into computers aswell. i had to learn from scratch how to use DOS. looking back i laugh at some of the stuff i though and did. i think one reason i have lost interest in games is because i found that excitment else where, in unix and linux.

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    2. DoomDan


      læmænt said:

      doom always sucked.

      Die Please

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Classic Doom bores me, as do almost all negawads and single maps. Like a longtime wife, I need ways to spice up our relationship.

    4. Goliath


      I sometimes get really bored with doom but I just give it about a year and then I get to fall in love with it all over again.

  3. this woman may look innocent, but talk with her for five minutes and you realize she is wacked out of her damn gord. that is if she will talk to you. I don't know why she chose to talk to me in the first place.

    a woman came into the store to buy a computer. well she waited around for 30 minutes and was getting pissed, so a manager grabbed me. i helped her out and all the normal stuff. however now that i remember it she didn't like the fact that there were other people around or near her. she also became very upset and disturbed when a man in the next deparment was checking out a camera, it was kinda pointed in our direction. she then asked about airplanes above her house. asking if they could listen in on her. i told her a jet makes too much noise and did my best to turn the discussion back to the computer. however later she kept talking about that subject. either this woman has something to hide or is insane. i told her if she has an issue to talk with the police. she left for the night, was going to "check" her house as she put it. then she was to return to get the computer.

    i dont know what happened because i was off the clock, aperently she did return to get some other things but held off on the computer. anyways i figured i would never ever see her agian. i was wrong. she came in today, and i am guessing yesterday, tog et the computer. sadly it was sold and she was convinced that the guy with the camera bought it. I told her it is a popular model and that we can order it. so she said she would return, but began to talk of being watched.

    now i have this disturbing feeling i am in for a bit of an adventure. i will have to discuss her with security and tell them that she is highly paranoid and possibly dangerous

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    2. Sephiroth


      i don't look down on her in anyway, but i take great care in this situation. when dealing with people like that you MUST be careful of everything you do an say. more so because she IS human. I have seen, all to many, people like her go beserk and the outcome is rarly good. often they are unprovoked attacks. sometime the jerk asked for it.

      on a comic note i got one of our techs freaked out when i told him about her. he is trying to get an "assistant" to come with him on an in home setup.

      the woman claims she does work for the US, which is most likly pure BS. if she is then it is not important. they would set her up with a computer, and she would also know at least a basic use of one anyways, if it was important. also her lack of knowlege on some things tipped me off. after all i know many people in the military, who work with the military and other militray related jobs. she just doesn't fit. also she told me she was a secretary for an office in the near by city.

      simply put she is nuts. she has a right to privacy and to have a life, but not to be a potential danger. I have seen many people like her snap. they also tend to atach themselvs to certian people. I am just glad i am not one of those people, i have already had to deal with 3 girls like that. Each time i was minding my own damn business

    3. AndrewB


      There would be so many fun ways to have fun with schizophrenic people. That sentence may be slightly redundant, but perfection can be unhealthy.

    4. myk


      At work I remember a call from a customer that suddenly started telling me that she knew we (tech support) were spying in on her through her machine... eventually she went wack and ended telling me I was a perverted pedophile or something right after I informed her I was going to have to hang up, telling her we were not communicating properly. I did hang up, of course, even typing "hung up on insane customer" on the call notes.

  4. well i reinstalled RTCW in linux today and nothing works!

    i first run it and get this error
    1609 files in pk3 files
    ----- CL_Shutdown -----
    ----- CL_Shutdown -----
    Sys_Error: Couldn't load default.cfg

    never before has it done that. i did what has work 100 time before.
    install game with executable then place pak files in the main directory

    so ok, i make a blank default.cfg file so it will run. movie is perfect but no graphics after that. not even text in console.
    what in the holy fuck is with RTCW i linux?

    all drivers and such are perfect, all other games run fine includeing enemy territory

    last time an issue was that some graphics where removed and i found it was due to the RTCWkey file, i deleted it and all was perfect.

    this time i went thru and didnt see it, i even added it. no effect

    what the hell is it doing. and how do i fix it. i am useing latest version. if need be where can i download this default.cfg file. its not on the RTCW disk

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    2. Sharessa


      Dark Fox said:

      Give this kid a good slap on the back for learning how to use BabelFish.. Your a winner in my book.

      Um...I did it from memory.

    3. fraggle


      Python_Junkie said:

      And so does fraggle'...pheer.

      I dont have a ' on the end of my name and havent for a long time. Its interesting that you would remember that, especially as I've never had a ' on my name during the time you've been here.

    4. Sharessa


      fraggle said:

      I dont have a ' on the end of my name and havent for a long time. Its interesting that you would remember that, especially as I've never had a ' on my name during the time you've been here.

      Err...we already exposed him a month ago. :P Plus he's banned for the moment. Heh.

