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  1. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    I've been wanting to learn Karakalpak for a while but haven't found any good resources for it. Karakalpakstan has a very unique culture and the language should be learnt by more people.
  2. ReeseJamPiece

    Random Image Thread

    South Africa Why you ask? Why not?
  3. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    Another language I would love to learn is Norn. Norn was spoken in the Northern islands of Scotland (Orkney and Shetland) along with Caithness. It's a strange mix between Celtic and Norse, the last known speaker died in 1850, so there are no audio records of it. However, there are some learning resources out there for the language if anyone is interested in learning some. Here is the Lord's Prayer in Norn to give you an idea of what it's like: Fa vor i ir i chimrie, / Helleur ir i nam thite, gilla cosdum thite cumma, / veya thine mota vara gort o yurn sinna gort i chimrie, / ga vus da on da dalight brow vora Firgive vus sinna vora / sin vee Firgive sindara mutha vus, lyv vus ye i tumtation, / min delivera vus fro olt ilt. Amen. Here is the Norn website for more info: http://nornlanguage.x10.mx/index.php?intro
  4. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    I'm thinking of learning another endangered language, I speak Manx and that only has 1,800 speakers globally. Ainu seems interesting, it's a Japanese Aboriginal language spoken by the Ainu people of Hokkaido. Only around 10 native speakers are known to exist. I might learn it while learning Japanese, I like doing two languages at a time. I'd recommend others to try learning it too, it is critically endangered and will likely go extinct soon.
  5. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    Sounds interesting, does it do Welsh? If so I'll look into it.
  6. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    There are roughly around 7,117 languages recorded as of 2020. Some of them listed are dialects but it's still a large amount. It's strange how so many people can only speak one while there is so many out there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_Languages/Primary_language_names_in_Ethnologue_18
  7. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    It's the same problem over here too, most people here only speak English. I've never really had the chance to have a conversation with anyone in another language because most people I know are monolingual.
  8. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    I speak in Scottish English (Dundonian and Glaswegian), it's probably one of the strongest dialects of the English language. We pronounce and spell words like house as hoose and from as fae. We have some of our own words too like faird and fehver. The brain treats dialects the same as a language, so learning a dialect is similar to learning a language.
  9. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    German can be extremely difficult, some words sound like complete gibberish.
  10. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    I keep forgetting posts can't be deleted. I'll keep it up though.
  11. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    Didn't realize a language thread was already up, sorry.
  12. ReeseJamPiece

    Gaming just isn't as fun anymore

    I'll take a break from gaming for a bit, thanks for the advice. I haven't really been doing much lately, I just browse Internet forums most of the day. I feel as if I've lost touch, video games used to be my No.1 hobby but now I can't sit down for more than an hour. I feel as if quarantine has had a toll on me, I didn't go outside for over a month and nearly vomited when I stepped outside. I think I'm gonna try and exercise a bit and see where it all goes from there. I do miss those times, things were less cluttered and I didn't have to think so much. Back when the PS3 came out, I was probably the most carefree person on the planet. Now everything is going downhill and I don't really know what to do. That's basically what I mean, all my thoughts just sorta pile up midgame and I end up switching it off. I mainly play FPS, platformers and racing games. Games that reward effort and give you a goal to reach. I can try playing some other genres too, I've been needing to play some more beat em ups lately. Most newer games I play that come out (especially PlayStation games) never really try to drift from the formula of the prior game. The new Miles Morales Spiderman game was fun but it's basically just more of the previous Spiderman game. I play an RPG and it's more or less just the same as the last one. I think I just gotta find something fresher, I keep playing the same old things while having all this junk on my mind. I see a counsellor weekly but I haven't been able to book any sessions lately due to COVID-19. I'm waiting for quarantine to pass before going again. I haven't done much exercising since 2019, it became too cold and I was busy with other stuff. I read on the bus sometimes but that doesn't happen often. I should try to do them more often.
  13. ReeseJamPiece

    Egg Discussion #1: Scrambled eggs

    Welcome to the very first egg discussion thread, here we shall discuss everything egg related. This threads topic is scrambled eggs, discuss the best recipes and techniques for making them. Enjoy fellow egg lovers
  14. ReeseJamPiece

    Gaming just isn't as fun anymore

    Fuck, I forgot about the other thread. Sorry, haven't been sleeping well lately so I'm zoned out rn.
  15. ReeseJamPiece

    New Years 2021

    OK so let me just say that the last new year's post I made aged terribly and that I could not predict the events of 2020. If I had known Australia was going to go on fire or a global pandemic would happen then I would have typed up a prayer instead. Right, so now that that's out of the way... NEW YEARS 2021! 2020 has been an absolute nightmare but let us be glad it's finally going to end once and for all. Let us all pray to whichever God we believe in for 2021 to be better than it's predecessor. Now, as is tradition, we shall raise a glass of whichever beverage we choose the moment new years starts. I hope you all have a happy new year folks!
  16. ReeseJamPiece

    Egg Discussion #1: Scrambled eggs

    Happy scrambed egg new year folks!
  17. Merry Christmas Dunn!
  18. ReeseJamPiece

    What did you guys get for christmas?

    My parents somehow got me a PlayStation 5 despite it being sold out basically everywhere. Very happy rn
  19. ReeseJamPiece

    Holiday Well Wishes!

    Merry Christmas lads! Hope you're having a wonderful time
  20. ReeseJamPiece

    Ya like Jazz?

    Is anyone interested in Jazz here? I myself am a Jazz fanatic. I'd recommend listening to Noriki - Dream Cruise, it's honestly one of the best albums I've ever listened to. What else do you guys like?
  21. ReeseJamPiece

    What happened to Scotland?

    Scotland was once a healthy and prideful nation that wouldn't submit to anyone. But nowadays, we're just a shitty Ireland. We have the lowest score in all of the UK when it comes to diet and IQ. Poverty is also a nationwide concern with cities such as Glasgow and Dundee having a child poverty rate of over 30%. What happened to us? This isn't Alba... Here are some sources I found, I'd like to know your opinion on this matter. Scotland just isn't the same as it used to be... https://www.scotsman.com/news/scotland-lags-europe-iq-league-2470181 https://www.dundeecity.gov.uk/sites/default/files/publications/poverty_profile_2019_fairness_0.pdf https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2057034/Scotlands-dreadful-diet.html https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-48938509
  22. ReeseJamPiece

    Modern gaming isn't fun

    It's just game after game of buggy and soulless overpriced bullshit. What happened the care and quality standards that went into video games? I don't want to sound like a nostalgia goggled grandpa but I really miss the pre-2010 era of gaming. I'm not saying that good modern games don't exist but they certainly aren't in high stock nowadays. What're your thoughts?
  23. ReeseJamPiece

    What are you listening to?

    I made a playlist of 400 different albums/songs. Listening to Nailbomb at the moment, really good.
  24. ReeseJamPiece

    Christmas wish list

    A PS5 or Switch I guess. I'm fine with nothing, as long as I get to be with my family.
  25. ReeseJamPiece

    Doomworld International thread

    OK so I'm a huge geography geek and love countries. So here's a thread in which we can discuss each others countries/regions cultures. Doomworld has people from all across the world so it'll be interesting to see what people say. I'm from Scotland, a country of 5 million above England and to the right of Ireland. It's known for bagpipes, whiskey, kilts and drunken Highlanders starting barfights. It's a brilliant place, going to the countryside is like going to a medieval fairy tale book. Every place has it's flaws though, I'm not all that fond of the cities or politicians. Still a great place though. How about you?