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  1. Shep

    Doom 3 Virtual Texturing

    Fixed! Now I can finally see it in action! Running the game once in native mode, removing the pk4 files AND creating a new install directory were required to get it functioning. Now on to making it fit my monitor (16:10). I found my way to the discord somehow and learned that IcedTech is more than megatextures, but rather, an entire port? I'm still picking up the pieces, but from what I am seeing - I will be happy to leave Dhewm and fhDoom behind me. Thanks again for your work.
  2. Shep

    Doom 3 Virtual Texturing

    Yes, sorry I should have been more clear. To manually implement your .dll the pk4 files have to be removed. Been tinkering for most of the afternoon, haven't solved it yet but I'm also bouncing around between a few doom3 items. ;)
  3. Shep

    Doom 3 Virtual Texturing

    Darklight warnings-fixed1.zip I did a fresh installation and re-ran the *.bat's but was unable to proceed. Thank you for your assistance.
  4. Shep

    Contrast Adaptive Sharpening

    Hello again! Wonderful execution. What are the chances of a Doom 3 adaptation? I'm currently exploring using ReShade for this purpose but only as far as knowing its has AMD FildeilityFX built in now, thus no results just yet. Thanks! EDIT: Cannot achieve ReShade compatibility with fhDoom or Dhewm3, thus far.
  5. Shep

    Doom 3 Virtual Texturing

    Thank you for the reply. The usage case, essentially, is to use the most modern variety of doom3 (such as Dhewm3) and push it further. I'm not interested in things like sikkmod or other modifications that alter the "nature" of the game. I just don't enjoy oily textures, buggy hdr or extraordinary texture shimmering, etc. It's very encouraging to see a project like this one, working on megatextures implementation, as it fuels the imagination and may even represent a technological/graphical improvement much more measurable and less subjective than things like sikkmod. I also acknowledge that you appear to be working on these projects as a way to teach yourself, learn and create - not necessarily to satisfy my personal nerdy idtech4/doom 3 play-through desires, so I am grateful enough that the project even exists. About to test IcedTech in a moment as the sound conversions have just completed. Took about 30-40min? Not too bad I don't think. Xeon s771@4.2Ghz 8GB DDR2@1100 EDIT: unfortunately, I cannot seem to launch successfully. "Wrong game DLL API version" Darklight warnings.zip
  6. Shep

    Doom 3 Virtual Texturing

    This is really amazing work. Thank you for posting your progress and demonstrations. Will definitely be tuned in. I'm just sad that it's not ready for the play-through I just started! ;) I realize this is in early stages, but I was wondering what you might expect the compatibility with Dhewm3 to be?