  5. of all the annoying fads out there, this one has to come up.
    little yapp'n dogs

    ok if you own one it is ok. however dont carry the beast where ever you go. i am sorry but that is pathetic. I am so sick of seeing old people walk into the store with poodles and shit.

    i have seen this all start this month. people walking into best buy with small dogs. strangly it has been old people, and i havnt seen any chuauaua (giant mexican rat) there should be a "not pets" rule. its and electronics store for christ sakes.
    there are 2 issues at hand

    public safty, what if the animal is carring a disease, bites some one, attacks another animal causes a ruckus. in this sue happy day i am sure a law suit will come
    reason 2, sanitary reasons. ok a dog would feel free to just shit and piss in an isle, also add the safty thing to this. what about flees and other debris on the animal's coat? i mean i know from experince that dirty people have dirty dogs.

    ok people, its a best buy, not petsmart! i was even more surprised to learn we have no rules on pets! so buy that standard i can bring in a large snake, and then he could have lunch more offten.

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    2. Sephiroth


      this is gonna be a problem down the road for best buy. there is a reason most places dont alow pets. while some are far fetched, like deseases, but still can happen. others are simply precautions or simply needed.

      2 main concerns i have are:
      the animal biting someone
      the animal going to the bathroom

      personaly i dont want to have to clean up any dog mess or deal with people fighting because a dog bit someone.

      another big problem is the fact many people have pet allergies. why should someone have to put up with allerigies if they dont have too. i know 3 people at work who have pet allergies. 1 to cats and the other 2 are allergic to both cats and dogs.

      other animals should not be brought out into a public place. like snakes, lizards, birds and other exotic animals.

      simply put there is no reason to bring a pet into public places like stores, resturaunts or malls. it is just best to leave them home if you plan to stop by.

    3. Arckra


      Heh, I've been seeing a lot of that here too. I hate small breed dogs because well, they annoy me to no end. But its not older people who have them, its prissy girls who are carrying them.

      Honestly, the only people who SHOULD be able to bring their animals anywhere are those who have a sight problem. That's when you've got your seeing eye dog. But even those are rare. Heck, if people can bring their stupid little dogs into stores, I should take my shepard around to see what people would say.

    4. Piezo


      Numbermind said:

      Bestbuy can et an outbreak of malaria, for all I care. Their aisle-walkers pompous windbags, because the store requires actual training for the stuff they're selling. Plus, they think they're all hot shit because they earn commission.

      Yeah, and they have the computer "Power Supplies" label over their battery back-ups. How dumb do you have to be to think those are power supplies? You go anywhere else and the power supplies are the little gray boxes that go inside of the computer and have an output of around 300-500W, depending on how much you need or want to pay. I think Best Buy does have a badass attitude, but thier CDs were pretty cheap last time I checked (thought that was a while back.)

  6. Well took a bit of a break before christmas. So i went up to see my grand parents who i will not see agian for a while, next summer.

    This place is really wierd. They claim the house is haunted. IF you know more about the area then you can kinda see why.

    The area was home to native american tribes. It's rare, but sometime bones are found when homes are built. A walk in the field behind this house can turn up handfuls of arrow heads and other objects. The road outside of the home is a death trap, literaly. numerous deaths have occured infront of this house or land surrounding the house. Mainly due to people being drunk or stupid. Infact a rather creepy message has been scrawed onto a telephone pole in front of the house.

    Needless to say this is NOT a house to stay up and play silent hill 2. I did that the other night, and it really freaked me out. mainly cause my grandfather walke dinto the room very quitly and a saw something moving in the window, his reflection/shadow.

    things that are wierd here.
    foot steps, often from the basement or attic.
    voices, but very rare. usally heard by children. once heard by adults during christmas.
    moving objects, common. fucking ghost took my damn X-box controller! maybe it just wants to challenge me to a game of halo? no, shit just moves around. pictures have "flown" across the room. and in one case a toy riendeer was unpacked and turned on in the basement.
    electornic devices behave oddly. batteris die early or devices randomly come on and shut off. so far computers not affected. However the area does have odd geological activity and there are 3 large radio/TV stations near by. those may also explain "voices"

    Its creepy here, but peaceful. Nothing bad has ever happened to a family member here. Only to the careless drivers and drunks outside of the home.

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    2. Zoost


      I did not type this! HAHAHAHHAAAHA

    3. Sharessa



    4. Sephiroth


      well the ghost is said to be a young girl. but who knows. The place is kept up, not abandoned.

      however a girl i dated had a home in a near by town. this town was baiscly abandoned in the 1950's. there was like 1,500 people liivng there. now there is less the 30. Many of the old homes are gone, but a few remain. The house and land they owned was surrounded by woods. It was going to be tore down and rebuilt.

  7. what? the sephiroth is going to meet a girl? how can this be?

    well yes i am going to meet a girl. I let some girl at work trap me into meeting with her friend. situations like this are an odd thing for me. one i am not very trusting of people. two is the fact i know almost nothing about this girl. also add in the fact that bars are not at all a place I enjoy.

    anyways wish me luck, i am heading out in an hour. i just hope this isnt a mistake. and i hope she doesn't ask me if i said stake.

