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  1. don't any of you remember the old ROR port? i think it is still listed on the source ports section. anyways that is all it did, add ROR support. i dont even think ti had boom support. however legacy and all those do have it now.

  2. many people i know are republican. However i question their reasons for voting so. They don't really know much about what is going on in the world. My best friend supports bush because of a few lame reasons. he likes gun, hates gays, hates the middle east and hates a number of laws. One law he hates is the whole DUI thing. he still doesn't understand why he can't drive. if it where up to me he would never drive agian. 3 DUI's in 2 years is just bad, and he is under age. His brother is also pushing his luck by driving on a suspended license. his was taken because he has seisures and they are unable to determine the cause.

    needless to say there are many democrats who do the same thing. Most people don't know the issues at hand. What i have learned has been about the presidentail elections i know very little about those running in local elections.

  3. imagine a run in with the 9 foot fella. he and all his 1000 pound glory. however i have heard that it may have fed exclusivly on plants like bamboo due to the large jaws and teeth.

    you can tell alot about an animals from its teeth and jaws.

  4. that might be a good comedy. a guy hitting one with a bat. of course i am sure some twisted LOTR fan out there already has hobbit porn up.
    I am surprised that furry porn never reached the "hominid" errotica. however who the hell know. Its not something i am gonna go look for. Seriously is there a fetish that doesn't exsist. i am sure there are people turned on by mouse balls and soap.

    anyways i think they have been studing this sence 2003. it is a new species however where it belongs may prove a debate. it could be and most likly was a subspecies for homo erectus or homo sapien. however it is possible that it is from another race we havn't discovered.

    most people don't realize how much the enviroment has changed in the last 150,000 years. humans, just like everything else conform to the rules of nature and evoultion. I am sure there are many other species we have yet to find.

    I would love to get news that there was another species still alive and well. personaly i would almost rather go back in time and see different species of humans than go back and see dinosaurs.

  5. i think restless dreams US is the exact same as it is in the UK. I don't know why buying it from the UK would be differnt than from the US? i can understand buying the japanese version but even then i think it is the same, except the language

    i have it for Xbox and i don't know of any differences.

    no you will not be able to play the game on an american PS2 without having it chiped

  6. yea i was reading about that last night. there are alot more to hamans than what most people think. some people don't want to think about it.
    The current species of humans, us, also is not the one who had the largest brain. neanderthals got that honor. if i recall there brain was about 100cm3 larger. however larger brain doesn't mean better. just as the pentium pro isn't better than a P4, the Pentium pro is like 6 P4's if you don't know much about them.

    this species was tiny. i wonder what they looked like.

    one think i always get a kick out of is when religious groups get the news and add their spin to it. everything from imbreeding, mutated monkeys, desease and demons. also add in conspiacies about other religions trying to undo them

  7. fodders said:

    Yeh the BBC is running a mini series called The power of nightmares about the fear being generated to push thro new laws etc

    i know what you mean. animal rights groups did that BS here and got many pets banned. it started with people having bears, which i know they shouldn't. then it moved towards snakes.
    one incident was over a fireman who was bitten by his pet. they made claims it was free in the house and completly blew the story arpart. made it look like he held on heroicly. however he was dead before he got to the hospital and the snake was locked safly in its cage. they got other shit passed too banning all monitor lizards, snakes over 5 feet, some dogs, deer like animals and bears. bears and such where all ready covered under rabis laws and wildlife protection laws. elk, deer and buffalo where added to target local farms that breed these.

    its usally the side with the most money that wins. we had little money and could not aford a million dollar lawyer to put a spin on everything.
    another incident put people's lives in danger. they had released an alligator in a local park. they had apperently bought it month before from a breeder

  8. heh, chick.com what a great site. feeling down and want to laught at humanity? then take a gander. even better was their article on doom, the classic versions. can't find the doom article though.
    it would be a different world if we had a king or if each state was a contry.

  9. This page has been removed from the server.

    Lucas Arts legal contacted my ISP, my ISP sent me this:

    Dear Intermedia.NET customer:

    Intermedia.NET has received notice of alleged infringement in connection with your Intermedia.NET account for the website located at leftcorner.com, specifically http://www.leftcorner.com/swg/ff/ff6.htm.

    In accordance with Intermedia.NET's Digital Millennium Copyright Act policy, Intermedia.NET requests that you act as soon as possible either to remove the allegedly infringing material from the website or to provide Intermedia.NET with a valid counter-notification indicating you believe the copyright infringement notice is the result of some error. The policy including counter-notification procedures is attached to this email message.

