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  1. NinjaTanek

    Land Of Despair map made for gzdoom (Updated)

    its going to be fixed tonight
  2. NinjaTanek

    Land Of Despair map made for gzdoom (Updated)

    This will be fixed asap. Thanks
  3. This is my first map I have felt like sharing so here it is, I worked on this map on and off for almost a year now its called "Land Of Despair" made by me and Spaicrab, i did most of the environments and level design and he helped with enemy placements, although I did place quite a few enemies myself. there are over 700 enemies in this map and is designed with the Ultra-violence difficulty in mind. the wad is meant to be played on gzdoom using hardware accelerated rendering (software mode makes a secret area looks weird.) It is more of a slaughter map because I love slaughter maps so I tried to design something kind of slaughtery but not insane like HolyHell or Okuplok. I hope you all enjoy this map and give some feedback on it. Heres are download links: Latest Release (v1.1): https://drive.google.com/file/d/15yUsX90d0wi6ECWFinFpsfocKJh3dC8E/view?usp=sharing Update: Fixed Door leading to the crate area, removed armor bonus arrows at the teleporter near the exit. fixed an area where cacodemons could block you off because we didn't use blocksound. Lastly here are screenshots:
  4. NinjaTanek

    No russian intro (Fixed Link)

    Formatted in gzdoom and im gonna fix the link and upload a screenshot in a bit, this was done in like 20 minutes as a joke, i didnt spend time making it look good since this was just a joke map.
  5. NinjaTanek

    No russian intro (Fixed Link)

    download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qUrSMzZQ2otZK_76xoWZfjS1IXaDEWqS/view?usp=sharing so i asked my friend for a map idea and well here it is
  6. oh ok. sorry for that, thought it would work in wads & mods because it was for a wad. oh well i will know next time, thanks for that and the link
  7. i want to add new monsters, decorations and etc, but i want to keep everything from the original game.
  8. im trying to make a map where The icon of sin (John romeros head) is behind a fake wall,
  9. NinjaTanek

    What was the first custom wads you have played?

    probably Plutonia 2