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  1. ReeseJamPiece

    What happened to Scotland?

    My family ancestry has been contained within two cities for over 300 years. Basically everyone in my family has worked in a tertiary job. I'm 90% sure I'm inbred...
  2. Red pill Ignorance is the root of all evil, I try to avoid it as much as possible. If I was to know that the world was simply an illusion then I would leave immediately. To know others suffer while you live in bliss for your own happiness is egotistical and unfair in my opinion.
  3. ReeseJamPiece

    Eurobeat thread

    Right, let's get this show on the road! it's time to drift your car to some Eurobeat! I'll start:
  4. The YouTube algorithm is just trying to get as much cash as possible from us. If you don't pay for the product then you're the product. It'll recommend stuff nobody cares about like Fifa card pack openings or Jake Paul videos because that generates the most ads. Companies don't want to waste their ads on videos that only have niche appeal, even if it's good content, so they put them on crappy videos that kids watch. YouTube doesn't give a damn about it's content creators, it's proven that time and time again. It's shitty but hey YouTube is a monopoly in the webvideo business so greedy practices are expected.
  5. ReeseJamPiece

    Region Exclusive Gems

    I live in the PAL/Pegi region of the world (Europe) and I've wondered for a while now: What did other countries get that we didn't and what did we get that they didn't? Well here's some you guys never got! Well in PAL territories we got this awesome game called Colin Mcrae Rally 04. (I know it was released on Xbox in North America but it was only released on PS2 in PAL territories) It was this realistic, fast paced and awesome racing game with beautiful graphics. One I wouldn't call a gem whatsoever but I loved this game a ton: Action Man Robot Atak for the GBA. It's a (pretty bad) side scrolling platformer based off of the Action Man franchise. (European G.I. Joe) I still have it for old times sake even though it's terrible, it's £15 if you're interested in getting it. (In the UK it's £15, not so sure of everywhere else) Little Britain for PS2 was a thing...don't buy it please, the shows terrible too. A bunch of Telletubby (or however you spell it) and Peppa Pig games for 2000's systems...again don't buy. Bunch of old PS2 European Football games, I absolutely hate sports but I feel like gotta mention em since it's the national sport of my country, these are: Championship Manager 2006/2007, David Beckham Soccer, England International Football, Gaelic Games Football 1/2, Football Generation, Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2001, Club Football, Club Football 2005, This is Football 2004 and Fifa 14: Legacy Edition. (probably more but eh it's dumb sports games made to scam chavs out of their money) Others I'd recommend are the Night Rider PS2 games and GT Racers, pretty okay games but nothing special. So what are some region exclusives you guys have that people in other regions didn't get? perhaps an obscure Indian fighting game? maybe an American racing game? a chinese visual novel? who knows.
  6. ReeseJamPiece

    recommend me some old games

    Try Patlabor for the SFC and PS1, based of a Mecha anime. Really good my guy.
  7. ReeseJamPiece