    If you fail to remove the allegedly infringing material or fail to provide Intermedia.NET with a valid counter-notification within twenty-four (24) hours of this notice, Intermedia.NET will be forced to disable access to the website referenced above.

    Please let me know immediately if you have questions regarding the information contained in this message.

    Very truly yours,

    [Guy from Intermedia]

    kinky, what ever the hell that means.

    all i know is something was there and now its gone. someone must have been pissed off about what ever it was.

  10. at my work place people get pissed because you only get a smoke break for 15 minutes every 4 hours. well it's nice because people actualy work.

    when i worked fast food people always wanted to go on a smoke break every 30 minutes. many ended up getting fired.

    a friend of mine gets pissed when his family smokes in the house. however he is fucking nuts cause he chews tobacco. personaly if i had to choose i would smoke. i don't even hang out with him any more because of his habbit

  11. the ATI 9600XT card is nice. i have had no issue with it. have hit some areas with slowdown.

    MP is very fast and looks great.

    other than that an update to CPU would be a good idea. however it is most likly the older P4, the big one. you may be able to go up to 2Ghz or so. i would not recommend over clocking. i hear doom doesn't like it as well.

    also there is an ATI "patch" for doom3 which can improve preformance with ATI cards.

  12. if you dont know about spyware, then chances are strong you have it.

    tips to get rid of it

    dont use AOL.
    never install file share programs. most of these have spyware. however there are "cracked" versions that dont have the spyware.
    use mozilla, firefox, netscape or opera for a browser. you would be surprised how well these work and how much they cut down on that junk.
    watch what you download!

    programs that are great for spyware removal are lavasoft adware and spybot S&D
    also AVG is a very good, and free, anti virus. also zone alarms firewall is another exelent choice.

    if you're just so bogged down by spyware and viruses then fdisk and format. then do a fresh install.
    however if you own an HP or compaq you are shit out of luck. they use a restore partion, i thought restore disks were bad.

    other tips.
    turn off the restore feature. these often times end up causeing problems and backing up spyware and viruses.
    use service pack 2

    notes: HP, and compaq, preinstall spyware for you! might as well sence most people are fucking tards. they install a program called "wild tangent" which is a spyware program. so far HP is the only company i know of that does this.

    as far as doom goes. make sure that you have nothing overclocked. all drivers up to date and that your memmory is fairly clean.

  13. i personaly prefer direct seX

    did you add that card you self?
    reason i asked is that many new computers offten come with small power supplies. i have seen a great many with some as low as 175 watts. not near the needed amout for high end graphics.

    however i would think that you would have had other issues. havnt really tested to see the effects of a small power supply. you need at least a 420 watt powersupply. if you have lower, upgrade. also in dells you either need to buy from dell or buy an adpter. DEll computers do not use the standard ATX power supply! useing a standard power supply without adpater will kill your main board and your warrenty.

    here is a link

  14. you should be fine. however you would have realized that if you just looked at the min requirments.

    strangly most people DONT. you will be surprised how often i get asked "why doesn't this game work" from people who got intel "accelerated" graphics.

  15. i was in no way trying to turn this into a pro-gun or anti-gun debate.

    past incidents, family history and other factors have influnced my choice in getting a gun . all i aksed is what people would recommend, if anything. I am well aware of gun laws and will abide by all of them. I am in no way one of those insane pro-gun lunitics

    it was also never a plan to keep the weapon loaded. i know that is an accident waiting to happen. even keeping it under a pillow or anything like that would be dumb. at most unloaded under the bed with ammo in the closet.
    home invasion is not really a fear. more so is someone getting really high and flipping out. also given the life style choices of some of my family members and their friends.

    unless you guys want to talk about guns i am gonna close this thread.

  16. Gokuma said:

    That's bullshit copy protection in shitty DVD players detecting that they're plugged into a VCR. Oh shit! We can't have people making VHS tapes of DVDs now can we?! The whole industry will be destroyed! Playstation 2 of course has that crap too. But they can't detect all VCR's.

    i know. it doesn't do that with my dad's VCR. he has a really old ass TV. however my mom's did it. at first we were confused and i returned the DVD player and got an X-box only to see that do the same thing. it then dawned on my that it was a copy protection.

    my friend wonders why his PS2 doesn't play half his CD's. maybe because they are all burned... i think it sometimes plays a few if you do a RAW copy. havnt experimented on it.