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  1. Amaguq

    Marshmallow Doom v0.77

    Hello! First of all thanks a lot for this nice Source Port. I had a problem with the keyboard mapping on Marshmallow Doom v0.77, Crispy Doom and Marshmallow Doom have the default WASD keyboard config for movement but I've never been a fan of such arrangement, I prefer ESDF, now the problem here is when I play there's some kind of conflict when I press "E" and "S" to move-forward and strafe-left at the same time, the movement is only strafe-left on the game. I think maybe it has something to do with the engine over-ridding the custom button config with the default one, I test my assumption mapping "W" to strafe-left and "A" to move-forward then when I press "W" or "A" on the game the movement is forward and strafe-left at the same time using only a single key. This problem doesn't exist on CrispyDoom, I checked it on the last build just to be sure. I only use the "chocolate-setup.exe" for keyboard mapping by the way. Thank you for all your hard work!
  2. Know who drew that avatar?

    1. Amaguq


      Hey! Sorry, I don't know, I just did a quick search on Google Images for "Cacodemon" to get a temporal avatar and this image catch my attention. The image comes from this TeePublic page.