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Numbermind said:

      No, fuck Led Zeppelin. Would you like to hear some Yes, though?

      Yes rocks.

    3. sgtcrispy


      Yes, Led Zepplin does rock. heh

    4. Sephiroth


      meeting her agian tonigth. ironicly this is somewhat of a new experince for me. i spent so much of my life just trying to stay alive. Add in the fact that trusting a person when i was growing up could be dangerous.

      i think the girl is nice, but need to get to know her.

  8. ...how is it? I hope you know that is not for children." a man says
    "yes i know, i am 21" i reply
    "any children in the house under 16?" the man asks agian
    "Nope." i reply

    the last moments of an odd call. the group
    had called, ironicly he began talking about family values and some shit while i was playing doom III and listening to marilyn manson. i then asked him about how they felt about doom III and such, he told me the give guides on media for families.
    this IS a crackpot fundalmentalist group mind you. however the guy on the phone didnt give me a lecture or hang up.

    the site seems rather tame, not a whole lot of out rite bashing for not being cristian. there is no refernce to the doom games on the site

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    2. Combustable


      hmm, considering diablo is about... well, diablo. And harry potter is a kids story. Yes, that makes perfect sense. And theres just as much "witchcraft" even by the heroes of diablo. Hmm, so spellcasters are always good until it's harry potter...

    3. Bucket


      A friend of mine once invited in a Jehovah's Witness and managed to get him to leave in frustration. All he did was ask him, "if there are only supposed to be 144000* saved people, why do you keep recruiting new members?"

      *that number's probably wrong, but who gives a flying fuck

    4. DooMer87


      that website's reviews SUCK. i mean, why would someone care if they had "magic" in the film they were viewing? Who gives a crap????
      Who would ever want to watch an edited version of Old School or Bruce Almighty?????? And why would they EVER call anyone and say, "blah blah family blah blah Doom 3 is violent(i know that)blah blah Edited version." Man these guys piss me off.

  9. ...because i blew up the pourch steps.

    being bored and spending time with a stoned friend is not a good idea. we have had our fair share of misadventures. this one included a hammer, a cement pourch step and a strip of explosive charges for a nail gun.

    well we decide to set off some of these charges. they are basicly blanks. they are even bullet shaped. to set them off you have to hit them from behind. so we searched for something to hold them. the pourch use to have a wood border around it and there were still holes from the screws. we stuck a shell in there and slammed it. it didnt work, it just pushed it into the hole. so i gave up and went to remove it. however my friend wasn't about to give up. however before he could swing his phone rang. so he was talking on the phone when he took his mighty swing.
    BAM! the thing went off and blew a large section of cement right off the step and into his face.
    I fell down because i was laughting so hard. the person on the phone didn't hear the explosion surprisingly.

    today we are fixing the step.

    however at least we can fix it, this isnt like the time another of his friends cut down a tree.

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    2. Coopersville


      That's awesome. I didn't know nailguns used charges.

    3. Sephiroth


      well these nailguns put things in stone and cement.

      I was not high, but i was very bored. though a friend, who set off said charge, was very high.

      the step is now fixed now. all we need to do is paint. i whish we had it on video.

    4. AndrewB


      DooMBoy said:

      Did your mother have any kids that lived?

      I hope that you realize the stupidity of this question.

  10. i have been doing computer work for a guy for about a year. and i have learned one thing, this guy is a bum. a complete bum! now if he was single i could understand, ask long as i got paid. however he is married, the wife does all the work. to make it more pathetic the guy has 6 children.

    he got laid off 3 years ago, well buddy time to find a job. i dont care how much you got paided mowing lawns, i could not have been worth that much. and they aren't gonna hire you back anytime soon. even a temorary job at McDonalds is acceptable untill you find something better.

    instead he spends his days bitching about bush and republican. he writes his own leftist newsletter. while that is all fun and good, he still dont get paid. simply put, find a damn job, any job.

    it is pathetic to bitch yet still not do anything. bush himself is not keeping you from getting a job, and writing a leftist newsletter isnt gonna get you paid, unless you join and do work for some organization. honestly he could do that. he does alot of research, and devotes alot of time to this newsletter (its some 27 pages on average) also has a degree in journalism, needs a single class to get his law degree. so he is not lazy or even stupid. he just dont use common sence.

    he would have a good job if he put even half of what he does for the newsletter into getting a job.

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    2. Gokuma


      Hobo said:

      Hobos > bums

      True, Hobos built post civil war America.

    3. Bucket


      Ralphis said:

      Maybe instead of giving him excuses, he's just a piece of shit scumbag?

      Depending on one's opinion of those types, all you did was explain in fewer words.

    4. Planky


      Sephiroth said:

      ...also has a degree in journalism, needs a single class to get his law degree. so he is not lazy or even stupid. he just dont use common sence.

      Luckily for him, neither of those two jobs require common sense.