    recommend me some old games

    Patlabor (PS1) Jellyfish (PS1) Blast Win (Sega Saturn) Dragoball Z Budokai 3 Robotech Battlecry Aero Blasters (PCE) Sin and Punishment 2 Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Neon Genesis Evangelion 64 Ridge Racer 4 Quake trilogy Half Life games Axelay (SNES) Victorious Boxers Revolution Misty Blue (PC-98) Drakengard games Toe Jam & Earl Diablo trilogy Viewtiful Joe Streets of Rage Dragon Quest Swords Medieval 2: Total War Super Mario War Sands of Destruction (NDS) Infinite Space (NDS) Boku no Natsuyasumi Ninja Baseball Bat Man Tokyo Jungle Nanostray trilogy Power Stone games DND Dark Sun games Neverwinter Nights games Fable games Phantasy Star 1 to 4 System Shock games Ninja Gaiden Black Tomba games Knights of Honour Asterix (Megadrive) Star Soldier Vanishing Earth Initial D Extreme Stage Initial S Arcade Stage 4 Luigi's Mansion games Alien Trilogy (PS1) Sengoku 3 Time Crisis games Deadstorm Pirates DDR Revolution 2 Ryori no Tatsujin 2 Alien vs Predator (arcade) Cruis'n Blast (arcade) Frontier Elite II Metal Slug games Contra III Tank! Tank! Tank! Tokyo Wars (Arcade) Kidou Senshi Gundam Destiny Seed Policenauts Super Robot Wars games Meteos X-Men Legends II Solatorobo: Red the Hunter Lost Planet trilogy Tales of games Mizurna Falls Warcraft triligy XIII Drone Tactics (DS) Street Fighter Alpha 3 Street Fighter II Turbo The King of Fighters EX- Neo Blood Genji (PS2) Capcom vs SNK 2 Capcom vs Tatsunoko (WII) Everquest II Kaiju Busters Vampire Nights (NDS) Bangai-O Spirits Ant Nation (NDS) MGS 1 to 5 Metal Gear Solid Acid games Metal Gear Solid Portable Metal Gear 2 (MSX) Onimusha games Prince of Persia games F-Zero X Twinsen's Odyssey Castlevania games Ni No Kuni games Ace Combat games The Dark Spire (NDS) LittleBigPlanet trilogy Gunslinger Stratos 3 (arcade) Shatterhand (NES) Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor trilogy Sonic Roboblast 2 Sakura Taisen Bomberman 93 Bomberman SNES games Bomberman Neo Miami Law (DS) Mario Slam Basketball Cowboy Bebop (PS2) Super Monkey Ball games Etrian Odyssey trilogy and finally DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM This'll keep you busy for a while.
  8. ReeseJamPiece

    Pre-2010's Video game OST thread

    This a thread for music from games that are pre-2010's. I personally love 90's SNES and PC-Engine games and I also love 2000's Wii and PS2 games. (Not saying modern games are bad, if anything they are a big improvement) So here it is, the pre-2010's game OST thread, I was inspired to make this via threads from other forums. (I love music threads) I'll start with mine: Mario Slam Basketball- Main theme: Mario Slam Basketball- Main theme NGE 64- Decisive battle NGE 64- Decisive battle Street Fighter Alpha 3- Brave or grave Street Fighter Alpha 3- Brave or grave Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor- Stage One Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor- Stage One That's just some of the many many OST's I enjoy, what's some of your great tunes? Kirbo would like to know. edit; Patlabor link is gameplay but still has the music soooooooo...
  9. ReeseJamPiece

    Game Collection thread

    I absolutely love collecting but I'm poor and my family always keeps nagging on at me about 'spending it on better things' so I tend to just use what I got. I've got 200 physical copy games and the most expensive one I have is £30-£25. (PlayStation 3 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Limited Collectors Edition) (I love Final Fantasy and I'm a Sony fanboy of sorts) I'm studying to be a tech guy of some sorts (not sure what yet but looking for at least £80k a year) so I can't really dish out cash like it's nothing. (not to mention that my city is tiny and has no gaming scene whatsoever, 85% of it is sports stuff and the rest is lower class white guys in pubs) No camera sorry, so I can't take a picture of the collection (nothing special really, everything's mostly £7 or under) But here's the idea: Tons of cheap PS2 games I got for £1, 40 PS4 games, couple of Wii, PS3 and OG Xbox games, 2 PSP Games and 40 Xbox 360 games. So, what's your's like? I've just began collecting and I can't really afford anything above £2.50 so I'm curious as to what everyone else's in other countries look. Also, share games you have in your collection you enjoy and share tips for others out in the land over yonder. Hope to see some good ones.
  10. ReeseJamPiece

    Hidden Gems?

