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  1. NinjaTanek

    Land Of Despair

    Updated the map AGAIN! it is much more polished and playable now. all bugs have been fixed (as far as I know) the fights have been altered and the ending has been changed. I have spent hundreds of hours making this map super detailed and fun to play I hope everyone enjoys it.
  2. NinjaTanek

    Land Of Despair

    I have updated the map again! this time its v1.666 and it will most likely be the final update (unless i compose a good enough midi to be used in the wad)
  3. NinjaTanek

    Land Of Despair

    its going to be fixed tonight
  4. NinjaTanek

    Land Of Despair

    This will be fixed asap. Thanks
  5. NinjaTanek

    Land Of Despair

    Land of Despair is a doom II wad created by me and Spaicrab designed to be run on GZDOOM. The wad uses the OTEX texture pack. This wad also includes a deathmatchable version of the first area of the singleplayer map in the MAP02 slot. Mouselook, jumping and crouching are not required. The hardware accelerated renderer is recommended. Spaicrab: https://www.doomworld.com/profile/31569-spaicrab/ (Additional credits are in the Readme.) (Land of Despair): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RBuNQ0QdtOXUhOsvWcHUAFoec8xm6cuc/view?usp=sharing Update: Reworked the map to look better, play better, have a better ending, fixed chaingunner trap, and fixed deathmatch maps misaligned textures. Lastly here are screenshots and a playthrough:
  6. NinjaTanek

    No russian intro (Fixed Link)

    Formatted in gzdoom and im gonna fix the link and upload a screenshot in a bit, this was done in like 20 minutes as a joke, i didnt spend time making it look good since this was just a joke map.
  7. download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qUrSMzZQ2otZK_76xoWZfjS1IXaDEWqS/view?usp=sharing so i asked my friend for a map idea and well here it is
  8. oh ok. sorry for that, thought it would work in wads & mods because it was for a wad. oh well i will know next time, thanks for that and the link
  9. i want to add new monsters, decorations and etc, but i want to keep everything from the original game.
  10. im trying to make a map where The icon of sin (John romeros head) is behind a fake wall,
  11. NinjaTanek

    What was the first custom wads you have played?

    probably Plutonia 2