  11. personaly i was never into dating. i did a few times but nothing ever really came of it.
    i did have girls i had crushes on. one of them for the longest time. however i never acted on it. recent girls just didn't have any appeal to them.

    however that all changed last week. I had been trying an internet dateing site. i figured it was worth a shot. little did i know i would meet a really nice girl.

    now i know its far too early to say she is the love of my life, but i really feel something with her. I love being around her, talking to her, feeling her embrace, her smile, her eyes. its as if i have known her for a very long time. she says she feels the same towards me.

    it all happened so fast, however it feels good. i feel good about her and i feel as if i can trust her. something that has always been difficult for me to do. however my gut instinct is usally right.

    its proof to me that there are still good people out there. it makes me feel so much better about my self. i am really begining to get to know her, but like i said it feels as if i have known her for years.

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    2. Grazza


      Job said:

      Your statement suggests that you're bisexual.

      "Mind you, that's just a pat diagnosis made without first obtaining your full medical history."

    3. Sephiroth


      I really like this girl. I enjoy talking to her, being with her. Hell i could even swear i could smell her today, heh she smells good.
      Sadly the only thing i don't like is the fact she smokes.

      well that's my life. I never really know what to expect, but sometimes i do. this was a very pleasant surprise and i hope it works out for me and her.

    4. AndrewB


      Sephiroth said:

      Sadly the only thing i don't like is the fact she smokes.

      That sort of inequality will cause an enormous riff, and you do NOT want to go down that road. Seriously, take up smoking ASAP.

  12. at bestbuy there is a safty poster. however it forms a curious acronym and nobdy caught this until last night

    Face that ladder
    Use the right tool
    Careful up there
    Keep it clean

    Look forward when u lift.

    ironicly the guy who noticed this was named larry. so its now FUCK L

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    2. Zaldron


      Scuba Steve said:

      Seriosuly, this is the kind of thing that the designers SHOULD be looking out for when they are producing anything? Obviously this is probably a low budget poster, but still... who are these Graphic Designers?

      The people that have those jobs unlike for example, you and me. Makes you wonder.

    3. mewse


      wtf is "safty"

    4. Janderson
  13. i am once agian working on a friend's computer. this thing is so totally screwed up it isnt funny. what seems to have caused so much damage? well besides the fact kids spilled chocolate milk on it, tobbacco smoke. i mean fuck this thing is so nasty to look at. everything inside has a nice glaze of tar yellow and brown ash. even new hardware that i installed 6 months ago. i installed a new floppy and hard drive. the floppy is completely shot, coated with its layer of ash and tar. the whole thing smells like some one smoked inside of it. the new CPU fan was covered and gumed up, thing barly works.

    lesson, dont smoke around your computer! and take better care of them. this computer is basicly trashed. i cant get windows to install or even boot up. same with linux.

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    2. Bucket


      Why is it "too bad" it's filtered, anyway?

      "Yeah, this girl was choking to death on an Oreo. Too bad I knew the Heimlich."

    3. Sephiroth


      didnt think of flux remover, but oh well. there is another chemical that is really good for cleaning electronics, but it is banned (it is major CFC). too bad i dont remember its name.
      my aunt's DVD player was dead in a year from ciggerette ash and smoke

    4. Bloodshedder


      No, hard drives are not air-tight, and no, the inside of them is not devoid of air, since the read/write head has to rely on riding on a cushion of air that keeps it only a very tiny distance above the platter. They DO have a ventilation hole or two, which are filtered heavily.

  14. two words that sum up my brother. a 19year old kid who has no money, never even sleeps in his own bed, thinks he knows alot about cars and can't get a job.
    we have been getting a shit load of calls from banks and such stating he owes money, and he does. simply put i told one of them to call my father over the matter as my brother will not speak to them. this is getting me pissed, cause i have a job and work.

    he said he started a job today, i asked him what time he goes in, he said he already did and got home at 11:30. well ahhh, he is a dumbass. if you are gonna lie put more thought into it. i was awake and sitting at this computer at 11:30 and his fat ass was down stairs.

    Needless to say i am tired of this lazy chunk of worthless lard. he tries to get "better" jobs. he cant because he has no training nor has he held any job longer than 6 months. i told him just to go back to McDonalds, even if for a few months. also i told dad to sell his car, and give him a shit car.
    honestly i would take the car but i dont know how to drive stick very well

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    2. pritch


      /me applauds Sephiroth.

      Too many lazy people in this country are given help whilst people who actualy get off their ass and try and be proactive are penalised at every step of the damn way.

      Also I think your spelling has improved heh

    3. Sporku


      Silverwyvern said:

      Fat and Lazy are not synonomous. I've known several hard workers that were overweight, and more then my fair share of slimmer lazies.

      I'm unemployed now myself.. it's not because I'm lazy, it's cause my boss doesn't like people who ask questions.

      Well, she works at a game shop, and every time I stop by there, I see her sitting on a computer playing a game, or doing something stupid.