    I've always been into the more lucrative and obscure when it comes to entertainment media. I enjoy lesser known games like Super Robot Wars. (Those games are brilliant) I've wondered what you all are into? lemme know
  11. I was born and raised in Scotland for those curious. We have these islands up north called the Orkney Islands and on one of the islands, they have sheep that eat seaweed. (yes, seaweed) I've always been fascinated with other countries because I have never actually travelled anywhere else besides a couple cities in Scotland and Blackpool in England. I've dreamed of one day being a rich software engineer in some rich Asian country like Japan or Singapore eating chicken noodles for breakfast. So what's a quirky little thing about the place you live that you'd like to tell this old Scottish tart?
  12. ReeseJamPiece

    Action Man thread

    This a thread dedicated to discussing everything Action Man: from the action figures, the board games, video games and accessories. Action Man for those who don't know is a franchise originating as a Toyline by Hasbro/Palitoy. It was released in the 1960's but was discontinued in 2004 but it still has a large fanbase. Here's the first few lines of Wikipedia because they explain it better: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_Man Action Man is an action figure launched in Britain in 1966 by Palitoy as a licensed copy of Hasbro's American "movable fighting man", G.I. Joe. Action Man was originally produced and sold in the United Kingdom and Australia by Palitoy Ltd of Coalville, Leicestershire from 1966 until 1984 (Palitoy also offered sub-licences to various toy manufacturers in various markets). The figure and accessories were originally based on the Hasbro (US) 1964 G.I. Joe figure (for 1966–1969 production). Hasbro's G.I. Joe figure was patented in 1966. Even the specific method of attaching the appendages was patented as a "Connection for Use in Toy Figures". The first Action Man figures were Action Soldier, Action Sailor and Action Pilot. All were available in the four original hair colours: Blonde, Auburn, Brown and Black. They were accompanied by outfits depicting United States Forces of WWII and the Korean War. From 1970-1984, the basic boxed figures and accompanying uniforms and accessories would reflect the forces of the United Kingdom rather than the USA. Action Man was subsequently reintroduced in 1993, based on the G.I. Joe Hall of Fame figure of that time. There was recently an release of 4 new figures made by Hasbro and Art And Science. Thanks Wikipedia, now back to me: It was pretty popular over in the UK and was basically European G.I. Joe, however when I asked my other European friends about the franchise they responded with 'not a clue'. (they're Danish, French, Swiss and Dutch) Ever since the 2000's I've fell in love with the franchise and have been collecting some of the older games and cool looking figures. I'm wanting to see if anyone else is into it as much as I am. Lights, Camera, Action Man! (sorry) Images of Action Man stuff: Sorry for bad image sizes I'm not used to editing images and such
  13. ReeseJamPiece

    A major crossover id game?

    Because typical FPS games like Call of Duty take away the spotlight and (at least in my local area) people prefer heavily realistic games. If Quake and Unreal Tournament had maintained it's popularity then we'd be seeing them a lot today but (at least in my local area) people stopped buying Arena FPS games for more realistic ones because it's 'cooler' and more 'mature' to the youth I guess. Even in my city you'll see youths flocking to buy Call of Duty: MW 2019 but 10 copies of Doom Eternal are still on the shelf after 2 days. TL;DR: Arena FPS has lost it's spotlight (at least in my local area) because kids want to seem more mature and cool in front of their friends by playing more realistic stuff like CoD and Battlefield.
  14. ReeseJamPiece

    A major crossover id game?

    Actually this gives me an idea: Super First Person Shooter Brothers An Arena FPS with FPS characters: Doomguy Doom, Doomslayer Doom, B.J Blazkowicz Wolfenstein, Gordon Freeman Half-Life, Ranger Quake, Serious Sam Serious-Sam, Tracer Overwatch, Captain Macmillan Call-of-Duty-4, James Bond 007, Androxus Paladins, Scout TF2, Chuck L4D, Pilot Titanfall-2, Handsome Jack Borderlands, Artyom Metro, Jack Bioshock, Booker Duwitt Bioshock, Master Chief Halo, Malcolm UT etc So many possibilities, it'd be the biggest shooter crossover ever!
  15. ReeseJamPiece

