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  1. usally the firmware update fixes it. however even then it is still the most common MP3 player with issues. they dont seem to take abuse well at all.

    however the battery issue is not as bad as i thought, my original complaint about the ipods.

    however if you meet the basic requirments most people never have problems.

    you need OSX or winXP/2000, dont get an ipod is useing 98/me/NT. you MUST use the itunes software. its not like most MP3 player where it shows up as an external device and you can just drop and drag, you must use the itunes software.
    you can use it for storage though.
    dont get one if it is gonna be seeing lots of physical use, like jogging and sports. they dont seem to like alot of physical activity.

    personaly i would get a standard MP3 player. same thing for less price and seems to last longer. like the creative nomad or samsung players.

    Ipods are great for office and car use. and when taken care of will last. also the fact that the firmware update is very easy to do and adds features. the main problem is people dont know much about them and assume they can do things they cant or will work on systems and with software it cant. Ipods are great for massive music collections, but for most people a simple basic MP3 player will last longer and be much easier to use

  2. Alboroto said:

    [grandpavoice]When I was young we had big sharks, not those little tiny things you have now! and apple pie tasted like apple pie!!![/grandpavoice]

    i am sure apple pie also humped more like apple pie too!
    i think the germans stole all the sharks from america in WWI and WWII

  3. i alreaqdy have a GBA and DS, so why would i want that. i wonder if it is back lighted?

    i might still get a PSP, just waiting to see how it does. the DS is a nice system, but wished it had more power. i was very impressed with the PSP. however the best technology does not mean it will have the best games or even do as well compared to other systems

  4. i have seen bad gaming prices, back in the N64 days. i remeber seeing a number of games in the range of $65-$85. including doom64, however chances are good that was the store.

    if games cost more that $45 i ussally wait.

  5. hemp is used, or was used, for man things.
    bags, clothes, fiber board, paper, sails, rope, misc fibers, food, oil, and other things too.

    while hemp contains THC its not worth it to smoke. be like smoking poppy seeds to get an opium high.

    the cane/grilled cheese by far were the best. also its proof that our species will most likly be extinct soon

  6. for my older DOS game system i just went out and bought a used monitor. works great. that was 3 years ago, and it is still kicking and looks good.

    stay away from LCD for DOS stuff, while newer and more high end ones look great most low end/cheap ones look bad in text mode and on certian res settings.

    if you buy used look for a price around $15-$35 for 17 inch. anything mor eis mst lilly a rip off. also make sure you can see it in action. aviod the gateway EV700 if you see it, those things suck.

    other recomendations. have a system for older DOS games. something like a 486 or pentium. use older hardware too. the best soundcard for older DOS games would be a soundblaster AWE 32/64. grab 2 voodoo 2 cards and you are ready to rock. the winXP and DOS box combo will work but personaly i prefer my old school game rig to that.

    my old system is
    486 DX4 120Mhz
    mainboard with 4 ISA slots and 4 PCI
    48MB RAM
    AWE32 sound card with extra 2 MB ram added.
    S3 video card
    2 voodoo2 video cards SLI
    windows 95 B

    this system is mostly for doom, duke3d and older games

  7. Numbermind said:

    Holy crap! You don't get more left-field than that. I didn't even know there was anything wrong with him.

    I'll use the Chewbacca defense today in his honor.

    why? didn't seem to work on the reaper so what makes you think it will work for you?

    heh Chewbacca defednse is awesom, but my teacher did like it.

  8. at least it isn't another jesus or mary sighting, i am tired of those. finaly satan gets some press coverage.

    see satan isnt a bad guy, he saved a turtle. Sure all those other animals died but at least they tasted good.

    honestly stupid people never fail to amuse me.

  9. my brother did DXM yesturday and it just made him sick and all fucked up. he started puking and itching.

    usally around these parts pot is the thing, everyone does it. its everywhere. however the massives have been craving a groovy trip and so everyone is shroom hunting. even i am curious about shrooms, but i still dout i will use them.

    i would rather see my friend be a pot head than a drunk. at least it would be next to imposible to OD on weed.

    salvia is an interesting experince though. however its not a party drug. best if done in a quite calm place.

  10. Doom-Child said:

    Was that even English?

    I have to second Frederik on this one. I like Linux, I use it for my file server. But trying to use it for day to day operations is an exercise in futility.


    linux works great for me in day to day stuff. everything i normaly do i can do in linux just fine.
    though however if you are into multimedia and gaming stick with windows.
    most stuff that works in XP works in 2000. however a few products are changing that, mostly MS stuff.

    also depding on the system you may want win 2000. if you use a p2 or p3 then you would want to use win 2000. chances are good if you use win 98.

    if you have an older p2 or pentium dont waste your time, stick with win98 or go linux.

    i have seen people put XP on systems as low as p133 with 64MB ram, however it was not very usable. as far as ram goes i would recommend at least 128MB for win2000 and 256MB for XP. Linux at least 64.

  11. Infinite Ammunition said:

    god that's bullshit, and what's terrorist about it anyway?

    its the new witch hunt. commies are out, they are so 1950's. and terrorist are all the rage now.

    my friends and I had a "roadkill club" growing up. it was called roadkill because that was the name of the lead star in a comic we made. the comic was loaded with itchy and scratchy type stuff. as well as a gallon of stuff that was just plain wierd. the people in the comic even used marijuana, in a number of later strips they had to hid their stash.

    these were rarly looked into, except by one kids mother. teachers didn't care, or notice. however had i done these today, or even a few years later, i am sure i would have met a similar fate.

  12. as it was said before. when you delete a file the computer marks its space as free. as long as you dont do anything to that space it can usally be recovered. however if you install something really big or defrag chances are you may loose it.

    I have had to do file recovery before. however it usally involved linux. the undelte program for win98/95/DOS will not work in winXP. unless you have fat32. we have used a bootable linux distro called helix to recover files before.

    personaly i have never liked system restore and always turn it off.

    make a habit of backing up files. I see it every day. in the end you cant blame anyone else for a loss if you didn't back it up. Oh and use a good medium for backups. like CD-R or DVD, i would aviod floppy and i would use a cd/DVD over a zip disk.

  13. from personal expernice i dont like useing windows media player to burn stuff, or rip.

    my girlfriend always has issues with it. usally volume. her house mate has similar problems, differnt computers and disks

    personaly i use nero and K3B with no issues. i have used easy CD creator and others too.

    for ripping i use CDex and i dont really download but when i do it is usally from bittorent, or my friend.

    chances are it might be making a data disk instead.

  14. Technician said:

    Nothing on best buy about a pre-order. Mabey that Best buy was trying to get rid of some shirts left from Doom 3

    nope these are new, for the expansion of doom III. i'll send pics as soon as i feel like it.
    left over stuff like that gets devo'ed. so they wouldn't sell it on the floor. unless they got demand to do so.