      So fat and lazy pretty much fit her pretty good. I see the point you are making, though. I know quite a few overweight people that are hard workers.

    4. Sephiroth


      well in my brothers case he got fat because he is lazy. i mean come on 15 hours of his day is spent on a couch.

      yes i know people who are fat and work hard. however i know a great many people who are fat and use it as an excuse to get handouts

  15. yea we all do stupid things, however some things are so retarded that is appears the some people have abandoned all reason.

    so who would you say deserves the bonehead of the month award.

    i am saying my brother. besides being a lazy SOB he is also incredibly dumb. his lack of common sense baffles the mind. example, the shower. he decides to take his laptop into the bathroom with him. despite the fact you should avoid rooms full of mist and 100% humidity. now it don't work, duh.

    come on someone has to do better, i know there are many more complete retards out there

    there spell checked

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    2. dsm


      Me for that one-word reply I made in a Wads & Mods forum thread:


    3. DooMBoy


      Hellbent said:

      i nominate myself for leaving the key in the door 3 times in one week.

      That's not necessarily stupid, just very forgetful :D

    4. Hellbent


      DooMBoy said:

      That's not necessarily stupid, just very forgetful :D

      i thought it was rather boneheaded

  16. while i may not be the smartest and greatest alive, i seem like it compared to others.

    take this for instance.

    a girl i know who decided she liked me, or didnt, then turns a 180 on me. i think she was useing me to get back at someone. i knew something was up so i stayed away from her the whole time. i had to laught at her games. anyways she has now decided to mary this guy, a guy who is over 10 years older. the guy is a drunk and doesnt have a stable job. so here is a little more

    she also happens to have a very bad illness and i give her at most 10 years given her current status. she could live 60 more years but that involves takeing care of one's self. the illness causes extream clotting of the blood and weak blood vessles. exersize would make them strong agian, so would eating right. also she decided not to go to the doctor with phnumonia(spelling?) and was near death when she was finaly put in. this caused massive damage to the circulation system and resulted in complications. this could be over come with regular medication and exersize, but she refuses. on top of this she has not worked for over 4 years. her father was taking care of her payments.

    she has no money and thinks the guy she is going to marry can take care of very expensive medical treatments. to top it off she is moving to england, thinks she has a better chance there. well like i said no money, hubby is just as bad (and an alcoholic) so if they cant make it in america how well do u think they will do over there.

    also this bitch loves to nag and is a very angry person, so if her laziness doesn't piss him off the nagging will.

    the parents already told her that she cant come back, they are tired of her hateful attitude. i told her if she needs help to come find me, but it is kinda a trick. if she does try to find me i will make sure i lead her to the worse most violent part of eastern europe.

    so I say good redince(spelling) to her, stope feeding on the american economy bitch.

    so all you UK people get to deal with her.

    another girl i know is just dumb. she is in love with me but i am not in love with her. infact she use to be my bitter rival because of this. she fallowed me around the first day i met her. this was annoying beacuse i was not use to it. she is a slut and i know she has been 'hooking' lately. so i am oviosly not gonna do anything with her. i always knew she was a slut, shame really, nice girl. just dumb as a box of rocks.

    anyways what stupid people have pissed you off or you have run into.

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    2. rf`


      Lord of the Blogs:

      Fellowship of the Blogs
      The Two(hundred) Blogs
      Thre Return of the Blogs

      Starring Sephiroth as Frodo Bloggins.


    3. Ichor
    4. Ultraviolet


      There should be an auto search-and-move for all threads that contain the word "Sephiroth."

      It could be the next DWF in-joke code, like the conversion for timeline and "first post" back in the day. You could have a post auto-blogged just by posting "Sephiroth." It would be "hella tight."

  17. PETA, the assholes for animal rights, is screwing things up around here.

    basicly they are trying to get across a pet-ban. mainly geared towards exotics, which is anything BUT cat or dog.

    while i dont see a problem banning such large preditors such as bears, tigers and lions. aswell as highly venomous snakes. many animals on the list make no sence at all.

    such as venomous spiders? (all spiders use venom!) scorpions, makes a little more sence. all sankes, many lizards, a number of fish, mixed wild dogs (cyote, dingo, wolf breeds) weasels (your pet ferrets) even my prize cock roach colony.

    this law was placed on hold last winter. it was pushed forward by a few panicy people and those PETA fuck-offs. namly an event in which a fire fighter died from a snake bite and a few events with large mammals.
    the fire fighter is by far an outrage, both to his wife, researchers and those who know him. first off they did a massive spin on it and made it look like the guy hung on for a week and that anti-vemon was only a few minutes too late. fact is the guy was dead before he got to the hospital. the man had owned the snake for years and his wife knew it was an accident. she hold no grudges, not even aginst the snake. which is alive an well. she said she knows her husband would hate to see such a law.
    also a few friends have done or still do research. infact the group i am with has been doing surveys about populations. as well as educational programs and the promotion of responisble owner ship.

