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Posts posted by Sephiroth

  1. rott is great. i had few complaints about that wonderful game. even if the engine was a bit dated for the times it was fun as hell to play.

    as for the bird i dont know why it would be impossible to see. to get a screenshot yea it is difficult. however in play it was one of the first things i noticed.

    the game seems like such a forgotten title among doom, duke3d and quake.

  2. insertwackynamehere said:

    Conkers Bad Fur Day

    never played it but when i got halo 2 it was advertised for xbox in march 2005 or something. i guess nintendo didn't want it on their own systems, so they went to xbox.

    adventure for atari, while fun, it did have and arrow as a weapon and ducks.

  3. now if someone can get the game to run on a old 1024K VESA card then they deserve $1,000,000 and a free computer.

    these people are doing it just to do it. its fun to mess with stuff like that.

    with TNT2 i could see someone trying it. I had gotten a voodoo 2 just before the TNT2.

  4. i did enjoy x-files when i was younger. now however i really dont watch any of those TV shows.
    friends was more of a comedy and besides i fucking hated that show.

    however the worst shit i can think of is soap operas and similar type shows.

    X-files may be the one i would guess, maybe startrek. however really wasn't into star trek that much and i only remember it because one episode scared the shit out of me. however i can claim countless x-files episodes had a similar effect.
    however as a kid i loved the A-team, but i was really little and dont remember much.

  5. Snarboo said:

    My theory is that when someone purchases something, they always suffer from a little bit of disappointment. In most cases, the disappointment does not outweigh the pure satisfaction from the item purchased..........

    can't tell you how much i agree with that. after all i deal with it every day. as much as i want to point and laught that someone bought an HP or compaq i can't. i mean why would i shell out money for something that uses cheap parts, comes preinstalled with spyware and other problems, doesn't include a "pure" version of windows and that is gonna be infested with spyware and viruses in 6 months? give me a good reason to. or why would i use AOL, the worst major ISP tha ti can think of.

    so as you can see i deal with junk like that at work. people need to get 2 things strieght. One, shit happens, its a fact of fucking life. get over it you worthless retards. Two there is no such thing as a perfect product. never is and never will be.

    I may have my choice products but even i know they have some flaws. Its not like i have never made a bad purchase before, who hasn't?

  6. the geforce MX series are always the low end cards. a geforce 4 mx 440 is really just a high end geforce 2 card. if this is an original geforce card, not 2,3 or 4, then i would say you need a newer card. the geforce FX series and radeon series are great. for a little lower a geforce mx 4000 would work or a ATI 9200. recommend a geforce FX 5500 or ATI 9600, and up, for newer games.

  7. shark's tale looks extreamly confusing. i have no interest in it cause it looks based on that pop culture club stuff which i find extreamly annoying. also that fish with a human head really looks fucking creepy.

    chances are i will only see that movie if the girl i am seeing wants to see a movie. if not i will most likly catch it a few years from now on HBO or something

  8. i remember when doomnation.com died, one day it was there, the next it was gone. i forget what happened in that case. i only hope a similar problem doesnt happen tyo zdoom. it would truely suck if zdoom just dropped off the face of the earth.

  9. sounds more like an issue with those games and not the card, but you never know. try updateing those games, or visiting sites for those games.

    never played either of those games and not really sure how old they are, let alone their needs. maybe you dont got a card with the power for those games.

  10. there WAS that Michael Jackson game.. so that was wierd. well at least it didn't involve child rape, maybe you need special codes, but i think you had to save his monkey.

    shaq-fu was wierd, and lame, i dont even know why that sold.
    alot of the final fantasy games are wierd. play IX, its the wierdest i have ever played anyways. talking hippo women scare me.

    Alice was wierd, how could it not be. the book it was based on was wierd to start with.

    still mario has to be the strangest.

  11. i liked the american's aginst arnold site. nothing more commical than seeing adolf....er...arnold and a swastika in the back ground.

    or the other wierd shit on that site. which leads me to not taking anything seriously from it. i would rather take micheal moore's truths over theirs. after looking around the site i don't know how many can take it seriously. just like my spelling, some parts of this site are just plain bad.

    however such issues and that are more common than you think. consider if anyone found a cure for cancer, would we really ever see it? i mean there is more money to be made from a treatment rather than a cure.

  12. I am pretty satisfied with the game. even if it doesn't explain what the hell is going on.
    maybe the game should have been called "city 17" but that would not sell as well as "half-life 2"

    it looks and runs great. almost no major bugs. unlike the first game, i remember some of the rather nasty bugs. the elevator one being the worst.

    however i think doom3 can show more and has a more beefy engine. HL2 sacrificed some of this to get more speed and open spaces.

    the dead body physics can be a bit strange. i miss being able to gib people. however i loved catching headcrab zombies on fire or cutting them in half with saw blades of death.

  13. Endureth said:

    Until you've experienced actual depression you should probably be a little more tactful about it. Depression can reach lows you probably can't even fathom. It's a mental disorder.

    I hope I never have a reason to be so depressed.


    true. it can cause pain far great than anything physical. if you want to know what hell is like i sudgest going threw it. its nothing i would wish on anyone else.... ok maybe that's a lie cause i know of people who would deserv it.

    when i had to deal with it i wasn't crazy, really wasn't even suicidal. i just remember how bad i felt. its not a good experince, feels like everything is coming down on you. after a week they had me damn near sedated.

    anyways i thinkl this woman just went nuts. didn't know what she was doing.

  14. been playing alot of silent hill 1 today, just bought it this morning. it was the only game i hadn't played.
    its a good game so far, even if the graphics are rather poor.

    also had been playing HL2, great game but really not that much in common with HL1.

    halo 2 has been getting play as has silent hill4, totaly differnt from SH1. other than the name and a few other things there are no similarities.

  15. yea i ran across this game last night. i cant belive they are selling it!
    i could understand if it was used as a gimick for a non-profit group or something.

    certianly i am not gonna buy a game. personaly i would try killing the others in the car too. i wonder what happens when you shoot his wife?

  16. Disorder said:

    Yeah. I bought the game today. I'm happy with HL2 but I'm not at all happy with Steam. You have to be connected to the steam network all the time. It costs too much time. Very annoying.

    yea i know. i dont think you can play the game if you have steam off or if you are not connected to the internet. i'll have to try and play it without my network connection.

    if you do have to be connected then i do say "that's fucking bullshit!"