    Emulation: The Good and The Bad

    Emulation can be useful for preserving games that'll likely never see the time of day again. However on the other hand, some people question it's ethics. I'm personally more of a physical copy guy myself however I do think emulation is useful in some ways. Would do you guys think?
  16. ReeseJamPiece

    Emulation: The Good and The Bad

    That's what I do, I really only emulate stuff unless it's way out my limits. (e.g region locked or ludicrously expensive) The original Wild Guns is a game I adore but it's so expensive that it would take me months in order to afford i.
  17. ReeseJamPiece

    Emulation: The Good and The Bad

    I often use emulation for games that never released in Europe, games that'll likely never be re-released or games that are simply way out of my price range to buy. If I like a game enough, I consider buying a physical copy of it if it's under £20. (never spend more than £20 on a game unless it's something truly worthy of the money you're about to spend, no point in spending £300 on Rule of Rose when you can get over 20 games off that if you're smart with money) if I hadn't emulated Wild Guns on SNES, chances are I would have never bought Wild Guns Reloaded. Same goes with the Super Robot Wars series and Xenogears If I enjoy it, only then will I consider buying a physical copy of it. I don't emulate games from the 2010's, only 1970's-2000's as those have been out for years and are all basically second hand now. Also it's good for playing games you wouldn't spend more than £5 on like Bubsy 3D.
  18. ReeseJamPiece

    What's 1 quirky thing about the place you live?

    I don't live here but I still live in the country it's in so I feel the need to talk about it. In a small city up north (like 148k people only), they have these strange penguin statues throughout the city. I see at least 1 every day and they look weird as hell. Just about every school/place in which you learn shit in the city has a penguin statue and you can find them all throughout downtown. Now I used to live here but moved down south for a better job opportunity, I lived in the 9th most deprived area in not just the city but the whole country until I just said fuck it and moved to some smaller city with little crime. (chavs bloody everywhere, didn't feel safe leaving the house at night) Though I do miss waking up in the morning, driving down the road and seeing the penguins. Perhaps I might visit it again for old times sake.
  19. ReeseJamPiece

    What's 1 quirky thing about the place you live?

    Quirkier than a doorknob with two holes.
  20. ReeseJamPiece

    What's 1 quirky thing about the place you live?

    My city has tons of Polish people, this kinda stuff would probably make them roll on the floor laughing.
  21. ReeseJamPiece

    What's 1 quirky thing about the place you live?

    North/South Americans have the weirdest shit going on.
  22. ReeseJamPiece

    Lookin' for some Metal/Rock music

    I love Rock music (Mike Krol anyone?) but I've been needing to get into Metal, I'm a complete Newbie to Metal (Ironic considering I'm a Doom fan) and I'm looking for some good Metal of any kind. (whether it be Indie Metal, Death Metal, Norwegian Metal or just plain and simple Metal) However I'm also looking for some Rock bands to listen to, they can be of any kind and of any popularity status. I love music but damn is it hard finding anything worth while in a sea full of modern Pop and modern Rap garbage.
  23. ReeseJamPiece

    Lookin' for some Metal/Rock music

    Yep, I still have no clue though. :p
  24. ReeseJamPiece

    What's 1 quirky thing about the place you live?

    I was planning on trying to get good at coding so I can get a good 70k a year software engineering job in Japan at around age 26 or so. But even if I leave and try to leave everything behind, I'll still have my Scottish roots and habits. I could train myself to act Japanese and only think in Japanese but either way I'm still a Scottish lad. I wish I could improve my country but I think I'm way past that now, chances are I'll be abroad by that time. I feel like it's already too late for my country and it feels like I'm holding on strings at this stage.
  25. ReeseJamPiece

    What's 1 quirky thing about the place you live?

    It's mostly Americans, Aussies and Europeans but I'm noticing people from South America and other places. Doomworld is as diverse as it gets I guess.