    problems with the law
    law is far too vague to work
    it would increase the work load on a city deep in debt, that is short staffed and untrained to deal with these animals.
    research will be driven away. this includes many medical researchers.
    our work with the state on tagging and surveying animals will come to an end.
    my release of the cockroaches into the city building if the law passes.
    did i mention i have 6, 40 gallon tubs and 2, 20 gallon tanks filled with live cockroaches!

    things on our side
    an under staffed, over budgeted city
    PETA is a mass of complete morons, yes they even went as far as to add cats and dogs on the list.
    a number of researchers
    pet owners
    pet stores
    10,000,000 cockroaches, hey they eat a 25lb bag of dog food a week!
    local reptile groups
    widow of the fireman
    local zoos, guess who will get the call to keep said animals if it passes

    if a laws does get passed i highly dout it will last, just like prohibition, or it will be un-enfocred.

    while people in a city dont need bears, tigers, pumas, venomous snakes and such i see no reason to ban other things. more so when this can effect researchers, zoos, museums and schools

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    2. Arckra


      If they come near here with that I'll shove a fork in their eye. >.< Seriously, I love my scorpions and they're not even "highly venomous". They're the plain ol' scorpions that you can get outside. (From what I heard about our species here in Texas they're not very dangerous.)

      Strangely enough, a lot of people around here own zebras. I bet PETA would freak if they knew that.

    3. Ralphis


      I have a baby ranch.

    4. Sephiroth


      Ralphis said:

      I have a baby ranch.

      may i see your price list? we are hungry for fresh meat.

  18. i am trying to find a "pet" that also serves as food. no not for me and i use the term pet loosly.

    i need a simple organism, sea based, that can be easily bred and the processed for feeding to amphibians. think brine shrimp, however rather than just going with, brine shrimp i would like to try something a bit interesting

    primarily Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates, these are simply glowing plants. i have found a number of labs i can order them from.

    another, and more desired, creature would be one of the many types of Bioluminescent copepods, small animals.

    if any of you guys have ever bred or run across a site that sells them, please tell me. yes i have too much time on my hands

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    2. Little Faith

      Little Faith

      Arckra said:

      *stares for a long moment* I have scorpions... lots and lots of scorpions.

      Hmm, scorpions. Peaceful, stays out of the spotlight, good parents even. All in all pretty decent creatures.

    3. Sephiroth


      if i had a big cage i would have a mantis shrimp.

      i already have a bin filled with roaches, which sell very well. people around here discovered that hey make exelent bait. already i got 23 orders that i am filling as we speak.
      the fact that i am selling these food items, for animals only. is a good money maker
      skink food is popular, despite the fact it is for any omnivore, at $15 a bucket (1 to 1.2 pounds) the stuff usally lasts a month and a half

    4. Silverwyvern


      I stick to birds.

  19. of all the biologicly useless items to grow from your body i can only thing of one that is totaly useless, toe nails.
    these seem to cause too many problems. so i called the doctor today to get another one removed. these SOB's hurt, and to make my life a living hell i work a job that involves being on your feet 8 hours a day lifting heavy object.

    so now that i get today and tomarrow off, i set an apointment for later today to have this bastard cut out.

    this one i broke while jogging in the woods. was swiping at the flys in my face and didnt notice a large tree root. my foot made solid contact with that bastard and shattered the left side of the nail. anyways gonna take advantage of the last 2 months of being on my dad's health care.

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    2. Jayextee


      myk said:

      Dude, learn to use and maintain your toe nails properly!

      "Use"...? What for, pray tell?

    3. Sephiroth


      i do take care of my feet and body, but shit happens. more so when you work lifting heavy object and use load equipment.

      however this recent one was due to a jogging accident. i was in the woods and got swarmed by bugs, even with repellent. while trying to swat away the bugs my foot came into contact with a tree root. it shattered the left side of the nail in 1 painful second.

    4. Bucket


      I remember smacking my big toe into the side of my bed and halfway-ripping out my toenail. That was incredibly unpleasant, and it makes me squirm just thinking about it.

      What can I say? STEEL-TOED BOOTS ROCK.

  20. my brother is a lazy worthless slob. works 2 hours a week, yet has a $500 car payment. his days are spent sleeping on the couch.

    the bastard is too lazy to walk to his own room. instead sleeps in the most used room of the house. he bitches when we wake him up. honestly i would slap him with a bat for being such a tard.
    so if in a week he is not regularly useing his room it WILL become a server room, for all my large, noisy computers. the SOB will bitch, but remeber bums dont have rights.

    any of u got worthless sibs out there

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    2. Sephiroth


      ToXiCFLUFF said:

      Either piss on him, or spoon loads of chilli powder into his mouth and then nudge him and run away. Both have worked for me in the past, although you might do well to ignore the advice if he's bigger than you.

      how about a dead squirrle in a bucket of piss.

      what i will do is poor some piss on his crotch at night to make him think he pissed him self. maybe i will also salt his eyes

    3. Tobester


      Job said:

      Do what they did in The Last Boyscout - just put a dead squirrel on him or a piece or two of dog shit.

