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Posts posted by Sephiroth

  1. i thought the ports could have been done a bit better. doom has slowdown on some maps. personaly i don't mind the green blood. infact if it had no blood at all, for preformance reasons, i would take that.

    my biggest issue was the fact you can only save after you beat a map. howeve rit was still a very good port.

    wolf3d is a great game for GBA, but the music is missing.

  2. fact is if you believe the hype your hope usally have no place to go but down. Like the star wars movies, i am not expecting much from them. so if they fail i will not see it as much as a dissapointment.

    same with doom III, i expected nthing less that an FPS based on mars with demons.

    Half-life 2, expecting another extension of half-life. and decent graphics.

    Halo 2, i just expect a decent FPS for xbox. However i am not gonna rush out and buy it.

    I was very surprised with both x-box and halo. i wasn't expecting much out of either. I still play halo once and a while. Though silent hill 2 and RTCW both have it beat in terms of what is played the most.

  3. yes you can fill the cracks provided they are not too deep and you clean the disk. you dont want debris to fill those cracks and be left behind. also depends on the cracks them selves. also one trick that may work is buring a copy, however cant really tell you how to.

    at work we often get scratched/damaged restore disks. she clean them, polish them and then burn a copy. most of the time the burned copy works.

  4. pain elemental ghosts are a pain in the ass. i have seen that once. however a lost soul ghost would do nothing but pass through you.

    yes lost souls can be crush as can pain elementals. they just have to die as a door shuts or get killed by a crushing ceiling.

    ghost are the coolest bug in the doom games, or any other game that i can think of. Even if the tombraider super jump trick was useful i wasn't very fun like a ghost.

  5. i wouldn't really fit in the nerd catagory. i have had alot of jobs, lets see

    trap shoot
    burger king
    krogers, photolab
    trap shoot
    cheese factory
    sorting bolts
    security guard
    hiding boxes of legal document, putting them in basement
    freelance computer tech and building
    exterminating pests
    inventory stuff

    so i have done alot now that i think about it. wierdest was the cheese factory. however the best was sorting bolts. sat in a chair for 10 hours and sorted bolts for $16 and hour. best thing about that one was i had a partner who decided to quite and thus i got all her hours.

  6. my mother use to be into those movies, and star trek, big time before she converted to fundalmentalist christianity. However i know she still likes that stuff, just doesn't say she does.

    personaly i just saw it on TV, looks like it might be OK. truth is i only watch episode 2 like once. My dad even Owns the DVD and i dont really care for it. as aposed to how many times i have watched LOTR

  7. yea HL2 on the PS2 would look like butt, like doom on SNES. personaly i don't know why they would bother with it. I am sure by the time they got finished PS3 would be due out. so why not develope it for PS3?

    As for doom III on X-box i dout they will cancel it, but i could see them moving to to X-box 2.

  8. dont patents usally last 7 years before you have to renew it?

    yea i am starting to see why open source people hate software patens. its one thing to devlope your own program and system and to do with it what you want. however what about a little concept called parallel evolution? Now if it was stolen then i can understand, but why the 15 year wait?

    needless to say i would have expected this BS from microsoft.

  9. I too shall join you guys in sarrow. my state also passed the "anti-gay" act banning gay marriage. So not only do I appologise for bush but i have to appologise for my state's stupidity.

    I used to think this place wasn't that bad, until like a year ago.

    anyways i did my part to try to get people to see we fucked up. also that terrorism is not native to one land or people.

    i have said it many times before. i am more concerned about getting shot by a drug dealer or mugger than i am concerned about getting nuked.

  10. darknation said:

    here's to four more years of stupidity.

    more like four more years of war.
    damn that almost makes it 8 years. anywyas guess i shouldn't complain as i am planning on going military. though i will complain if i get to the front lines, fucker cut soldier's pay.

    however hope to get a job in his new missle deffence program, even if i view it as worthless cold war era bull-shit.

  11. nope, but we later used good old "connie" in a number of other pranks. Infact she was the assassitant to a comic book hero we made in 7th or 8th grade, for our "language arts" class. except she was called connie C. however we couldn't hold back for long.
    in 8th grade a kid was running for class somthing. so he made posters that said stuff like "do you want 5$?" and the best one said "do you really like popcorn" except PO RN were made really really huge and the pco was made really tiny.

    the official statement from the supervisor was "while this is a good example of trickery and word use, it is still unacceptable." he didnt get in trouble for it. However i think Connie cumshot made a few posters too, but that may have been the next year.

    I really think Bush will pull this one out of his ass agian. Oh well.

  12. the "sige heil" act in my state seems to have passed. its an act banning gay marrage. even though i am not gay something about it deeply disturbs me. My grandfather was all pissed off about it "Its the same shit they [nazis] did when i was your age!" of course he has said that about other things too. ironicly he really doesn't like blacks.
    however he bitches about alot of things.

    i never really paid attention to politics and there is a shit load i don't know. what little i have gotten into has shown me... its not at all my cup of tea.

  13. oh no, i am back in high school. those things begame gameboys, mainly because gameboys were banned.

    i remember mario, the GB edition, being on a TI 93 or something.

    i would have better look porting doom to the telxon gun at work. well maybe wolf3d as it is an 8088 with 1024K ram. however the 386 and 486 model would be a possiblity. hell the thing even runs MS-DOS 5.00

  14. Gokuma said:

    The companies have made sure he is silenced.

    quite.... or the SS will be after us agian.

    there was a couple guys on our ballots, forget the names. nader was not one of them.

    i remember are school mock election in like 1996. there where two people running for president of the school. it had a box with the 2 names and then a "write in" for what ever reason 11 of us wrote in the name "Connie Cumshot"

    they didn't know who all did it so they couldn't really punish people. however our class got spoken to by the consouler.