      One time I spent 4 hours cleaning my room. After I finally finished, I went to the store for soda. When I returned to my room, I found a shitlog on my bed. Later on I found out my brother went into my room, squatted down, and took a shit on my bed. I started randomly putting dog shit on his forehead while he was asleep after that.

      He finally figured out a way to stop me; sleep naked.

    4. Ralphis


      Should've put it under his ass for a nice morning surprise.

  21. the ban passed. this was a ban on exotic animals for the city of dayton, in Ohio. this is most any animal outside of a dog or cat. this even goes into birds and fish.

    now i understadn banning tigers, bears and venomous animals. but things like small corn snakes and iguanas. well fuck you PETA! now i want to ass rape these bastards with a red hot iron or a shotgun...

    this will also affect a number of local farms and researchers. we have been instructing all venom researchers to leave ohio if bans start passing. a few did when word of a ban first came. a numeber of farms in the area raise animals such as
    emu, elk, deer and ostrich. animals that where added to the list.

    this is what happens when bat shit insane groups are able to get any control.

    so FUCK you PETA! those bastards should leave people alone. its one thing to pick on a large company, like beef industry. but private citizens, shit.

    whats that i hear? i think the roaches want to be released. ok guys i'll let you out for a night on the town.

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    2. Psyonisis


      Danarchy said:

      Don't blame hippies. Real hippies don't ban stuff.

      "Ban the bomb!"

    3. Sharessa


      Okay maybe that.

    4. Sephiroth


      Use3D said:

      better have decent UVB lighting on him when he's not in the sun... ;P

      Edit: Source? I can't find this on PETA website.

      yea i know about about the UV lighting and such. PETA was one group of people here.

      this is the sort of thing that happens when bat shit insane groups get to have a say. they mainly won by keeping it in the dark. now that we have alerted researchers, breeders and farmers. it may change it.

      fact is that this was a headache for the city to get involved from. it was a mistake to listen to such groups.

      god forbid that nazis and such do similar things... oh wait, they do.

      either way its just another one of many things that is screwing over dayton.

  22. the other day i saw something i thought was only a myth, SH 3 PC version.

    though i had heard of a PC version and even the site has it listed i still was not sure.

    this was at the end of the day and a drop shipment came into work. one box contained SH 3.

    anyways i am gonna get it

    however i must ask, what all is in the PC version.

    is it just a port, or have they added stuff?
    i know they have really beefed up the graphics.

    hopefully they have it out tomarrow, to sell. i now know the PC version has been out for some time.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Sephiroth


      SH3 had a fair amount of goofy 'jokes' in it too. while all had the UFO ending, SH3 took it a little further. you can wear 'costumes' one of them is fairly funky, rest promote various gameing mags and a few are shirts for the game. you can also get a light saber and there is a scene in which if you drop your pipe weapon into the sewer a woman appears and asks you if you droped a gold and silver pipe. answer no and you get both the gold and silver pipes pluss your original one.

    3. Laguna


      You earn extra points toward the end of the game for obtaining all three pipes. If you're going for a big 10 star (100 small star rating), you CAN NOT USE ANY BONUS WEAPONS, INCLUDING THE BEAM WEAPONS.

      No Beam Saber, Heather/Sexy Beam, no Submachine gun, nothing.

      Also, all bosses must be defeated in under 3 minutes, the game completed in under 3 hours, you can only take so much damage, need to kill so many enemies with melee, need to kill so many enemies by shooting, you must collect so many items, and so on and so forth. I have the guide at my house, actually.

    4. Amaster


      Correct me if I'm wrong, but there are no special bonuses (other than new clothing?) for getting 100%.

      I understand that there are 3 different endings, but havent had the desire to replay the game in order to get them. As opposed to SH1 where I got everything there was to get.

      Oh, and is it just me, or does the radio in SH3 sound terrible compared to the first two games?

  23. well after a month of setting traps a chipmunk was defeated by its own greed. The SOB had become so fat and had so much in its mouth that it got stuck going into its hole. He had a play date later that day with the lovable rocky, a 6 foot ball python.

    i walked out of my house and saw the SOB dive into its hole. I couln't belive it when i saw that the hide legs were stuck out and wriggling. so i grabbed them and pulled. i then asked for some pliers so i could remove him without being biten. however that too would have been impossible. the chipmunks mouth was filled with sonflower seeds and corn. it didnt even spit them out to get away. after pulling it out it tried to bite the pliers but could not turn its head. after a quick knock to the head it fell limp. even then it didnt give up its prise. so i pried it away and put him in the freezer to kill of any parasites.

    i will post pics.

    also if you remember a year ago the pics of the chickens

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    2. Planky


      Scuba Steve said:

      Can I ask why you went to all this trouble?

      Sephiroth said:

      He had a play date later that day with the lovable rocky, a 6 foot ball python.

      Snake's gotta eat I suppose.

    3. Sephiroth


      i dont normaly have issues with animals, but the neighbors went to the trouble of wipeing out the feral cats. also they go to the trouble of feeding the chipmunks. simply put the population is massive. might as well be a prarie dog colony in this area.

      there is extensive damage done by chipmunks and there is a potential danger with this many small rodent like animals. around 7 live under the step infont of the house. infact they have done extensive damage to the steps. i'll need to recement them before it gets cold, agian. I was useing a humane trap, however my step dad is barrowing it. i dont mind a few chipmunks but there is just too many. nothing hear eats them. the cats have been killed off by my neighbor. he gives the SOB's bags of corn. he also feeds the squirrles, but they stay out of houses.

      actualy this is only the second chipmunk i have killed this summer. both where fed to the snake. this one had gotten stuck in the hole that they made in the steps. when winter comes i may just gas the holes and get it done with. however i have captured 17 chipmunks, live. in the time sence around late may. all but one where taken to a reserve that is 4 miles from my house.

      they may look cute but members of the squirrle family are fast reproducers and very destructive. infact a number of home insurance companies don't cover damage done by squirrles. i know my dad found that out, but before we had an squirrle damage. he had to have it added on. the step is an example. after years of chewing they have added over 15 holes to the step and foundation of the house. last year i cemented most of them up. this time i am gonna reinforce it with steel mesh. also i am gonna gas the dens before i do it.

    4. destx


      Just kill the source (your neighbors).

  24. ever sence we moved in this house i can remember finding these small red stones. even to this day i still dont know what the hell they are. so if any of you are geology geniuses let me know. infact i dout these even are rocks, but it is the best way to discrib them.

    ok about the 'stones'

    small gravel like 'stones' largest get about 2cm in size.
    blood red color over most, if not all, the surface
    texture is smooth, like any polished small gravel
    the fact that i have seen no rocks with these embedded forces me to belive that they are man made. also the dark blood red color.
    remains offten found, from a barn or other structure that exsisted here atleast 75 years ago. nails (old school style) various hooks, mounts, a very old and large door hinge, tool parts (axe and hammer heads, blades), iron bars and even lantern parts.

    these stone may have had some far useage, or may have been a by-product of some process. if these are natural they are very strange and if they are rock maybe i can be rich selling blood red stones or something

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Silverwyvern


      Some kid years before prolly just threw red aquarium gravel all over the place.

    3. Sephiroth


      nope not aquirimun gravel. those tend to be normal stone, no crystaline structure to them. also tend not to be colored all the way thru. also over time they do fade. that was the first thing i thought.

      i will post pics tonight

    4. Silverwyvern


      I dunno.. there have been some major advancements on aquarium gravel lately ;)

      ..and I've never known it to ever fade.. even in the olden days.

  25. i have decided i will no longer help this couple... for free. i was helping them with their computer and internet however going over there is a pain in the ass. their kids just run amok and destroy everything, mainly the youngest. he even destoryed a computer. honestly that is when you spank a kid, not just say "bad" like its a dog.

    to make matters worse the kids abuse their last computer. turn it off when they cant get on, passwords prevent them from getting on. also by screwing around with alot of stuff.

    though what they do is easy to fix, but when you have 3 screaming kids fallowing you around and constatly buggy you. add in breakign stuff, throwing stuff, fighting yelling and such it gets to be a pain.
    its not that i dont like kids. these kids are just not at all punished for the shit they do. say like, pouring pop into a computer or throwing plates into the ceiling fan. shit like that deserves a spanking and a grounding. today i am fixing the last problem, i belive it is realted to the fact they didn't pay the god damn bill for the internet.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Sharessa


      Just lock them in their rooms all day. That learned me. Spanking only turns people into sado-masochists. I should know.

    3. Ultraviolet


      Danarchy said:

      Just lock them in their rooms all day. That learned me. Spanking only turns people into sado-masochists. I should know.

      Hippy bullshit. I got spanked and I'm not a sado-masochist. Kids occasionally do need the physical jolt -- it's a way of really bringing consequences to a kid's attention. Of course, to them at the time the consequence may seem only to be punishment, which is not a good attitude to have, but that's why it's important not to just beat the fuck out of a kid.

      There are, of course, more creative ways to punish a child that aren't cruel, unusual, or even subject to hippy protest bullshit, but the trick with those is to catch a kid in the act of trying to push the envelope. Punishments get more extreme as a kid pushes further and further away from "the line."

      We talked about this method of punishment on IRC, I believe: The Iron Chair. Once you get a kid that is acting up so much he won't sit still when you say to, won't listen at all, you kinda HAVE to exhibit the fact that you ARE still the biggest fish in the pond. But that's why you have to keep a kid walking the line, so it doesn't get that bad. Now, I'm not advocating repression... It's for every parent to find the proper balance there.

    4. Csonicgo


      That's why I use the Dragon Kick(TM).